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Yabba Dabba DooDoo by cookiejoe1
Mature content
Yabba Dabba DooDoo :iconcookiejoe1:cookiejoe1 28 22
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Things Are Looking Up For Her by MetamorphOfChaos
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Things Are Looking Up For Her :iconmetamorphofchaos:MetamorphOfChaos 23 0
Embarrassed Yuri by Carnival-Tricks Embarrassed Yuri :iconcarnival-tricks:Carnival-Tricks 186 6 Princess of the stars by LazyBlazy
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Princess of the stars :iconlazyblazy:LazyBlazy 293 27
June Butt Month Wrap Up and Awards 2018
June Butt Month is always an event that our community loves, and this year our people showed a LOT of love for the event. We finished with a staggering 155 deviations over the period of June. I do want to address the elephant in the room immediately. We sadly did not make a new all time image count record this year. We needed 228 images and didn't quite reach that mark. HOWEVER, we did thankfully make the second most images in a month so far, smashing the 96 images from 2016 with ease. That's something to be proud of regardless of any records.
As usual I want to thank :iconrfswitched: for bringing us this event and allowing our group to sponsor it and support it. I also want to thank you all for your dedication to this fun time of year and your great images that were made.
Now we all know why you're really here so lets get right into it, the awards ceremony.
NEW RECORD Most Deviations Created: :iconStinkySheepie: with 34 deviations
Previously known as most images drawn, seeing how Butt
:iconhourglass-of-youth:Hourglass-of-Youth 2 10
Ladybug (Miraculous) ABDL by Sddz
Mature content
Ladybug (Miraculous) ABDL :iconsddz:Sddz 22 2
Shy baby girl (ABDL) by Muy-x
Mature content
Shy baby girl (ABDL) :iconmuy-x:Muy-x 422 13
Mommy knows best by ShyDad
Mature content
Mommy knows best :iconshydad:ShyDad 99 8
Art Trade - That's not a bustle by DiaperArtist Art Trade - That's not a bustle :icondiaperartist:DiaperArtist 93 10 Links Padded Pals by Da-Fuze
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Links Padded Pals :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 232 5
NANCY.diaper by troubles03
Mature content
NANCY.diaper :icontroubles03:troubles03 17 0
Jane by PieceofSoap Jane :iconpieceofsoap:PieceofSoap 263 4 After a delicious last course (Cuphead diaper art) by GoldenWorld59
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After a delicious last course (Cuphead diaper art) :icongoldenworld59:GoldenWorld59 42 62
Hermione Granger (Commission) by Shadee2D
Mature content
Hermione Granger (Commission) :iconshadee2d:Shadee2D 347 20
Belle by PieceofSoap Belle :iconpieceofsoap:PieceofSoap 297 4 Adventures from dimension A2-4L - Page04 by PieceofSoap
Mature content
Adventures from dimension A2-4L - Page04 :iconpieceofsoap:PieceofSoap 246 7
Clay Face Bust by Tranz3d Clay Face Bust :icontranz3d:Tranz3d 1 1


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
howdy! im Joe and welcome to ma account! please enjoy urself to my unusual amazing atrocities and wacky weird wonders! (im an ABDL if that wasn't obvious but I mostly only do non ABDL art and ignore the cringey OC stuff I did XD im not that big into MLP anymore) also send me a note if ya'd like someone to chat with! im a pretty friendly guy even though im super shy irl!

also check out my other non ABDL Account :iconslimyjoe: for exclusive stuff ;3 so if there isn't anything new on here, check out my other account!

:icontradesask: :iconnorequests: :icongiftsfriendsonly: Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Mario2 by MoLo4Nick Pikachu by MoLo4Nick


Yabba Dabba DooDoo
Yes, I enjoy ABDL art but I don't really like drawing it myself, only seeing others art XD but I felt like giving it a try! two reason! 1.) I can be apart of Butt Month ^w^ 2.) cuz why not? and I wanted to draw a character ive never seen diapered! ive never seen Welma from the Flintstones diapered so it worked perfectly! looks like Welma has a little secret she hides from both her husband and her best friend, Betty! she loves being padded and making a big mess in them! I really hope no one catches her ^///^ every girl needs her alone time, after all!

credit for the title goes to Hyro! Hes better at making titles then me XD and obviously, I don't own the rights to The Flintstones! that goes to the actually talented ppl who own it!
Art Trade: Mariana
my part of the art trade with :icondiaperartist: , he asked for his OC, Mariana, holding a spank paddle and really pissed! this one was fun to draw and go check out his end of the trade >w< its far better in comparison and its awesome!

