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How I draw bushes

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Edit 16 November 2013: I can't believe this got 100+ favs within a few hours. Thanks a lot, everyone! :happybounce:

Edit 22 November 2013: Thank you so much for 200+ favs :squee:

Edit 29 December 2013: Thanks a lot for 300+ favs :la:

Edit 30 December 2014: Thank you so much for... whoaaa... 1000 favs! Seriously, ONE THOUSAND FAVS!

So many asked for this, so I did this quite quick.

[PCM]  Soft Wind by the-searching-one

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Hoof-and-Paw-Studios's avatar
when shading night scenes, should I overlay a blue with a white highlight? (I've never shaded before, despite drawing for many years)
Nighteba's avatar
Sereida-Arts's avatar
This is so useful! Thanks for sharing!! 
convelocity's avatar
I'm glad I could help!
DinamiW's avatar
Thanks, I just came across this and it really helped me. :D
Cynderen's avatar
It's a bit late but since I found this tutorial it was so helpful, thank you!
MynameisPoon's avatar
THX This help a lot!!!
Nami96's avatar
I used your bush tutorial. It was very helpful. ;u; I'm just starting out on this program. Here's the piece I used it in:…
llAutumnllx's avatar
I can't quite get the little flicks down. Maybe I'm just applying too much pressure? Can anyone who has gotten this to work share brush settings?
Tammi-Adopts's avatar
is the leaf brush made in SAI or is it a photoshop brush?
convelocity's avatar
It's a basic stroke brush in Sai.
Tammi-Adopts's avatar
ah i see cool :)
kevinramadhan's avatar
wow, this is so helpful, finally i found a tutor drawing leaves with sai, thanks.:happybounce: 
Yuira-Kun's avatar
Thankies \\(^w^)//
sheepuns's avatar
Oh my gosh, the bush is so cute and pretty! Thank you so much for the reference!
convelocity's avatar
I'm glad this helped you!
TitanDraugen's avatar
I'd like to thank you for making this tutorial. I have little experience with painting  brushes and trees, but your tutorial helped me understand the gradient of leaves. Thanks again for making this. :D
SenpaiKimu's avatar
IT LOOKS AWESOME! Thank you so much for this! :hug:
convelocity's avatar
I'm glad this is still helpful.
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