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Princess Celestia IV

By CookieKabuki
My Princess Celestia cosplay worn at Otakon 2012.. definitely one of my favorite costumes so far I had a lot of fun wearing it despite the heat and enormous wings that kept whacking everyone around me.. [sorry about that ^^U]

After I made the Toga I worked on the Staff that represents Celestia's cutie mark which is made out of wonderflex and foam and then details were added with 3D paint and the spay painted with gold metallic finish... helped me build the basic shape for the helmet and also for the wings which then were covered with duck and trimmed Ostrich feathers.. the top of the wing is craft foam with details in 3D paint and lace, the helmet has the same elements plus I added on an earth pony, a unicorn and a pegasus which represent each kind of pony there is on the show.. although I'm not really sure if it shows well on the pictures! finally the wig was hand dyed with sharpies

I also got to be in one of ackson's videos for otakon, I'm only in it for like 3 seconds [dancing with a jetti]but still it was pretty cool since its my first time being in a con video! *o*
Picture by: :iconmilkydayy:
Follow me on facebook for WIP, upcoming projects and other pictures! I'd love to make new friends ^o^
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Thank you very much! I feel appreciated :)
Cat-sama's avatar
CookieKabuki's avatar
Yayyy thank you so much hun!
ichigonekonya's avatar
u where so cool! i took pictures of u. thats ok. right?
CookieKabuki's avatar
Of course! I feel happy that you remembered me! Thank you!^o^
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
Gosh I am SO GLAD I got to meet you at Otakon! Seriously, this cosplay is wicked epic.
CookieKabuki's avatar
Aww thank you! I'm so glad I met you too! you were really nice and had one of the best gala cosplays in there! I hope to keep meeting you in the future! hopefully with more pony cosplays *.*
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
I'm RIDICULOUSLY late in replying, but I hope to see you around again too! I know I'm bringing the gala dress back again for part of Otakon 2013 for sure. :)
CookieKabuki's avatar
ohh no worries! it happens to me all the time its super hard to keep up with messages all the time! :3 I really hope I can see again too and hopefully get more pictures of your gala!! <3
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
I'm trying hard to clean out my DA inbox, but of course it's NOW that life decides to get busy... *laughs*

:heart: Thank you! Your Celestia is so pretty, I still can't get over its gorgeousness. <3
kkanimegirl's avatar
You got Ostrich feathers and hand dyed your wig with sharpies?! HNG! You my deer princess are incredible. This whole cosplay is some sheer dedication.
CookieKabuki's avatar
Thank you! it was some though cosplay but I got through with it!:D
kkanimegirl's avatar
I totally spelled dear the wrong way. XD
droxy's avatar
Great props! Do the wings come apart for travel?
CookieKabuki's avatar
Thank you! yeah the wings are detachable and pretty light for that size :P
LaRosaScarlatta's avatar
Oh, what a beautiful cosplay! You are like Athena!
CookieKabuki's avatar
Thanks! and yesss I was trying to aim for Athena I always related Celestia to her for some reason!
Kiwigirl4377's avatar
CookieKabuki's avatar
Thanks! I had a little help with the wings and the helmet but thanks for the compliment!^^
WhiskeyRose's avatar
Wow just wow, I can almost feel all the effort it took to make. Wish I could of seen you in motion.
CookieKabuki's avatar
Thanks!^^ yeah I was a tough couple of weeks making this costume especially cuz I had other ones to finish too X.X
KeyToAfterLife's avatar
This is absolutely amazing...GAH
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