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Endearment (Jean Hobbs)
Their friends don't understand how Dean is okay with moving from his large bedroom to a tiny little one bedroom, even if it means he has his own house (even if he is sharing with Jack). Dean always smiles and says it's fine, he'd rather be with his friend then have that bedroom. Whenever he says friend, he looks over and smiles at Jack. It's a quick smile, a flirty smile some might call it, and it's also Dean's smile and that makes Jack happy.
Dean doesn't actually sleep in that room though. Most of the time, he's already in the larger bedroom when Jack gets there. He's nearly always awake, chatting to fans on twitter and tumblr as Jack puts an arm round his shoulder so the shorter teen move himself to rest his head on the taller boy's chest. Once he's sleepy enough, he'll chuck the laptop onto the floor and cuddle into Jack. And the blond will pull him in closer, and they'll drift off to sleep together.
On rare occasions though, Dean will already be asleep, curled on his side and nest
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Lonely (Jean Hobbs Bromance)
He feels alone.
Now this isn't an uncommon thing, being alone. He has to be alone, to edit, to work on university stuff, heck, he is probably alone more often then he is with other people. But he feels very alone today. It seems like everyone is busy, everyone has something to do or someone to see. Except for him.
"I'm alone." He types out, sending it to Jack before he can over think it more then he already has. "Why?" Jack texts back, and Dean smiles slightly. Someone else cares. "I just do. No-one's at home, everyone is busy." Maybe that wasn't the best answer, he thinks, as he stares up at the ceiling. And this is his life right now, looking at a white-washed ceiling and over-thinking texts.
After a minute or two, Jack still hasn't sent a text. He lets out an unhappy sigh, before burying his head back into his pillow. Of course Jack hasn't responded, he's probably off being productive instead of staring at ceilings. Stupid him. Stupid him and his expectations that always fail.
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Statues (EduardoxJon)
"you're just a statue of the boy i used to know." Jon tells him, and Eduardo can't help but agree. It's not worth it, this relationship. Eduardo's far away from the love he once held for Jon. They can't even have a conversation anymore.
It's not like he doesn't care for Jon. That's the problem, he does, more then Jon knows. But it's the wrong kind of caring, the kind of caring friendship has for each other. What makes it worse, what makes it so, heartbreakingly worse, is that his feelings are the only ones that have faded.
Jon still loves him. And Eduardo doesn't know why, when they've both changed so much. Honestly, he couldn't tell you why he no longer loved Jon. They just didn't click anymore, is what he could say. But they still banter. Neither of them really wants to part unpleasantly. They love each other too much for that. But not in the right way.
And Jon's taking a deep breath, and telling him "I think we should break up." And it's right, it's the right thing to do for both of
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Mature content
Loud (Eduardo x Jon) :iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 61 16
Mature content
Annoyance (JonxEduardo) :iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 20 14
Dependency (Dan + Phil Spy AU)
who do you need to survive? Spy AU Dan is a spy who can't keep his cover and Phil is his handler.
"Oh fuck." Dan exclaims, skidding to a halt. He's trapped now, closed into an alleyway. His gun is somewhere in the nearby river, and his knife is only good for taking out one of the thugs.
"Agent Howell." The lead thug comes into view, wearing enough guns to supply an army. His bodyguard crouch and aim their guns at him, so the agent slowly raises his hands. Dan tries to think of some way to gain himself more time, anything at all. He wishes Phil was there, putting instructions down the phone on how he should act, what he should do. He's never been good at people situations. But instead of calm, dependable Phil, he's got a nervous newbie on the line, who is too busy hyperventilating to be of any use.
"Any ideas Ben?" He whispers down the line, but all he gets is a whimper. He's not going to much use. "Go get Agent Phil. Hurry!"
Looking back at Evil Charlie, he can't help but sh
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Lazercut (TomSka x Jenny)
"This is a bit of a hairy situation." Tom commented, looking at the fizzing neon of his opponent's lazercut. He'd been trapped in a corner, surely only seconds from a quick death. The electric gazed fearfully at him, growling to scare him. Tom only felt pity.
Trying to avoid the bright glow of the weapon that would initiate his death, he looked elsewhere, straight into his opponent's warm brown eyes. "Jenny?" She tipped her head to one side, regarding him with a sort of morbid curiosity. She edged the lazercut further away from his eyes so she could get a clearer look, but was suddenly jolted by a spasm of electric.
