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Peeling the suit's stretchy material from the plastic insert, he took a proper look at the artificial skin. Rubbery but somehow pliant and soft, it had been packed very tightly into the box, folding out and unravelling until it reached the floor. It was just about the right height, as far as he could tell, and the options he'd customised on the order page had come through just fine - silky shoulder-length copper hair, lightly freckled skin with sultry makeup pre-applied, gentle features and a cute nose. 

He ran his hands over its folds, gently poking through the eye holes, playing with the hair. It felt bizarrely realistic and artificial at the same time, the inside surface coated in a thin layer of sticky gel. 

"Wow... this is the real deal." He took a breath, getting excited and nervous. Surreptitiously ordering the suit by using a backdoor into the company's website had been a decent thrill all on its own, but now that he had it here in his hands, it was electrifying. These things were worth several hundred thousand, and this was their top-of-the-line model. 

Before going any further, he laid the suit down on the desk and took a look through the other contents of the box. An instruction booklet and a small tablet device accompanied the suit, all laid in extravagant packaging emblazoned with the "Zintech" logo.

"Thank you for choosing Zintech." was all the first page read. Pretty understated, he mused, but that was their style.

He leafed through to the setup instructions. "Unpackage all contents and fully unfold your new suit. A dedicated control device is included with the package, and will be required to activate and de-activate the suit's functions. Keep it somewhere safe!"

"Hm." picking up the small tablet, he felt for a power button and started the device up. The Zintech logo appeared, pulsing on and off for a few moments, before the screen faded to an anatomical diagram of a woman.

The booklet continued: "The control device will monitor the wearer's vitals, track statistics and enable or disable specific functions of the suit as requested. For the first-time setup, a secure voice imprint is required. Tap the security section of the home page, and choose "register" at the top of the menu. Once registered, this voice imprint will be required when logging into this device. Therefore, it is important you register this device with someone you trust, and that you do not lose the device." A password or code could suffice, but Zintech sure was was a fan of using their voice-imprint recording technology everywhere they could, and it had proven itself reliable - it could even tell the difference between the real person's voice, and an audio clip being played back over a speaker.

"Well... I guess I trust myself the most." Holding the device up, he tapped 'register' and read off the manual: "Register device two-nine-six-eight-seven-two-nine."

The tablet spent a second processing, before a green checkmark popped up. "Registration successful." Even from that small phrase, they got all the information they needed to understand and verify a vast majority of speech from a wide range of languages and dialects. Getting impatient, he put the tablet down and leafed ahead in the instruction book until he found the suit-specific instructions. Diagrams showed how the user would slide their legs in through the opening in the front, pulling the suit's legs up like a tight pair of pants, then pull the torso and arms on almost like a jacket. Simple enough!

After undressing, he picked up the suit and hastily sat on the end of his bed. The material was so fine that it took a few tries to find the slit down the middle, but eventually his fingers found purchase. He pulled the skin open and felt the weird gel material on the insides for a moment, before sliding one foot in, then the other. More pulling, until his feet slid inside the suit's, his toes effortlessly lined up and inserted.

Now that the suit was around his waist, he began to feel a protrusion pressing just below his scrotum - with a look of surprise, he stood up and pulled the suit down to figure out what it was. Thinking he'd put it on wrong or that a fold had been trapped, he tugged the suit down to his thighs and examined it. 

"Wait... is that supposed to...?" he said, an eyebrow raised. After a brief pause, he waddled back over to his desk and shuffled through the instructions he'd skipped until he got to the right page.

"Step 5: Once you've brought the suit up to waist level, please insert the required anchor plug(s) into your body. These will be tailored to the user, and are a necessary component of the suit's systems in order to fully enable nerve stimulation, as well as to maintain a secure seal on the wearer's body."

He grimaced at the words. "Required.... shit...". Gingerly, he brought the suit back up around his waist, and reached behind to shift the plug into the right place. The instructions said to relax while gently pressing, and he began with trepidation, until eventually he felt the rounded tip begin to make its way in. Slowly, but surely, he managed to insert the plug, and with a last push it slid inside, his body tensing up, and the suit sucking in tightly around his thighs and waist as it went. 

