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Horse Anatomy the Muscles

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BEFORE YOU USE THIS AS REF, know that this was an assignment for my animal anatomy class. I received a B- on it, lower than I was hoping for but not bad by my teacher's grading system.

I hope that it helps those of you who like drawing horses because that's the main reason why I uploaded it. There are lots of skeleton horse anatomy charts to be found on the internet, but not many good horse muscle charts, at least non very good in my findings. Mine's not perfect (I believe there is a muscle or two mislabeled), but better than most of what I was able to find in a regulra google search-I feel.

This took for frickin' evs. the labeling took longer than the drawing! Too many muscles and not enough space to fit all the labels in nicely without having to move everything 'round a bunch a times! photoshop kept bugging out on me too, saying that the file was getting too big with all the text, so i had to keep closing and reopening it and merging layers. This piece was a trip. :faint:

However, I enjoyed studying the muscle structure of the horse and trying to figure out where to place everything - even though it got frustrating at times. Dude, i had so much reference material to work from, it's ridic - too much. I got lost in all the differences from piece to piece; at times diff labeling, and varying art styles and values, muscel masses in slightly diff locations...

This was way too technical for me. This animal anatomy class has taught me that i could NEVER be a scientific artist.
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Thank you this was a super helpful ref! I used it here, and will definitely be using it in the futureHorse Anatomy Study: Head
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
sorry it's been almost a month. if you are still interested in using it, please feel free to. :)
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SobohRamiHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome,thanks :D
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m0zch0psProfessional Digital Artist
scientific illustration is a world apart, not only does your drawing skill have to be at top game, but everything has to be just right, or pieces just dont fit, and of course it all has to fit in 3D, and yeah getting references is just murder, (ou probably discovered heaps of different horse shapes too)
you did very well on this, i'm using it right now to help me get an orthographic turnaround of a war horse done, thanks to you its looking better, you deserve an A, 

btw tell your teacher he's too harsh! :)
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
thank you. :)
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Oh wow, the horse's muscles have several names taken from the human muscles
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TheEpicNewtStudent Filmographer
Nice reference, I stumbled across it while searching about on Google. Its always nice to know how things actually work when you draw them. Thanks, this is helpful.
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
thanks, glad it's helped you. :)
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Same case.
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TheLovelyVocalStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, you just saved me the trouble of struggling to read tiny font on another horse site. Thanks to you, my biology project goes a bit quicker!
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
glad it's being useful. :)
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Ragnarok6664Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Excellent work! would you be willing for it to be used on a horse information site I'm building? you can mail me at for details.
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
sure! that'd be cool. :) i warn you though, i think 2 of the muscles are labled wrong, that or need to be switched. so if you really care, i say go through it and make sure it's all labeled correctly. i might have fixed that a while back, but i can't remember... haha.
Thanks for the heads up and good luck with the site! send me a notice when it's up and running,
-Erin Cook :)
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that cool, thanks very much! i shall have a good look at it in detail and change anything as needs be and let you know. i'll let you know when i get it on the site and should you wish full credit details with the pic just drop them to me in email and i'll add them with the pic.

many thanks!
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PremannHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice reference... Thanks much... :dummy:
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
you're welcome. :) and thanks
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zelink14Professional Digital Artist
Wow, this is exactly what I need -- I'm taking an animal drawing class right now and am trying to clear up horse musculature in my head. :) I needed labels!
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
glad to aid you. hope you get a good grade!
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Nifty-DHobbyist General Artist
Great work! I respect your determination to finish such a piece D: (as well as the ability to find time for it)
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
thanks. :) i don't think i would have done it if it wasnt a homework assignment. haha. :D
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MagicWindsStablesStudent Digital Artist
A B??? That's blasphemus! This is amazing!
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
why thank yuo! :) my teacher was grading on the anatomy more than the drawing. I misplaced and inproperly named some stuff. ): Its fine for visual ref an better undrstanding horse anatomy, but don't get all scientific and junk with this! XD
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