"Jenny!" Tom yelled out, as his girlfriend withered on the floor. He reached out a scarred hand to try and help her, before he could, the animalistic Jenny bounced away, grabbing her lazercut as she went. She gathered herself into a crouch, trying to get her bearings as the world spun around her. She swayed slightly on the spot, using her lazercut to keep her up.
The lazerc
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Affection (Jean Hobbs)
There’s never enough time to spend together…
Jack Howard x Dean Dobbs
Fluff and angst galore!
It’s become normal, Jack realised, for them to be more affectionate when they’re together. After long periods apart, Dean will rush into his arms when they get off the train and Jack will spin him round. Dean’s hair will get windswept, and Jack will be dizzy, but it won’t matter because they’re finally together.
The cuddling on the sofa is pretty nice too, soft and warm and safe. They always do it after a video now, it’s like a stupid ritual or something. Jack will flop onto the soft sofa and Dean will lean into him. Sometimes Dean will fall asleep on his shoulder, sometimes they hold hands for no other reason then it feels nice, and Jack will always remember the time when Dean pinned him on the couch, but was too tired to do anything else but fall asleep on top of Jack.
The hand holding doesn't end when they leave the sofa though. It’s si
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Nightmares - Chapter Six (MattxTord)
Bright sunshine is streaming in through the windows. Matt screws his eyes shut, trying to conjure up thoughts of deep sleep and happy dreams. It's too early! Someone's arm is wrapped around his back, and he snuggles into the warmth that Tord is radiating, smiling slightly as the Norwegian pulls him in closer and kisses his forehead. Despite them curled together half-naked, there's a blissful innocence about their actions.  
"Wake up lovebirds!" Comes a yell, and Matt pretty sure it belongs to Tom. He's starting to suspect Tom really hates personal displayers of affection. That, or he just has really bad timing. Tord sits up with Matt still clinging to him, he can't seem to wake himself up enough to care, but Tord can. "Dammit Tom, don't you have someone else to pester?" Tord growls, pulling up the blankets. Matt groans sleepily before resting his chin on the Tord's shoulder, and a fond smile flashes over Tord's lips before he turns back to glare at Tom.
"Just saying, you should have to
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Spaceships (EduardoxJon)
"Jon, Jon! Where the hell are you?" Eduardo raced down cold metal corridors, searching for his roommate, and possible friend. After spotting a large metal ship in the sky, and only finding Mark in the house. Eduardo had gotten worried. Getting into the ship using a blowtorch, he'd been searching the corridors for hours now. blonde!guy had agreed to the splitting up plan, and was currently trying to covertly distract the pilots so he could take control of the ship. Suddenly, the dark-haired man heard a noise. Crouching low and staying silent, he listened more carefully.
A faded, but still terror-ridden shriek filled the air, followed by a yell Eduardo knew well. He started to jog quickly, then began to speed up to a run, then a sprint. He knew that voice.
It was Jon.
Pausing outside the last door in the corridor, Eduardo gathered his wits before banging open the door. Taking in the room, he could see two rather ugly looking orange aliens bent over a table and a struggling Jon clapped on
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Nightmares - Chapter Five (MattxTord)
Tord doesn't talk when he finishes clearing up the kitchen with Tom. They sit awkwardly next to each other on the sofa, and Matt tries to strike up a conversation with Tom. He can feel Tord's gaze on the back of his head, but every time he turns around the Norwegian is chatting to Edd or Tom.
So when Matt announces he's going to bed, it's no surprise to him that he can feel Tord's gaze on his back as he goes towards his room. Normally he wouldn't go to bed so late, but he's scared of what the dreams will bring tonight.
The lights fade as Matt closes his eyes, and he wishes he could open them, but he just can't. He's so tired, almost to the point of exhaustion, he only got more then four hours sleep last night.
He wakes up to dull light and a pair of arms holding him close, tears still rolling down his cheeks. "Shh, shh, it's okay Matt." Tord whispers, and Matt pretty sure he should be concerned about what this means for both of them, but he can't bring himself to care, not when they're
:iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 41 23
Nightmares - Chapter Four (MattxTord)
Slowly it comes to Matt's attention that someone is holding him close and stroking his back, whispering to him that's it's going to be okay, he needs to calm down, and that's all he needs to break down into the same shoulder four times in one day. He sobs, really sobs, until the hiccups have run away with him and he's just sitting there on the floor on Tord's lap. He thinks absently that he should be more embarrassed, but if Tord isn't he really doesn't care.
