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Welcome to ControversyINC. This group is meant for those who wish to post rather controversial topics and artworks and maybe get in a heated debate with someone. Subjects vary from religion, politics, climate, economics, etc.

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CRT is NOT anti-white! - Dr. Borysenko,So once again, I'm criticizing the good YouTube doctor, this time on her stance on critical race theory. At the time I'm making this entry, her video has 1.3k likes, to 4.7k dislikes, and I don't entirely blame the viewers for their take on this video. But I want to make one thing perfectly, crystal clear: Karlyn is CORRECT when she says that, objectively and empirically, critical race theory is not anti-white. I want to say that again: CRT is not anti-white. Going by the definition, it is a "intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour."( The issue comes, not from CRT itself, but in how it's implemented. If you go through the comments on her video, you will see that many of the commentators are saying that it is being used against whites, and they are correct: It is being used HEAVILY against white/Caucasian people ALMOST exclusively, from how they demonize all white people as racist, to trying to destroy white and Western culture and beliefs, to brainwashing children into believing that white people are evil. THAT is anti-white. And to believe that CRT is strictly anti-white is to ignore those who have suffered from it who aren't white, mainly Asians/those of Asian descent. Remember the string of attacks against Asian people by blacks and Hispanics not too long ago: To think CRT is strictly anti-white is to ignore these incidents, and I don't think any of us want that.But here is where I have problems with the video. The first is that she's attacking anyone who deems that CRT is anti-white. While it is true that it is not anti-white, it is morally wrong to just attack those who think that CRT itself is anti-white, given how those who implement it attack and attack and attack, to the point that it is SEEN as anti-white! In order to get your message across, you have to first disarm your viewers and you can't do that by outright insulting them like this! The second, and this one made me laugh, is that she thinks that people who think CRT is anti-white will become members of a white supremacist movement(s),Yeah, Karlyn, that ship has sailed. Like, it's out of the harbor and is in full sail to find new trade routes and a new world! Saying "CRT is anti-white" isn't going to create white supremacists, CALLING EVERY WHITE PERSON A NAZI IS GOING TO CREATE WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!! All the people are doing is reacting, logically if not correctly, to being attacked, because they only have one of two options in this situation: either fight back and be called Nazis just by defending themselves and their beliefs, or just roll over and die! You wanna know how the Nazis were really made, my favorite YouTube scientist Aydin Paladin breaks it down to the molecular level so that even a dick like me can comprehend it:,At this point, I'm suspecting that Karlyn is starting to show traits of being a grifter. Now I know the term "grifter" is thrown around a lot, but hear me out:Based on what I've seen and heard so far, there seem to be two kinds of grifters: There's the economically driven grifter, which is self-explanatory, and there's the ideologically driven grifter, which I think is the most insidious, because these people don't have a strong moral or principled base. In one of my earlier journals, I applied this to Hunter Avallone, because it was accurate. He didn't change idealogies and beliefs out of economic incentive, it was because of an ideological one, where he lost, badly, in a debate against Vaush because he was bamboozled by his articulated bullshit. And rather than sticking to his guns and analyzing/deconstructing his arguments he fell for his bullshit and flipped sides. The same could be applied to Karlyn: She was a far-leftie Bernie supporter, until she went to a Trump rally and was swayed by what the God Emperor had to say, more or less swept up in the emotional tide as opposed to actually thinking about what he had to say. If you check out her Prager U vid, it paints a pretty clear picture. Then, she joined the right, while still applying her lefty-driven dogmas and beliefs, such as saying that Trump should have attacked the CHAZ of all things when it was an obvious trap. She even joined, and then left in almost the same month, the Republican party for God's sake, and then joined the Libertarian party, both of which are a freaking joke to actual right-leaning people because of how corrupt they are! I normally don't advocate gate-keeping, but maybe we need people to vet these guys before we let them associate themselves with certain groups!