"Huff... okay... difficult part over..." he winced, feeling the suit grip tightly around his lower half, feeling tense but comfortable enough. He tucked his genitals into a pocket in the front of the suit, and brought the rest of it up around his chest, sliding a hand inside and reaching through until he found the fingers. With both legs and both arms inside, he could examine the artificial body more closely - breasts hung from either side of the opening, and he could see the clitoris just below the end of the suit's opening, all made with incredible accuracy. 

Before exploring further, he felt around his back for the head, bringing it up and over his own. The inside of the face had tubes for the ears and nose, and one larger tube extending out of the back of the mouth.

"Oh god... this as well?" holding the face up, he used his free hand to examine the flexible tube. After another few moments to psyche himself up, he brought the end of the tube to his mouth and started to insert it - the material was just gentle enough to avoid him hurling, but at least twice he stopped to take some hurried breaths and stop himself gagging violently. It seemed to last forever, gently feeding the tube into his throat, but eventually the face began to line up with his, and the small tubes on the inside brushed against him. Holding the throat-tube in place with his teeth, he quickly lined everything up and pushed them in, finally reaching the lips of the suit's face and gently biting down into the mould. 

Some deep breaths later, he was satisfied that he wasn't going to suffocate, fumbling at the surface of his face with his hands. It was a very funny sensation, being wrapped up entirely in the suit's cool interior. A quick examination in the mirror showed the skin forming tightly to his body, but definitely not to realistic proportions - he could see a slight gap in the eyelids, his shoulders were just a bit too broad, and the opening running up the front was still... well, open. 

The instruction manual was opened again, to the last steps of the setup chapter. "Once the suit has been fully adorned, and all required inserts are placed correctly, then the seal should be initiated by the control device - under 'functions', choose 'enable seal'."

The device sprang back to life in his hands, and he navigated to where the manual said. A moment of hesitation came before he pressed the screen again and waited.

"Beginning process. Please stay calm and still until the process is complete." the device notified him, and he brought it over to the bed before laying down and waiting. A couple seconds or so went by, and just as he was about to look down to check, the suit began to send numbing signals into his skin. An involuntary gasp came out as it tightened, the slit sealing itself up from bottom to top, the face sucking in tightly and making his eyes water as the eyelids came down and lined themselves up. Two circles, like contact lenses, came down and were placed into his open eyes before the lids were forced closed over them. A shout of surprise rose in his chest, but it was stifled by the suit, sticking to his vocal cords and sealing flat against the walls of his mouth. 

About half a minute passed of this blind, panicking situation, until finally the process completed and his eyes shot open again, all feeling in his limbs rushing back, blinking rapidly to adjust to the light again.

"...hoooly... shit... hahhh.." he said breathlessly, sitting up and taking it in. All the sensations of the skin were now his, and it almost overwhelmed him at first. Finally he found the strength to stand up once more and get a proper look in the mirror. What he was was astonishing: A naked, attractive girl with ginger hair and blue eyes looking right back at him.

Basking in the view, he spent a good few minutes running his hands up and down, posing in the mirror. There was no trace of the slit on the front, and his hips and butt had been generously widened in order to line up all the necessary proportions. After all the discomfort the plugs and tubes had caused him, now it felt like there was nothing there at all - this tech is unbelievable, he thought to himself, pinching at one of the breasts and jumping when the pain nerves kicked in. 

His "Oh!" came as a whisper, remembering that the controller could affect how pain worked. He strutted back over to the device, savouring how everything swayed and bounced, before scooping it off the desk with his delicate hands. The device showed the same anatomical diagram, but now displayed alongside it was a readout of his vitals (his heart rate was even subtitled with "above average") and a 'Functions' button next to it. A light tap, and the screen changed to list several switches, toggles and sliders. His eyes widened as he read: things like 'Mouth Gag', 'Blindfold', 'Petrify', 'Arousal Multiplier' (already set to 120%), 'Restrict Respiration', 'Simulate Tickling', 'Pain Multiplier'... the more he read the harder his heart pounded, growing scared of the power this tiny thing had over him. To give this device to someone else... that would take some insane levels of trust.

To test it out and satisfy his curiosity, he picked what he thought was the least dangerous option: sliding "Mouth Gag" to about halfway, he felt a slight tug as his mouth was closed involuntarily. 