His end of the trade:
Its ShowTime!
ive been so busy with work I haven't had really anytime to draw but I finally have an opening and im abusing the shit out of it! ALL OF THE DOODLES! and I felt like taking all that time to do one big pic for everyone! and here we have our favorite bio exorcist, Betelgeuse and his strange and usual friend, Lydia! Betelgeuse has and always will be a trouble maker, so its only common for him to play a few pranks around the house, including hiding in boxes and springing out when the time is right! if it wasn't obvious, I based these two off the animated series versions, not the movie. I'm actually really proud of this one! one of my favs ive done~

(and who knows, might draw Lydia more in the future!)
AAAAAlright! I want to give everyone a chellenge! I want you to tell me what your top 5 animated girls you think really need the diaper treatment, either they have veeeery little art of them or there isn't any at all! that's the one rule, only girls that haven't really been diapered or have a lack of art (also I don't mean to sound rude but another rule being only human characters, no animals. also no children, the only way you can have underaged girls on ur list is if you'd like to see them diapered in a cute non sexual way). you can choose to have it in an order or no order. also you have to tell me why you think she needs to be diapered and why shes on ur list! so to start it off, ill say mine! ill do mine in order from least want to most want!

5.) Katrina from disneys the legend of sleepy hollow. not much of an explanation on her, shes just super cute, has a sort of childish nature to her, and when shes on the dance floor she got that hip action XDDDD sorry!

4.) Odette from Swan Princess! not the best movie but a nostalgic one. my sister used to watch that movie religiously so of course id watch it too. ill give the movie two things; the songs are catchy and Odette be smokin XDDDD especially in the black dress! but yeah, I always thought she'd be cute in a diaper! I mean, swans cant control their bladder and it must have some kind of side effect being a swan for a long time!

3.) Venessa from Little Mermaid! I know, really weird choose but I have my reason! shes actually really cute and about the only female character that's still attractive to me while being a giant bitch! im going to hell for saying that since she kicks a dog in the face but I cant help it XD the animator made her really cute! also I know its ursula in disguise which makes it even know doing a terrible job giving you an explanation XDDDD ill just end it with id like to see her diapered

2.) Terra from Teen Titans Judas Contract. now im not talking about the animated series Terra, im talking the animated movie Judas Contract Terra! I see so much art of starfire and raven but very little Terra love so id love to see more of her! and I choose the Judas Contract design because I liked how she looked in it ^^ honestly, it doesn't matter which terra u choose but I really wanna see her diapered (and maybe make rockslides in her pants XDDDD

1.) im sorry this is so obvious for me but....Slue Foot Sue from Melody time! shes the character that sparked my ABDL side and shes soooo pretty >w< if uve already heard the story, skip this! when I was little, I didn't know what skirts under dresses were and I didn't know what bloomers were so for example, when snow white or belle had white under their dress, my little 5 yr old brain said it was diapers but slue foot sue was the first! when I watched melody time, all I saw was this gorgeous woman with a large bulge in the back of her dress. again, dumb kid brain! I had no idea what a bustle was so this was canon to me that she was diapered under her dress and she wasn't doing a good job hiding it. and the part where the bustle goes crazy is....well.....I thought she was accidently using it >///////< so u can see why shes my #1
you can either do a pic or just write ur list in a journal or comments!

a few honorable mentions: Giganta from Justice league unlimited, princess daphne from dragons lair (seriously! how hasn't she been done yet?), Alice from disneys alice in wonderland (seen the concept done a lot but never the actual character from the movie), and Chel from Road to El Dorado!


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