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I do not love writing journals because I never came up with something really interesting to share. But lately, watching the deviations around, I noticed a lot of 'undiscovered' artists with a great talent.
Here we are. They are interessant and they should be shared.
So I decided to make a small monthly journals to show their skills and creativity.

Handcrafted sculpture &
jewelry from the talented:
Henri-1 :iconhenri-1:

Handcrafted 'Steampunk Lantern' LED Candles. by Henri-1 Steampunk Mosquito by Henri-1  Handcrafted Steampunk Pendant Necklace by Henri-1

we want to see more!

Why have so many profile pictures gone green?
Well the company behind the Life of Pi`s stunning visual effects, which made the movie possible, Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt as the film just passed the billion dollar mark in global ticket sales. The 3D & VFX (visual effects) companies that make the Hollywood blockbuster movies possible, sign on to bad deals typically at a loss, the Hollywood production companies walk away with profits, and artists who dedicate their lives to their craft get short changed on salary, over-time and eventually job security. The green is a form of solidarity and protest for change in our industry.