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Martha Long
United States
I have recently begun taking an interest in drawing and artsy things. It all started when I saw a friend of mine's sketchbook and I wanted to be as good as she was. So I started to practice and saw myself improve when I never thought I would be able to. I like to play video games(though I'm not very good) and watch Netflix or whatever looks good on TV(though I do find myself on Youtube more often than not). I don't consider myself an artist, but I hope to one day be good enough to maybe be labeled as one. Until that day comes, I will try my hardest to improve my drawing and writing skills! Comments are much appreciated, but please be polite when giving criticism of any kind; anyone who does not comply will have their comment hidden from view.

I work mostly traditionally but I love dabbling in digital art whenever possible. My favorite art programs to use are Photoshop and Illustrator, but I will occasionally draw with Clip Studio Paint since that was what catapulted my interest in digital art.

I upload art whenever I feel like it and I may take breaks of not posting for several days. For everyone who is patient with me during those mini hiatuses, I thank you very sincerely.

If you wish to use my art or characters for reference or practice, please contact me first for permission.
Do not repost my artwork without my consent as well.
Do not ever use my work with the intent of financial gain.

So according to DeviantArt's stat drop down thingy, today marks the very first day I joined this site and man has it been an adventure. I remember getting so excited when I got my first favorite and almost dropping dead of happiness when I got a few watchers. Now, I've come a pretty long way in a year considering the prior year I could barely draw anything let alone what I can do now. Being here has also inspired me to truly pursue art as a career(video game designer if ya want to get into specifics). I have met many amazing people and seen many stellar works of art from some amazing artists as well and I would love to one day be at the level where I am comfortable with saying I'm an artist because I'm still a little hesitant when I say it, even to myself. I had a piece planned for this day, but it is quite complex and will probably take several days to finish because I really want it to be special. I do want to make something a little minor just to be consistent with uploading every day. Here's to a wonderful year of making arts and I hope to keep it up for many years to come. Thank you to all who have favorited, watched, and or commented on my works throughout my first year and I will be sure to keep improving as I continue my artistic journey!


Today sucked hardcore for me, but it really shouldn't have. I tried to relax and take a break from drawing and working so that I could be refreshed when Monday came, but for some reason my inner negative emotions decided to spring up and invade my mind. The most overwhelming of these was the feeling of loneliness, and feeling that I wasn't wanted by any of my friends nor family. It's really hard for me to get through the day sometimes when I feel no sense of purpose nor belonging, but I'm working to be better and control my emotions.
Katamari Damacy is strangely relaxing and stressful at the same time for me lol. I love that I can now play it on my Switch and I often do whenever I get frustrated with drawing or just want to relax. I was never skilled enough to play it as a kid, probably because my stupid head couldn't understand the weird controls 😅 I had a lot of fun drawing Gemini relaxing and I may just play some Katamari after I post this 😋
Surge Reference Sheet
So I originally was gonna make this guy as an adoptable, but as I kept working on him, I grew too attached to the design so I made a character out of him! I thought the name Surge was fitting because of his color scheme and how he looks like he's just buzzing with energy. I do want to develop him more in the future, but for now, here's his basic reference sheet. 
Fursona Inking
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been working on some stuffs as well as trying to get a decent work schedule going for me. Anyways, I finally figured out a name for my fursona... Gemini! I picked that name because one, it's my zodiac, and two, it fits her personality since she has two very extreme sides to her, much like me. To further solidify that she is me I had her holding Bombii since he is one of my creations and I thought it would look really cute X3 I'm still new with inks so that's why some areas are a little blotchy but I had a lot of fun making this and I was able to get most of her colors with the inks I had, which is super cool.


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Amazing artworks!:)
Keep drawing and loving cats!;)
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Thank you and I shall! :D
neoausteja Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
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Hi love your hyena art ;)
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It really means a lot :ahoy:
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Hey, thanks for the :+fav: ! I really appreciate it! :heart: :iconheartlesslaplz:

Melodious Nocturne - Got My Music by HetemSenar

Cookiedough-Gecko Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018
You're welcome! Keep up the great work! :D
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Thank you so much for the fave!! ^^

Kingdom Hearts 3 by mirodriguex95
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