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The Truth About Superhero Fatigue

We've all heard the term "Superhero Fatigue" for a couple of years now, as it's been covered by basically every YouTuber of any sort of notoriety, including one of my personal favorites: But I find that most, Razorfist included, seem to make the same fallacy over and over. It is literally no secret that Marvel and DC, and their corporate overlords Disney and Warner Bros, have lost any sort of favor and goodwill from the masses thanks to the latest cinematic offerings over the years, 2023 seemingly being the final nail in their collective coffin. But this is something that's been going on since the tail end of Phase Three, at least since the entry of Captain Marvel and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and it's only a recent phenomenon as even during similar trends during the Christopher Reeve Superman and 90's Batman movies when they were falling out of favor, they were not met such universal vitriol. What we're witnessing is a mutated, evolved form those trends as they reach their logical

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The Truth About Godzilla Minus One's Success

I didn't think I'd live in a world where fucking Godzilla would be nominated for, and WIN, a fucking Oscar: But there was one question burning in my mind when I saw this: It won for best visuals, sure. But story-wise, it's basically just a retread of the original movie, like Shin was. I mean, compared to the rest of the franchise, it's barely above average at best in my opinion. However, I didn't have to ponder it for very long because I was immediately reminded why it won, and is considered to be a masterpiece: and it all goes back to what I've been saying for fucking YEARS NOW!!! Only in this current cultural climate in the US of A, where our media is not only in absolute shambles but full-on destitution, could a FOREIGN FILM, a GODZILLA FILM, win an Oscar! Our culture was in decline before, but now it's spiraling straight towards the ground and there's no one at the controls to straighten this plane out and fly her right! Is Godzilla Minus One a bad movie? Far

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Trump Likes Hannibal Lecter, Retards Lose Minds

So yeah, Trump held a rally in Jersey where he made a sarcastic remark about Hannibal Lecter, and as usual the typical media autists collectively shit their little diapers in unison as they wail to the heavens that "TrUmP eNdOrSeD a CaNnIbAl, sEe HoW eViL hE iS?!", and everyone who listened either laughed at them or told them to rightfully shut the hell up because no one cares! Everything that has been thrown at this man has failed! No, not just failed, spectacularly failed! His trial and mugshots ALONE have propelled his campaign far further than anything in 2016 and 2020 COMBINED, and the Leftoids are adding fuel to the growing shit-firestorm with their tantrums! At this point, Trump could drop the sacred N-word and every single African American would vote for him!

Left-Right Paradigm Dichotomy

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Anti-Tyranny Pro-Freedom

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Brendan's day just got more interesting once again, this time one of his detractors Crusty, the Canadian CCP simp, is causing more confusion and calamity. But things get more ironic regarding Crusty, since he once participated in the "Free Julian Assange" movement.

SJW and Political Correctness

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Is Islam needed in the West?

For education purpose, the group discussion of whether or not Islam is the answer to progressive liberal that plague the western world; broke families, abandoned traditional culture, and disenfranchised native European youths. Grab something to drink, the video is 4 hours long. Enjoy.

Theism and Atheism

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What Men Are Going Through

I kinda touched on this a little bit in a previous entry, where I covered Brett Cooper's ditzy take on the issue on my other account: and going by the lack of comments on it, I can only assume that everyone who read it agreed with me. And once more June proves her superiority in this regard. We're not only getting shafted left, right, and center: the ones who said for us to "open up about our feelings" often belittle and berate us for actually opening up in the first place, and often decry us as somehow oppressing someone just by being a guy. I mean, just be going off of the comments Sh0e showed in her video, is it any wonder why the likes of Andrew Tate are growing in popularity!? And the Left doesn't care, unless it somehow benefits them and their twisted delusions of wold dominance! Fortunately, there are those who care. Of course, Jordan Peterson is an obvious pick, as he's basically the poster boy for MRA: but, I also have to give a shout-out to one of my personal favorite


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Flag of Lovecraftian Fascism

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Even since the popularity of Like A Dragon 8: Infinite Wealth, DarksydePhil, a man now at the age of 42 (by tomorrow), is still the type of individual in the gaming community whose brain is as functional as the endless amounts of roadworks throughout Kent who continued his usual infamous reputation this year and what seems to be the golden egg to me is how he described his life as been loosely similar to that of LAD hero Ichiban Kasuga mostly by terms of financial woes and the list of mortal enemies. Having a fictional character or more as your personal spirit animal is great to have, but how Phil compared himself to the Hero of Yokohama is outstandingly jejune.

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It's Okay to Have an All-White Cast


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CPB Palestine Solidarity Poster

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On the Issue of Pop Culture

I feel this is a bit of a continuation of a previous journal I made in December: as I feel that the whole "adults being to old for toys" is a symptom of a larger problem for a lot of conservatives: the inability to recognize the value of pop culture. See a lot of conservatives think that, in order to be an adult, one has to put away all childish things, as stated in 1 Corinthians 13-11. but as usual, most conservatives take it to be a literal meaning and view anything they deem as "childish", i.e. anime/animation of almost any kind; video games; toy/model/collectibles collecting, as beneath them, and look down their nose at ANYONE who participates in it. Again, in my previous journal entry, you can see and hear them say as much. But here's the rub: the current and previous generations GREW UP with pop culture, even the modern conservatives who denounce it! As such, it has a considerable influence on the overall culture. It's something even the Japanese understand on a fundamental

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I just saw several but rather glaring things that have gone tits up with this website right now. The "More Like This" section is no longer seen, I can't view status posts via the "Users you watch" section and the Groups list seems to be obsolete. Unless they're all technical bugs, how much more does the DA Staff want to be so increasingly redundant?