Left-Right Paradigm Dichotomy
January 6th Worse than 9/11 and the Holocaust!And I wish I were being hyperbolic, but the MSM and the Far Left Powers that Be decided to hold a "vigil" in honor of the January 6th "riot", and had some choice words to say: , Now, I'm not the biggest Matt Walsh fan, as even I think that he goes a little too far right, and he still regards what happened on Jan. 6th as a riot, but he does bring up some fair points: First off, nothing good was going to come from the idiots who actually were there to stir up trouble, to stir up trouble. All it did was give the Far Lefties a reason to decry those on the Right and of conservative leanings as dissidents, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, etc., from now till the eventual heat death of the universe.The Right is doing nothing about it. And this is why, except for a literal few exceptions, I try to distance myself from the modern Republicans and political Right, because they are basically conservative in name only, or RINOs. This is also why, despite us having a similar religious background(BARELY), I consider Mitt Romney to be the biggest Judas since Iscariot himself sold Christ to the Romans! The Right, save for a few scattered voices, has been silent about this whole issue. They are rolling over and not doing a damn thing about it, save for spreading their sandal wood-scented ass cracks and whispering "Come on, man!" As for the voices that have been vocal about this, rightfully compare this "riot" to the actual Summer of Love instigated by the death of the most beloved of martyrs, Saint Floyd, leading to the deaths of 25 people, injuring even more, and costing 2 billion dollars in damages! And yet, January 6 was the worst riot. Right! But oh, this flaming hot shitshow would not be complete without the Incompetent in Chief monosyllabically stumble through a pre-written speech(no doubt written by Harris) that covers everything from denouncing Trump to the nation forcefully coming together...or some "Kumbaya" shit like that:,But, astonishingly enough, he is right about one thing: Our very democracy and liberty is under threat, from those who think themselves fucking better than us, OK? Much better than us garbage humans.
Anti-Tyranny Pro-Freedom
Unicron Narrative Has FINALLY FailedI did not even expect this good news to happen again this early 2022, but at least I am especially very grateful that the United Kingdom has very lower rates of restrictions than all the other European nations under EU governance, especially Denmark that has the highest rate above all other member states including GERMANY and AUSTRIA. But even as a Britannian whose country already left the EU, I do offer my deepest condolences to my friends and watchers in the EU states like Spain, France, Italy, Norway and Sweden who still have to go through the extreme restrictions unlike Poland, Hungary and even Russia whose leaders are against the EU's totalitarian policies that especially stand for completing The Great Reset. It has become so incredible that even Sajid Javid has somehow changed his tune and decided that we should learn to live with the Unicron variant, which millions of people have been saying for two years.,,,,,,,,,

,,But more importantly, we should ALSO know that our own governments should still not get away with all the fearmongering, Chinese-style lockdowns and complete disregard for human rights that they had to impose on us regardless of our livelihoods: the mentally ill, the socially awkward, the introverts, the extroverts, the autistic like myself, the elderly, the ones who suffer from depression, the homeless, the ones with serious financial debts and many more. In addition, the celebrities and mainstream media that constantly push for the Unicron narrative are beyond upset about how poorly their propaganda is going for the public that they are going through desperate means to destroy our personal freedoms even further this year. Speaking of the media, they even went a bit far to speak ill about Meat Loaf after his unfortunate death when they found out that he had skeptical opinions on mask and vaccine mandates, which Alex Belfield had revealed in his video where he criticised the hypocrisy of the media.,,,,,

Theism and Atheism
Karlyn Borysenko Is Pro-HolocaustHoo boy, where do I begin with this? So apparently, YouTube spiritual scientist Karlyn Borysenko got into a heated Twitter debate with some Christians and it led to her saying this:"Everyone who died in the Holocaust choose to die in the Holocaust before they were ever born because they collective wanted to understand the experience of ultimate oppressionThat's why Hitler went to heaven."As predictable as it was, this led to an enormous backlash from the collective knee-jerks from people on all sides, yours truly included. Fortunately, I've had time to process this and I'm going to try to play devil's advocate here. First of all, I do not blame everyone for their reaction. Like I said, I even got swept up into this upon the initial viewing. She even got into a debate with fallen grifter Hunter Avallone himself over this, and lost: ,Mostly because what she was saying wasn't worded particularly well given the scorching hot-potato of an issue. This even led to PragerU cancelling her and taking down the video she'd done for them:,Now, let me try to untangle this messed