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Alright, I received enough! Now ya'll wait for a few months to open up or a few weeks if possible.
Heart Rules:
1. No strict mature content, mild ones are okay but please listen to it's rules.
2. Be patient in waiting for your commission to be finished.
3. Ask for it kindly.

Nuu Mild mature content rules:
1. Little blood is fine.
2. Please no nudity.
3. I will not draw fetish.

I am a dummy! What I can draw:
Ponies, Pokemon, Animatronics, Cartoons, Furries(sometimes), etc.

Stare What I CAN'T draw:
Anime(unless it's easy for me to draw the character), Over detailed characters, mature content.

Rabbit hole Note that:
-Prices change every year.
-I keep changing art styles.
-I'm not a tablet user. Well, not right now though.
-I only accept points.

Digital (Non tablet)
:star: For adding another character: Added Points 10
:star: Let me know if you want to add a background.
Speedpaint: Snow Fairy Story by Cookie-and-her-foxes Speedpaint: Heart Shooter by Cookie-and-her-foxes Speedpaint: Hatsune Foxy by Cookie-and-her-foxes
I will put English songs that I like, if you want a certain song or Japanese, vocaloid songs, ask me.
Star! What is the character doing/posing? (REQUIRED!)

Animal Jam x Transformice: Incredible Jelly Ninja by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Flat: Points 10
Shaded: Points
(Let me know if you want the tail, scarf, long accessory, or anything long to linger on the bottom)

Half body
Blue neon butterfly by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Flat: Points 15
Shaded: Points 20

Knee up
Melt (Edited scene) by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Flat: Points 20
Shaded: Points 25

Full body
Too cute (Video project standalone) by Cookie-and-her-foxes Speedpaint: The amazing space of gumball by Cookie-and-her-foxes

Flat: Points 30
Shaded: Points 35

Pina by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Flat only: Points 20
(Let me know if you want the frame like the example)

Animated Icon
Point commission: xMissLight by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Flat only: Points 25

Pinks by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Practice
Difficulty: Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star 
Info: Not soft shading with colored lineart, as I'm still practicing to do this the difficulty to do this is HIGH.

Commission: nerdybirdyyy by Cookie-and-her-foxes FNAC Genderbent: Bonnibel by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Mouse odyssey
Difficulty: Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star 
Info: Airbrush lineart and shading/lighting with beautiful colors such as purple and blue, however all the lines aren't necessarily connected.
  HBD: Leeleecalgirl by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Crayon's Echo
Difficulty: Half Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 
Info: FOREVER CHIBI ART STYLE, with crayon brush as the coloring and lineart.

  Another foxy by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: No feet
Difficulty: Half Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 
Info: Forever chibi as well, there aren't much feet or fingers with coloring, shading/lighting, and lineart same with 'Mouse Odyssey'
The Fan by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: My only sunny
Difficulty: Star! Star! Half Star No Star No Star 
Info: Same shading/lighting with 'Mouse Odyssey' but with lineart.
  Flutters by Cookie-and-her-foxes Flower Crown Wip by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Acrylic on one layer
Difficulty: Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star 
Info: Fast to do but acrylic shading/lighting is very misplaced.
Princess Unikitty by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Many Layers
Difficulty: Star! Star! Star! Half Star No Star 
Info: As many layers as it is, it can only be flat as I'm practicing on it.

Not Like The Other Springtraps by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: Greeey
Difficulty: Star! Star! Star! Half Star No Star 
Info: Not soft shading, the eyes are forever non-highlighted, soft lineart.

Fuzzy by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Name: The white outskirts of Fuzzy (TWOF)
Difficulty: Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star 
Info: Forever flat, colored lineart depending on the character, with eyes highlighted depending on you or the character's personality, white lineart can be added if you wish.

As long as it's open feel free to ask me. ;) (Wink) 

:points: CURRENTLY SAVING UP TO: 500 POINTS :points:

:star: Nick and Foxy are watching. Please give me full information and everything on the commission request. Thank you.
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Can I commission?? if it's okay, can you draw my main character?… Can I get Full body flat and with speedpaint? I'll send you the points if you tell me to :3
Awesomefox25's avatar
Can you please list the prices for didgital (non tablet)?
SanctuaryHeartless's avatar
SanctuaryHeartless's avatar
Full body shaded with speed paint?
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
Reference to character?
SanctuaryHeartless's avatar
Srry I've changed my mind.. :(
DerpyDash2005's avatar
My Commission Info!
1: Knee Up
2: Shaded
3: Mouse Odyssey
Thats all the info! Draw the oc in the link! OwO

    If this is ok i'll send the points when you say so.
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
Of course to send the points.
MrPoodle571's avatar
are you fine with drawing humans? ovo 
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
Sometimes, depends on the human.
MrPoodle571's avatar
Zacharie form OFF? ovo 
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
OFF? Never seen/done about it.
MrPoodle571's avatar
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
Well, I don't do those kinds of stuff from which in cases I don't know about it much.

OCs may count, but canon characters who I don't know yet are a no.
MrPoodle571's avatar
ah ok thats fine den c:
sorry for the trouble :3 
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Flat mugshot of Cotton: Cotton the Plane Dragon by CartoonsandMonsters  
Style: Crayon's Echo
Should I send the points now?
ShadeDragneel's avatar
Can I have a Flat Mugshot Of:…

If I'm Correct ill have to pay 10 :points:
Cookie-and-her-foxes's avatar
ShadeDragneel's avatar
*5 minutes later*
CakeShake22's avatar
May I have a flat half body of  ballongirly.d with a speedpaint please :3
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