Science, Technology and Climate

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Return of Bush Era Policy Under Biden

Happenings in the Middle East

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Socialist SA falling apart, climate hardest hit.

'South Africa’s power grid is collapsing, with electricity shut off to residents for 8-13 hours a day. The problems that most South Africans face these days has nothing to do with carbon “pollution;” it is the fact that they are forced to use candles to light their homes and watch their food rot for lack of refrigeration. That the coal lobby has any political power at all is a miracle in South Africa. The country is falling apart before our eyes, becoming a failed state after decades of being one of the only functioning countries on the continent. The power company? Apparently not as well functioning as the coal lobby, perhaps because it is run by the government which is a socialist mess.' And THIS is yet another reason we need either DeSantis or Trump (or both) in the WH. Yes, I know the claims from our side regarding DeSantis. At this point, all I can say about that is: What he's been doing, doesn't seem to fit what the RINOs keep supporting.

Happenings in Africa

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It's Now 1930 in Brussels

What happened in Brussels was not even absurd but it truly is outrageous even beyond the standards of Sadiq Khan but forcing the conservative-leaning and libertarian figureheads and their fellow party members to stay at that event without food nor beverages in addition to not allowing them back in to the selected venue that was owned by a Tunisian man who supports free speech is really what the Nazis in Paris or the Stasi in East Germany could have really done to severely demoralise their political dissidents without provocation. It makes perfect sense in all this since the Brusselian mayor, Philippe Close, is a genuine Socialist that ordered the permanent (unjust) shutdown of the National Conservative conference.

Happenings in Europe

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Texas Constitutional Right to Self-Defense.

Happenings in the Americas

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Ultraman: Rising is Ultra-CRINGE!!!

It's happening. It's finally fucking happening! They turned Ultraman, a beloved international icon, into a fucking Marvel-esque caricature of himself! So the trailer reveals that Ultraman, that is Ken Sato(which DOES sound like an Americanized-Asian insert npc), is basically a bitchified Peter Parker, what with the quips he keeps dropping during combat, not to mention that Ultraman IS ALWAYS TALKING! During the fight scenes, name one Ultraman that was as much of a Chatty-Kathy as this knock-off! Not to mention the synopsis is ripped from episodes from several series of same, some of which are from Ultraman 80: and of course, no doubt, works to subvert our expectations by having the Earth Defense Force, whose job it is is to PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM ALIEN INVASIONS AND MONSTER ATTACKS might not be the good guys, because of course! If I wanted to watch a decent deconstruction of the Ultra franchise, I'd just rewatch Ultraman Nexus! At least there I won't have my intelligence

Happenings in Asia

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Ceasefire Vote Causes Chaos

What this means for the British public is that the politicians will only be well protected, pro-Palestine militant factions of Communist, Green and Islamist ideologues are now going berserk that they may be inciting riots on the streets as police will be fully armed and martial law could be imminent. The overall nature of the British having the "stiff upper lip" is getting too pointless right at this point and the time to show our fury against the barbaric force of the Islamist cavemen and neocommunist lowlifes is NOW. No need to be polite as always, as I am always done with these fuckers. Enoch Powell would be having endless night terrors over what our country is already coming to. Our career politicians are the ones responsible for allowing this madness and the indigenous populace are all in a rusty cage surrounded by the sharpest of spears.

Happenings in other areas of the World

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Power Rangers Not Mainstream Enough - Says Retard

So a friend of mine Dairugger made a post on a video covering on how Saban's Executive Producer wanted to move Power Rangers away from its tokusatsu roots in order to be more...mainstream, which you can see here: And upon seeing this abject retardation, I have some strong feelings about this, speaking as a lifelong fan of Tokusatsu. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Power Rangers, or Super Sentai, but I do recognize and appreciate its importance to the ever-growing fandom of Tokusatsu, and it does have a special place in my black, whithered heart. And I would be interested to see an original Power Rangers production, or at the very least one that isn't reliant on Sentai footage. I believe it can be done, with the right people and the budget. HOWEVER, it is the reason for the move away from Sentai that I find to be "problematic". You see, Simon Bennett, the exec. producer, wants to move away

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Mewniball A

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Can we give the horror-remakes a rest already?!

Jesus H tap-dancing Christ on a cross, is anyone else sick of this bullshit yet? Is it just me, am I alone in thinking that the whole "public domain = shitty horror film" bit is just getting a tad bit overplayed? For God's sake, first it was Winnie the Pooh: which is of course getting a sequel, because the individuals who saw the first film are the same kind of retards who actually like the Disney live action remakes after all, and then the trailer for Mickey's Mouse Trap dropped: followed by a fucking game: For fuck's sake people, could you give better examples for Raz0rfist's arguments for IP laws, especially when he said this: It's like you're proving that we just aren't good enough to make something of good quality! You rant and rail against modern Disney with their endless remakes, and yet when those same properties enter the public domain they just get made into something worse! Speaking as a guy writing a book series, God help it if it ever does get released!

Republic of Kekistan

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