"Matt, what was that?" Tom asks after a long moment of awkward silence. Matt just buries his head into Tord's shoulder and attempts to ignore Tom. This probably isn't helping their not-dating case, but Matt can blame it all on being tired and his little breakdown. Probably. He feels his legs wrapping around Tord's waist and his arms around his neck. It's warm and far too comforting. Matt would probably just drop off right now if Tord let him.
He feels himself being lifted and he panics, grabbing onto Tord's t-shirt and looking up
:iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 33 17
Nightmares - Chapter Three (MattxTord)
Matt wakes up later then usual, still wearing Tord's hoodie and feeling pleasantly awake instead of half asleep like normal. He pulls the cover away from him and rubs his eyes, before all but rolling out of his bed. Padding down  the corridor, he bumps into Tord. The Norwegian gives him a slight smile before ruffling his hair slightly. "I didn't hear any screams last night. Sleep well?" Matt tries to brush the stupid smile he gets from that comment. Tord cares, he really cares about me, and does this mean he's been listening out for me most of the night for me?
As they walk through the doors together, two other members of their household go silent, before Tom bursts out laughing and Edd starts to chuckle, before joining in with Tom's giggles. "What's so funny?" Tord snaps out, as he grabs a bowl for him and Matt, pointedly ignoring the other two. Matt can't blame him.
"Well, maybe the fact that Matt's wearing your hoodie?" Edd points out between burst of laughters, as Tom gets a c
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How To Fall Out EduardoxJon
How To Fall Out
Based on 1901 lyrics, by Phoenix
'For a minute there I couldn't tell how to fall out.'
"I can't just fall out of love." Jon exclaimed, gripping his hair with an anguished expression on his face. Eduardo fought not to run to his boyfriend and stood his ground, crossed arms with angry expression. It was all an act, but it was an act he couldn't drop.
"We can't do this any more Jon. This isn't working out." Eduardo stated as calmly as he could, forcing his tone of voice to remain expressionless and hard. "Well we can work on it then!" Jon pleaded, moving closer to Eduardo to try and wrap him in a hug. Eduardo just stepped away, pain flashing in his eyes.
"It would never work. We're too different, and I need someone who's like me. We can't do this." Eduardo forced himself to say the bitterly untruthful words. They could work on it, but they wouldn't end up better. It didn't matter if he loved Jon any more. Continuing with the arguments and misunderstanding was only going to
:iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 20 6
Nightmares - Chapter Two (MattxTord)
It's dark. So dark. Matt can hear the thud of feet running on pavements, the sounds of terror, moaning and screaming. He tries to escape but he's locked in place. A zombie is hovering above him, before it lunges and bites at Matt's arm. The pain is so strong Matt blacks out, eyes staring blankly ahead at nothing. He can faintly hear Tord's voice shout "Oh my god, he bit off his arm!" and there's a moment when he thinks Tord will just pull out a gun, shoot him, end this miserable existence. He's a zombeh. He's in control of his thoughts but not his body, trapped to watch as he advances towards the zombie mod. The zombeh Matt tells them the plan, as inside Matt struggles, trying to make the words "Don't do it!" It never works. It never does. Then there's a flash and he's sent forward in time to be standing there, watching as his friends faces turn from shock to terror to hatred. He doesn't hear what the zombie him is saying, he's trying to tell Tord and the others that it's not him doing
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Nightmares - Chapter One (MattxTord)
Matt doesn't like going to sleep alone. The nightmares creep up to him and drag him into the depths of his darkest memories, the ones that he kept hidden in daylight. He didn't talk about it to his friends. How could he? They had their own nightmares to fight, and he shouldn't concern them with his...The worst part is, he often can't tell if his dreams are reality or just dreams. The colours are vivid and the sounds more so; it's no surprise that Matt gets confused. He finds it too terrifying to sleep most nights, preferring to stare at a wall or doodle away. He'll wait until true exhaustion takes a hold of him, so that the dreams stay as dreams, and don't fool him into believing it's reality.
Matt shuffles his way towards the kitchen, half asleep and drowsy. The nightmares he had last night keep replaying on a constant loop in the back of his mind, reminding him that he can't escape them even in the daytime. His screams echo around his mind and he hopes he hasn't woken up anyone with
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Lormet_Architecture-0005 by Lormet-Images Lormet_Architecture-0005 :iconlormet-images:Lormet-Images 1,792 139 Old hag by veprikov Old hag :iconveprikov:veprikov 8,570 1,061 Pischinger by meago Pischinger :iconmeago:meago 5,650 203 Steve and Tony. by jen-and-kris Steve and Tony. :iconjen-and-kris:jen-and-kris 2,294 65
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Alright now besides that. 
