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LoL: Waterloo Miss fortune

By CookieKabuki
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Wooo In love this costume!:squee: 
The whole outfit was made my :iconmilkydayy: as a Christmas present, as you can see it has really fancy fabric he all out and it was worth cuz it came out awesome Thumbs Up 
The guns were made by my lovely mom! I learned all my crafting skills from her, she tends to be very patient and meticulous and I kinda want to upload a video showing all the details of the gun and how it was made as well as the outfit! hope you guys like 

Picture and editing :iconmilkydayy:

LoL: Waterloo Miss fortune II by CookieKabuki
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mmmh sexy pirate lady...turning me on so much Blush 
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beeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwbssssssssssss *-* 
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Wow,this is really really nice.
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Anytime ^^ should start doing prints of your cosplay.
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lol actually I started yesterday, here you can take a look, see if there is anything you like! <3 the proceeds of this will go to more costumes^^
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Lol i see that, ive seen a couple of them that caught my eye. Alas im currently broke but when im able ill definetly pick one up ^^
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muy elgante n.n
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You look great!
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You look so stunning and gorgeous Ruth! Really lovely picture <3
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Opulent! Fantastic look!
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You are so elegant and beautiful! I love the velvet feel of the outfit.
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Thank you! yeah I love the fabrics that were picked for this outfit, very elegant!
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