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Dino with a lolly

Don't ask me why I made this xD

A dinosaur licking a lollipop... It seemed like a good idea at the time :p
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the close second is this::rainbowllamaride: 
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Can I use this as my avatar ? It's so cool ! :D
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how do i use as plz
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the ad that was on this page was the chuck norris WoW ad, (yeah, I'm not premium, shoot me) how convenient for 2 totally epic thing to be on the same page

and my original message was gonna be...

(suposed to be the sound that dino must be making
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can people use theese as their icons?
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Alright, who gave the lolipop the elixir of eternal life?
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I liked this one ! hahaa
Did you use photoshop ?
To keep things moving, do you save for web ( I mean, .gif for web ) or just normal .gif ?
I made a moving pixel art, but it doenst move when I post in my gallery :/
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in photoshop you have the option to save it as an "animated gif" ^^
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My photoshop has the option to save it as "GIF of CompuServe"..
and still doest move in deviant. What version of photoshop do you use ? Mine its CS4
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It should work if you choose "save for web".
I've used CS3,4 and 5 a few times for animation
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So cute i love it!! :D :heart:
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Hooow awesome^^
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