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"Nerdy wimp! Who wears their hair like that now!" The pupils'  teasing echoed round the crowded corridor, the pushing and shoving as all attempted to get to their classed. Jon ignored the harsh teasing, and rounded the sharp corner too quickly. He smacked into the new boy, Eduardo.

"Ugh! Get off me! You idiot!" Eduardo's face was twisted up as he attempted to get out from under Jon. Jon realised he had put Eduardo in a rather awkward position. He tried to get up, pushing off the ground either side of a disgruntled Eduardo. Someone tripped him up, and he landed on the green-clothed boy. His nose was pressed against Eduardo's chest, and he could smell vanilla... Was that diet coke?

He uneasily realised he had been pressed into the other boy for longer than necessary, and got up off the floor. He extended a hand for Eduardo, but the older boy ignored t and pushed off the floor. Brushing himself off, he glared at Jon.

"Thanks for making me late for my class idiot!" He strode off, leaving Jon to gather up his books and paper from the floor.

After Jon had finished class, he ate his unappetizing lunch and headed to the dusty library to revise. Checking through his work, he noticed a yellow smudged bit of paper. Staring at it for a while, he saw it was a delicate sketch of a nearby hill with a lone tree on. He hadn't drawn it, and he doubted anyone could have slipped it into his papers between a class and lunch. Viewing it further, he saw a tiny signature next to the tree. Eduardo.

Finishing his homework, Jon wondered what he should do about the bit of paper. He could keep it, but he would hate anything of his to be taken by a random kid from his class. Taking it out, he looked at it more closely. Wispy clouds were dotted around the sky, and the grass itself was littered with daisies. The tree had a heavy tyre swinging from it, the rope frayed. Or was that just the drawing style confusing him? Jon decided to give the paper back. Anything that was as beautiful as that bit of art he would hate to lose.

The blue-shirted pupil waited until the cloakroom was nearly empty, and then strolled over to the brown-haired male. Tapping him on the shoulder, he was confronted with an annoyed face.

"What do you want loser?"
Jon silently held out the piece of paper for the other pupil to take. Eduardo snatched it out of his hands, shoving it roughly in his bag. Suddenly he shoved Jon against the wall, hands pressed on Jon's shoulders. The pinned boy froze in place, looking across at the other pupil.

"When the hell did you steal that! Do you always go around sneaking bits of paper out of other kid's bags!?!"
Jon steadied his breathing, feeling threatened by the other boy.
"You, you dropped it when I crashed into you... I didn't steal it. I'm not a thief."
Eduardo paused. Backing away, he checked his paper for any rips or tears. Jon slung his backpack over his shoulder, pulling up his hoodie.

"It's an excellent drawing." Jon said quietly, about to exit. Eduardo was still immersed in his picture, still standing in the middle of the hall. Jon opened the door, putting a blue-soled foot outside.
"What was that?" Eduardo had looked up, shielded curiosity in his eyes. Jon quivered, he had been hoping the other boy wouldn't hear.
"I said it was an excellent drawing."
Jon opened the door further, ready to make a quick getaway if Eduardo turned hostile.
"Oh. Thanks." Eduardo looked a little confused; despite this his eyes were smiling.
"You're welcome." He left the building, leaving a happier Eduardo behind.
Backstory of Eduardo and Jon from Eddsworld. Purely friendship at the moment, but this may change. All charaters belong to the talented Edd Gould, everything else belongs to me.

Yes, I did just turn two comedy webtoon charaters into main charaters in a drama story. I'm talented.
GreenBear13 Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work :D But i almost cried the way the others treated Jon :iconupsetplz:
MaddoxPurrly Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is quite good, I hope there is more after this.
I would love to read it. :D
CookieLivcat Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you! And yes, there will be more. MUCH MORE!!!
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