I admin a hetalia facebook page along with others. ^^
Hetalia: Nations United. 
I'm Admin Firefly. And I RP with Fem!Canada there. Yay.
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Palace garden in Kyoto, Japan, Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Palace garden in Kyoto, Japan, Bic Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 4,084 874 Owl City by sharkie19 Owl City :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,145 171 Together We Will Live Forever by alicexz Together We Will Live Forever :iconalicexz:alicexz 5,609 221
Cat Warriors Naming Guide
Suggestions and Tips for Naming Clan Cats, version 2.0
written by the Lady Ten
last updated July 26th, 2010
Important Note:  These suggestions refer to ordinary circumstances.  This page does not concur with all of Erin Hunter's names.  The mere usage of a certain prefix or suffix in the books is not proof that it works.
In the role play universe inspired by Erin Hunter's Warriors, a warrior name describes the basic, obvious qualities of the cat.  That means no history, no commemoration, and nothing that requires explanation or backstory.  The name should give you an image of the cat all by itself, using straightforward terms that the clan cats would be familiar with.  It should neither exalt nor degrade.
Warrior names have a prefix, given by the mother within the first few days of the cat's life, and a suffix, given by the leader after the cat completes warrior training.
Prefix = beginning pa
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Happy Accident Ch. 7
Title: Happy Accident
Author: summercarntspel
Genre: mpreg/fluff
Rating: um 13?
Pairing: Cherimon
Warnings: mpreg/au
Disclaimer: I do not own charlieissocoollike or nerimon and this is obviously a work of fiction.
A/N: I'm not dead. Yay.
“Alex... Am I getting fat?”
The question hung heavy in the silence of the expecting couple's bedroom. It was fairly early in the morning, and, as per usual, Alex was still half-asleep. Charlie, however, was wide awake and rubbing his tummy.
Even though all of the morning sickness was pretty much finished, Charlie was still experiencing the occasional bout of cramps. The doctor insisted that what he was going through was perfectly normal, but that didn't make being woken up by the pains any easier.
“Nah...” Alex mumbled, knuckling his sleep-filled eyes tiredly, “Just getting' round, 'berg.”
“Round?!” Charlie asked indignantly, sitting up a bit more and setting his hands on the little bump that his stomach
:iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 11 9
fading by carrienloveyou fading :iconcarrienloveyou:carrienloveyou 181 8 The Guest Writer by timsplosion The Guest Writer :icontimsplosion:timsplosion 229 188
That's what they all say
Ok, this is a weird thing for me to write and I doubt anybody cares but I'm going to write it anyways.
Lately I've been feeling more and more unhappy with the things I write. When I started it was fun and I couldn't wait to get the ideas out of my head and I feel like I did that and what I wrote usually turned out decent. Now though, I feel as though I have to force myself to write things that I'm not happy with and I don't particularly like writing. I'm not having as many ideas as I used to have and I find I don't care as much anymore.
I do have an idea for a story that I may or may not post but otherwise I may just stop altogether, at least for the summer, maybe forever, I don't know.
Am I the only one who feels like this? Is it writers block or apathy?
Anyways, it's finally nice outside so maybe I'll check out what the great outdoors is like.
:iconbettertoburnoutt:bettertoburnoutt 1 7
The Man Who Can't Be Moved (Jean Hobbs)

Title: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Author: Le moi (Ninjabuscus)
Genre: Kind of sad?
Rating: For all the people of all the ages!
Warnings: Swear words?

Pairing: Jean Hobbs
Disclaimer: One does not own Dean or Jack (OMFGItsJackAndDean). All of this is fictional and in no way do I imply that they are actually in a relationship. None of this is real, just something I made up with my simple and bored brain. Do you see what boredom does to some people?
Author's Note: Enjoy! It is hugely based on the song ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script, I’ll put a link to the song in the description.

Going back to the corner where I first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna move
Got some words on cardboard, got your picture in my hand
Saying if you see this girl can you tell her where I am

I walk through the streets in the rain with my hood up and my hands in my jum
:iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 15 12


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5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
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10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already

(ps i stole this from shemilyemily thank you for posting that. :D)
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