up spiritual web of crapola: What Karlyn was discussing was a form of spiritualism that basically says that every soul, before its born, knows how it's going to live and die, and maybe even influence what kind of life they would lead. It's a kind of spiritual determinism that permeates in spiritual circles and even in certain religions. Speaking as a guy who was raised, at least partially, in a Mormon household, this is a topic that would sometimes come up, especially in church. And for those not in the know, without the proper context, it can come off as either really insensitive at best, or cold-heartedly malicious at worst. Now Karlyn has made it clear that she's a spiritual person, so it's unsurprising that she would ascribe to this belief system. What I DO find surprising is that she thinks that she's entitled to privacy when she posts this kind of stuff on Twitter! As the age old saying goes: If it's on the internet, it's on there forever! If she really wanted privacy, she wouldn't have brought this up in the first damn place! Do I think she's anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi? No, not really, but I do think she did bring this on herself through her actions. She has every right to say whatever she wants, provided she be aware that there are consequences to what she does and says.
Why is Christmas Important to Our Culture?You know, I never thought I'd have to answer this, but when dealing with amoral idiots like ryu238, I suppose one has no choice but to sit them down, like the children that they are, and explain to them why Christmas, of all Holidays, is important to our culture.So, I was in a healthy debate with said idiot when he brought up "why is Christmas important to our culture", because anything that isn't quantifiable doesn't have meaning to people like him I'm guessing but I digress, and I figured I'd actually make a journal on why I think Christmas is important to our culture.So let's get one thing out of the way right now: No, I don't think Christmas is the actual birthday of Jesus Christ. There's too much conflicting evidence to back that up both in Christian, and world, history. Long story short, it's actually the celebration of the Winter Solstice by the Romans that was later converted to celebrating the birth of Christ(as a means of bringing more people into the Church, most people forgot how inclusive it tried to be), as the Romans moved away from the classic Greco-Roman pantheon to embrace the singular God during the Dark Ages. A lot of reasons for doing so are numerous, including the reason I just listed ranging from the date of the actual solstice to purging non-Christian beliefs. And while we're on the subject, I want to bring up a point that ryu238 brought up that I think is pretty freaking funny because he thinks it's a point that works in his favor: There are some sects of Christianity that actually DON'T celebrate Christmas, from the moderate Quakers and Presbyterians to the more extreme like Jehovah's Witnesses. Yeah, and neither do Hebrews/Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and freaking atheists, and yet the majority of them aren't actively trying to destroy Christmas either! It's funny how he thinks that I think that "not celebrating Christmas" is on the same level as what two idiots are trying to do in a concentrated effort with OTHER INDIVIDUALS, because like any mindless drone he's unable to distinguish the group from the self and thinks ALL Christians have to act a certain way. They never have, no matter how hard the church has tried, and they never will. For God's sake, this nation WAS started by sects of Christianity unable to conform to the Church of England, and the majority of colonists when the nation was founded WERE Christians, or at least believed in God in some form.But let's get to the meat of the matter: Why is Christmas important to our culture? Well for one thing it helps drive the economy with everyone and their cat buying gifts for the people they care about, from family members to close friends, significant other, pets, etc. For another, this is one of the cornerstones of Western culture, steeped in thousands upon thousands of years of tradition, ranging from the actual Saint Nicholas transmogrifying into the immortal present-giving pedophile we know him today, to the German-based tradition of the Christmas Tree that everyone loves doing. But aside from economic value of gift-buying, and its far-reaching roots since the time of the Romans, it's a time of family togetherness; of putting aside our petty differences, even if it's just for one day, and seeing the commonality between us. This is a holiday so powerful that it stopped the fighting in WWI for a single day. It didn't end the war, but it led to a ceasefire that lasted all day and night. And a lot of people feel the same way because it's not just in the US, but practically world-wide from here to Japan, parts of Asia, and Europe! And that's the thing, when people without morals, who seemingly have no sense of right and wrong, who see everything as having no intrinsic value to anything, see others celebrating a holiday that they deem to be without value, they are driven by a need to attack, attack, and attack, leading up to the current War on Christmas, with Santa Inc. being the most recent offensive, and everyone rejecting it the most recent BTFO!
