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Aerial destruction

Oh no! :ohnoes: Dr. Specz is back! And he taken his evil reign of destruction to the skies!!! How can we ever be safe with such an evil mastermind on the loose?! :fear:

My third animation in the Dr. Specz series. And.. well... I'm getting tired of making things explode :p
This may even be my last one, if I don't get anymore ideas...

More Specz/llama: [link]
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i thought it said Asriel destruction XD
But otherwise this is pretty cool. I'd use it..
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Stare Duck Ride 
Tobbleward Approaches.
It's Having The Worst Time Of Its Life On That Ride.
Fight? (Reply To Fight.)
Garbag Slowly Approaches, Behind Tobbleward.
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:nuu: Run Away Run Fearsome Zoo Animal Revamp :iconcgbplz: Eren Yeager (Running) [Shingeki no Kyoujin] :tatatatatatatatatata: :tatatatatatatatatata: Chocobo Knight :darkness :flying: -sorta- Flying-mote remake Fly, toilet, fly... 
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I love this pic
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now make a couple being eaten by monsters :D monster <(im hungry)
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dont fuck with the nerds. YOU HEAR ME BULLIES!?!?! YOU NEXT!
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:iconcookiemagik: youve done it again... now lets make sure devianART add your emoticons!
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I LOVE DR. SPECZ!!!!!!! I'M HIS #1 FAN!!!! XD
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well, that's one way to cancel your ride!
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Hmmm... I know what can defeat Specz
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cute how do you do that
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all the Dr.Specz stuff is funny and awesome, but i have an idea for ya:\
make a super hero and have an epic battle between good and evil :D
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You are flying with L.O.L airlines, enjoy your flight as we crash ^^
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somebody, anybody, everbody freeze! Everybody clap your hands :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Red-Fox-in-holland's avatar
wtf why did i wrote it with a w i'm so bad at grammar
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