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Don't you ignore me

Don't you just hate it when people ignore you? :p

Finally found out how to get transparent background... (Yes I are noob :P )

Here are some awesome revamps of this emote. Go check them out!


and you can find more here: [link]
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all the funny emoticons i found so far. now this is anotherDon't you ignore me  
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lol, awesome, i love it!
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i know how that feels :hug:
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I love how the (purple? pink? I know, let's go with lavender) lavender guy is COMPLETELY UNEFFECTED. Even the kamehameha does nothing XD
TheGoldenMember123's avatar
If only this could work on my sister...
Starlight13512's avatar
Lol! Yellow one STILL didn't get the attention of the Pink one!! he he! Your deviations are ALL so exciting and wonderful to view!
ZensDoodles's avatar
LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! *ninja flame backfire* AAAHHHHHhhhhh........
Qille's avatar
He's made of steel!
yuurei-onnanoko's avatar
Totally lol'd at this, LOVE IT!!
degree360's avatar
oh it's too cute!
Emalynne-Blackwell's avatar
I seriously loled at this!
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Almost all your works going to my favourites ^_^ By the way... what frame rate do you use to create all these?
CookiemagiK's avatar
I don't use a fixed frame rate ^^ it changes during the animation
TamsosPadaras's avatar
Wow... how can you do that? O.o And what smallest number of frames can I use to make smooth animation? Sorry for troubling you... -_-
CookiemagiK's avatar
Depends on what program you use I guess ^^
and I diddn't understand your other question. I think you just need to try different things and see :)
TamsosPadaras's avatar
Yea... you right... thank you for your answers ^_^
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How did you make it transparent? I can't get it to work. TTATT
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it depends on what program you are using ^^
ZettaSlow-SkullKid's avatar
I use Gimp. But I also use
CookiemagiK's avatar
I've never tried those ^^;
ZettaSlow-SkullKid's avatar
Darn! Oh well, I guess I'm off to Google!
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I so agree with you:iconsightplz:
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whats the code to make this? NOW I feel like such a n00b! and its sooo EPIC! :D
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You mean the thumb nail code i think it's :thumb65059645:
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