Education and the truth behind itSo letís just say you graduated from high school and moved to college or university for a career opportunity or meeting new friends, right? Sorry no. Why? You may ask. Let me tell you. Most of the western worldís education system was taken over by the Marxist from the 1970s to present, by 1994 or 97 it was completely ruined. The concept of Marxists is to took over the education system was that everyone regardless of race and sex are given the same opportunity and same abilities. Turns out some people are forced to become stuck because they just haven't been given the opportunity to develop their abilities. Intelligence is not something you inherit, itís what you're taught from one generation to another. College or university are based on this concept where all the students who had passionate fail because they accepted everyone in college or university by finishing high school and of course it's extremely easy, as they moved to ďhigher educationĒ still they fail miserably. Instead of realizing the students aren't intelligent as they wanted them to be as they are given the same opportunities by lower standards. In order for requirements to pass if you are a foreigner like North Korea, then you realized that itís extremely easy to pass any course in the program. Science like human anatomy; physics, biology, mathematics, tech, chemistry and ect are like walking in the park for foreigner students compared to regular students is like climbing on the mountain with heavy loads on their backs. In order to pass a course, you need to read 2 or 3 books and work on the side. Some of the students during my early college year I noticed in the cafeteria were Marxists hangs around, maybe 3 or 5 of them and I didnít even think of bother them. People who were born and raised in western country think that theyíre really skilled and educated when they have a degree from the university, but they donít have no contract with the reality whatsoever. Many of them put in place when they study abroad because they have the paper to do so and come back home with racked completely broken in terms of self-confidence and majority of the students have no idea what they would do for their living. If you're a little bit smart and pass, you can go to university and take 14 different courses at the same time in half a year, which in terms of work is about the same as 4 courses in e.g Russia. Maybe itís not a big deal. Nobody can do it if you have a bit high level of average intelligence, you can do twice the amount of courses without breaking the sweat. If you want to be able to know for yourself that the degree that have from the university to know the stuff you want, the best advice i can give you is to stay away from any colleges and universities in any of the Western countries, because thatís the place for Marxist delusional idealists with no contact with reality whatsoever. Thankfully not all students were Marxist idealists, but the vast majority are and this is kind a funny when you sit down in the cafeteria or the main entrances. You see how they behave like complete idiots and find them amusing, because they are. What would be the best way to learn something if you donít care about paper or high school diploma? Then donít go to college or university at all, just go to trade school, look on google, watch educated YouTube videos, read books that are useful to you, self education, and learn useful skills from friends or families. You can do more time sensible instead of going back and forth with university with Marxist professors. So just stay away from collage and university as much as possible....
