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Welcome to ControversyINC. This group is meant for those who wish to post rather controversial topics and artworks and maybe get in a heated debate with someone. Subjects vary from religion, politics, climate, economics, etc.

Some rules in the group:

1. Any work posted that isn't controversial will be removed.

2. All works added to this group must have the comment section enabled.

3. Name tagging in journals or deviations and screen-caps of comments are allowed as long as that person is not blocked by you or has not blocked you. The purpose of this is to create a talking point, not to troll someone.

4. Please refrain from reporting and blocking other members. This is 'ControversyInc' not 'The Mutual Appreciation Society', you most likely will not agree with every opinion expressed here, deal with it. Due to deviantARTS new block policy any fellow blocked members that you have on your block list are prohibited from viewing your profile and any of it's content and vice versa. Any and all call out journals or deviations that you have on a blocked member will be removed from the group. If you refuse to unblock a member we reserve the right to remove and ban you from the group.

5. Yes, there are Fascists, Stalinists, Maoists, Theocrats, Republicans, Democrats, Centrists and others who follow hard-leaning authoritarian or republican based politics. This isn't a rule, just a clarification.

6. If you are a contributor or higher and you wish to post something in the group's journal, please try your best to make it unbiased.

7. Group Admins are to refrain from using their administrative privileges to wage war against each other or against other members of this group, nor are they allowed to block people for (or in any way use their access to punish people for) having religious, political or any other sorts of views that they dislike or disagree with. We do not believe in "thought crimes" nor do we desire being bothered by other people's personal dramas that are none of our business, nor should they be. Violation of this rule by any admins will result in whatever actions the group founder deems as being required.

8. Death threats and wishes of any kind are not allowed, regardless of political affiliation, and are in violation of dA policy.

Threatening or wishing for death is not a legitimate or mature response to insults or disagreement, no matter how controversial the topic, or how much of a douche the commentator is being. If they are really being assholes and you cannot handle it, there is a "Block" feature, or you can stop replying. In other words agree to disagree and move on, if you cannot then that is your issue not everyone else's. If you block a member based upon extreme disagreement and dislike both members agree to observe rule 3 or face the punishment of rule 4.

Any such comments will be flagged as spam, and the user may be blocked from the group or have certain privileges taken away depending on the circumstances.
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*edit* the title field had no room for ILLEGAL, sorry.

Trump claimed that 'middle-eastern' types were in the caravan.

Were they? I don't know. Do I believe Trump? Well, as I mentioned to another person, he kinda knows MORE than we do, being President and all that, and having access to all kinds of information.

So I find this article of interest. The source?


To Whit:

It was recently reported that,
as of September 2018, 630 Bangladeshi nationals have been arrested in Fiscal Year 2018 trying to
enter the U.S. illegally in Laredo, Texas alone—a 300 percent increase from FY2017.29


When testifying before Congress about threats in the Western Hemisphere, Rear Admiral Brian
Hendrickson, Director of the Network Engagement Team at U.S. Southern Command, stated that:

The region is also home to networks that specialize in smuggling illegal immigrants
from places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, all places where
terrorist organizations like al-Shabab, ISIS, al-Qaeda and their affiliates operate.
Now migrant smuggling is not uncommon. What makes these networks different is
the type of people who enlist their services to attempt to enter the U.S. homeland
undetected. Some of these people have ties to terrorism and some have intentions
to conduct attacks in the homeland.32


according to Secretary Nielsen as of
fiscal year 2017, “on average, my Department now blocks ten known or suspected terrorists a day
from traveling to or attempting to enter the United States.”35 While statistics on the number of
known or suspected terrorists (KST) and the specific illicit pathways taken to reach the Homeland
are often classified, Secretary Nielsen’s candid quote sends a strong message that the United States
must never overlook any potential vulnerabilities.


The report also contains a nation-by-southern-nation breakdown of the threat.

So, DO I believe Trump's claim? *shrug* the report speaks for itself.


Additional information from JudicialWatch, here…
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tregan219 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019
I blocked TheOfficeOfTheNight because of some homophobic comments he posted on one of my journals. 

What are the rules on racism and homophobia here? 

Opinions is one thing but to say vile homophobic comments I will not stand for.
MeiNei12 Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for telling this fool.
tregan219 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019
I have flagged them but have already made a screenshot of them if that counts.  Beware of this homophobe by tregan219
(1 Reply)
TheOfficeOfTheNight Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019  New Deviant  General Artist
I was just blocked by tregan219 during a very cordial discussion which he, apparently, found upsetting and decided to call me a vile person.  I believe he needs to be reminded of the rules.
Kajm Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I have asked him for links to the comments. If he has hidden your comments then I have an immediate issue....
TheOfficeOfTheNight Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019  New Deviant  General Artist
He did hide them, but I can give you the conversation:

M=My Responses
H=His responses

M- I fully endorse this.  Homosexuality is not “the person” as it has been altered by activists to be promoted in identity politics, homosexuality is an act, it is an illicit behavior no different from other immoral acts like adultery.  Homosexuality goes against the human design and the natural order of things.  Homosexuals can’t reproduce, not because they don’t have the capability, but because of the “sexual act” they commit.  It causes health concerns both physical and mental.  Normalcy is that which functions according to design.

H-That’s a disgusting thing to say and also quite homophobic.  Homosexuality is not a choice, and it is not the same as adultery, nor is it immoral.

M-A phobia is a fear of something, not a disagreement of something, and that is another one of my dislikes about the homosexuality movement.  Those that accept it, insist that everyone agree with them, and if a person doesn’t, they sudden;t have some type of phobia or hate for them.

Why is homosexuality not a choice.  Every sex act is a choice except rape.

Why isn't homosexuality the same as adultery, They are both illicit acts.


H-What a nasty person you must be to have such vile views.  I do not allow homophobes on my page, goodbye.


And then I was blocked

tregan219 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
Request to join please. I have some journals and stuff what I think might be good for this group. 
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