"Mmm? Mmmh! Mmmhmmm..." was all that came out, as if his lips were glued shut. The further the slider went above 50%, the more he could feel resistance in his tongue and mouth, until the slider reached 100% and no sound came out at all. He could blow air through his nose, but everything from the esophagus upwards felt like it was filled in and blocked up. Panic crept in, and he quickly reset it back to 0%.

"Ahh... whoa, okay, hello, hi..." the sensation vanished, and he spoke again in the suit's feminine voice. It sounded incredibly convincing to him, his words shaped and modified into an upperclass English accent. "Hello there! Hi! Mmmm, ahhhh, Hell-lo!"

The chill of the room reminded him he was still naked in the suit, and the cold was reaching his exposed limbs. He glanced at the device, fairly confident he could just turn off the sense of temperature, but instead he shuffled across the room to pick up the other package the suit had arrived with. Peeling off the tape with a painted fingernail, he quickly emptied the contents onto his bed. The order had included a few outfits as standard, and he went straight for the one that had caught his eye on the website.

It took him several minutes to get dressed, but finally he stood up and stepped elegantly across the room - right away, the suit compensated for the high heels, as if walking in them was second nature to him. They made a satisfying clack against the floor as he stopped in front of the mirror.  Black, lace-topped stockings were held in place by a garter belt hiding underneath the hem of a gothic, lacy dress that combined elements of a corset into the top. He revelled in the perfect fit, feeling it cup his new breasts pleasantly, a cropped black hoodie over his shoulders to keep some warmth. Wandering around the room, the fabric and lace felt amazing on the stolen suit's exterior, and a gentle breeze caressed the exposed thigh under the folds of the dress. With a devious smirk, he lifted the hem of the dress to check his body out some more. It still felt a little naughty, checking out the suit's butt framed by stocking tops and garters pressing the soft pale skin, even though he was the one doing it to himself... 

"Hm..." Stopping, he curled his lip. Arousal had planted its roots in his mind, and a warmth had been radiating from his crotch ever since he'd put the suit on, but before he would get down to business he wanted to check out more of the suit's features first. Click, clack, he sashayed back over to the desk and held the controller again. Having been left for that length of time the screen had gone blank, presumably to save battery, so he gave the power button a quick press and watched as the screen lit up once more.

A padlock icon now sat in the centre of the screen, with a microphone below it, and a label that read "Voice auth required: say 'Unlock Device' for access."

He cleared his throat. "Unlock device!"

It processed for a moment, before the microphone flashed red.

"Voice not recognised."

"... Unlock device!" he said, a bit louder.

"Voice not recognised." 

His grip tightened. "Unlock device!"

"Voice not recognised. Warning: 2 attempts left." the device replied in his trembling hand. All the excitement drained from him, he felt panic take its place.

", no, NO!" he grit his teeth. "1 attempt left." Of course, Zintech's own voice modulation technology embedded in the suit meant that he'd managed to lock himself out of the device, as he cursed himself for not thinking ahead. A few deep breaths calmed him, before he mustered up the best impression he could for one last attempt.

"Unlock d-Aaaaahhhh!" an involuntary moan cut him short, as the suit detected he wasn't horny enough and triggered a spasm of pleasure at precisely the wrong moment. He squeezed his legs together and flattened down the front of the dress until it passed, flushed and breathless. 

"...ffffffuck..." he managed to gasp, before bringing the tablet back up into view.

"No attempts left. Lockdown removed in 47:59:50..."

The realisation washed over him, like an icy wave washing over his chest. Two days in this suit... he'd have to call in sick and dodge his friends for the next two days. He wanted to throw the device at the wall, but just managed to restrain himself, instead resorting to cussing at it again.

"God damn it! Fuck! Can't bel-"

Suddenly, the screen flashed red.


"Wait-" was all he managed to utter before his lips shut tight, his mouth and throat filled with the invisible blockage again, and all he could do was sit in stunned silence.

"Lockdown removed in 47:59:32..."
Always read the instructions. 

Hopefully customer support can help him out, if he can reach them... and if they don't immediately realise the theft and disable/blacklist the device. Who knows!
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