Why Do We Need Heroes (pt.2)This is going to be a sort of rebuttal/follow-up to WOLFBLADE111's "Why Do We Need Heroes: ,WWhy Do We Need Heroes.WATCH THE VIDEO Don't just comment withoutI wanted to comment on it, and on the video, but I felt that I couldn't very well articulate my feelings on the subject on current superheroes in the briefest of comments. So I'm going to do my best to tell you how I feel about this, if you'll indulge me.As the Critical Drinker explained, our current superheroes are becoming less and less like heroes and more like...well, like the embodiment of Tumblr posts. In comics, we're getting the modernization of the New Warriors:,Wonder Woman:,and Birds of Prey:,These are just examples of a growing problem we're having here: Our superheroes aren't acting like superheroes anymore, they're acting more like self-entitled brats who seem capable of getting away with murder, or like villains in this case. This is done mostly because, as in the case of Starfire's daughter, the writers projecting themselves onto the characters they're creating, trying to justify their actions by addressing some form of injustice, even if that justice is either arbitrary or outright nonexistent. They see the characters as an outlet to vent their pent-up frustration that the world doesn't revolve around them. What's also interesting is that this is almost exclusively an American phenomenon. We like to boast that we're the biggest superhero producers in the world, that our crossovers span whole universes and that our very heroes can move whole solar systems. While this is not far from the truth, there is one other country that can rival us in superheroes. If superheroes are an industry, and they most certainly are, then Japan is our biggest competitor. For every Marvel, there's a Toei. For DC, there's Tsuburaya. Hell, Universal has competition in the form of freaking Toho! So we actually have something we can use to compare against. For this instance, let's compare my two favorite superhero producers: DC and Tsuburaya., vs, Aside from being the ones I'm most familiar with, I feel that they compliment each other pretty well, in that as Doug Walker himself put it one time "DC is about gods becoming mortal", which considering the Ultraman franchise is pretty apt. But I know that you might be thinking that the two might be somewhat incomparable, especially since the biggest difference between them is that one is a comics studio, and the other is a film/television studio. But both have gone through enough changes over the years to make up the differences. Since their inception, both companies have been polar opposites: DC has gone through multiple changes in writing, style, and medium presentation(ranging from comics, to TV series, to games, to movies), Tsuburaya has remained pretty consistent. Oh, they've gone through multiple changes as well, such as writing and directing techniques changing and adapting to better suit the chief medium(television and film), but unlike DC they've pretty much stuck to what worked best for them as opposed to branching out. Yes, there are manga and video games(especially a buttload of the latter), they are pretty much universally recognized as a television studio, whereas some people would be confused as to what DC actually currently is, they just know that DC means "Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman". And that's actually part of the problem: In trying all these new things, DC's having a sort of identity crisis to where I doubt even the people in DC know who or what they're working for. I mean, compare DC and Tsuburaya from then to now. DC has had MULTIPLE reboots and re imaginings that the current incarnation of the big three are different from their more classic counterparts. That's not saying that's a bad thing, but when you compare Superman from the forties, or even from the nineties, to the current "Man of Steel" Superman, they're two separate characters when they shouldn't be. Yes, characters should adapt to modern times and grow, and they have, leading to some great story lines and series, but they shouldn't pull multiple 180s that turn into several orbits around the yellow sun in terms of character changes. Meanwhile, the Ultra franchise has remained somewhat more consistent, relying more on spin-offs than outright reboots, adding more Ultras, or superheroes, to their lineup/mythos. Hell, I think Toho is the only one that actually does the reboot on any sort of regular basis. This actually helps in keeping the original Ultra Bros. more consistent as opposed to having them go through multiple changes just to have them fit with modern culture, add this to the Japanese rejection of cancel culture and SJWism that hasn't led to bullshit like a transgender Ultramangirl fighting an armada of alien penises who threaten to tear down womans' rights and destroy everything non-hetero(although I would probably see that just to laugh at it). It's probably the biggest reason why people aren't complaining about Tsuburaya, or Toei for that matter, raping their childhoods. This has its own set of drawbacks, mainly that it would be difficult for newcomers to get into the franchise because of the sheer amount of lore, backstory, characters, story lines, etc. that they might feel they'd have to memorize just to understand what the hell is going on(this goes for Toei and Toho as well). That, and a reluctance to branch further out might make them seem more old-fashioned and stuck in their ways, unable to adapt or change, which can be a detriment. Hell, I'll do you one better: compare these two:Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes:,vsJustice League Dark: Apokolips War,In conclusion, why do we need superheros? To show us what we can be. How we can be better. How we can make a change for the better of everyone and everything. Now let me ask you: Which heroes better encapsulate that?(edit: I decided to change up the examples, switching Batwoman season 2 out with Apokolips War because I felt the latter was a much better, stronger example. Let me know what you guys think)
Vaush Is A Piece Of ShitI don't know why I'm still talking about this bearded commie clown, but I am. So, aside from being a piss-poor debater, Vaush is something of an sore loser. Not too long ago a youtuber by the name of Dr. Karlyn Borysenko uploaded a video on the debate between Sargon and Vaush(, in which she said that Vaush was wrong about worker co ops and provided a link, about an apparent co-op that wasn't doing very well, as evidence to back up her argument. Well, Vaush got wind of this and did his own video apparently debunking it(, I don't know, all he does is he reads further and sees a paragraph underneath the one she highlighted that stated three reasons why it's not hurting the co-op model(even though more than a third of the employees left and he doesn't elaborate on the three reasons but I digress). But that's not the egregious part, I'm not against anyone, including Vaush, defending himself from an accusation and using the same link that was used to back up his counter argument. What I am against is what he did here( He sent his minions to her video, not to see it and analyze it for themselves, but to harrass her into debating him. If you look at the comments that are no more than a couple of days old, you'll see a LOT of people apparently trying to spark a debate between her and Vaush, through either personal attacks or demanding that she debate him. And she made it worse, inadvertently, by responding to them in her comment section. Not just responding to individual comments, but by leaving a comment thread calling Vaush out, which brought the whole swarm down on her. I get it, these guys are as annoying as mosquitos, but issuing a challenge like that only exhacerbates the issue because now the swarm is attacking her even more now to defend their queen.This guy, who lost to Sargon of Akkad and Actual Justice Warrior, is so thin-skinned that he cannot stand the fact that someone DARE try to criticize him, so he sends his drone-like lackeys to fight his battles for him while he hides away. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that is the tactic of a coward and an intellectual weakling. Anyone honestly following this guy should not be taken seriously.
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CPB Remembering Liebknecht and Luxemburg by Party9999999
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A photo will Remain Etched in History by robchen96
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Deviants Brookside is a town of under 2,000 people, only a few miles of road, no traffic lights, and very few serious crimes. One year only 55 crimes were actually reported by citizens, none of them rapes or homicides, and yet their police force made hundreds of arrests, issued hundreds of tickets, and towed hundreds of cars. Brookside's police force is much, much larger than normal for a town of its size, and so notoriously aggressive that the courthouse runs out of parking every day. Fines of up to $500 are issued for driving only a few miles over the speed limit, even briefly, and the police patrol non-stop in unmarked cars. The police chief believes that this still isn't enough, and he speaks of it entirely in terms of town revenue. The town has seen a 600% increase in revenue from the constant ticketing of its own citizens and he has called this a "failure" because it "could be much more." This is an extreme example, but it's a glimpse into the reality of American policing everywhere. ALL police forces make more arrests and issue more tickets than are needed to "keep people safe," because police are the tools used by states to seize more money from their populace.
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The man now in charge of Taliban-run afghanistan was released by Trump in 2018 along with 5,000 of his followers. Our own Kajm should have to be confronted by this fact if he's going to dare "weigh in" on these events, since like other brainwashed right-wing sheep, I'm sure he somehow thinks this is the fault of liberalism. LOL.
Lego-Yoda Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2021
Based the Taliban are.
scythemantis Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
not gonna lie, that's pretty in character for yoda. the jedi were pretty much religious radicals.
TranquilityBass Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely.  However several more were released by Obama/Biden, but don't expect that to rise to the surface.  The brainwashed left-sheep suffer from tunnel vision.
scythemantis Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really, every leftist I know has been angry with Obama over war operations as well
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