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Welcome to ControversyINC. This group is meant for those who wish to post rather controversial topics and artworks and maybe get in a heated debate with someone. Subjects vary from religion, politics, climate, economics, etc.

Some rules in the group:

1. Any work posted that isn't controversial will be removed.

2. All works added to this group must have the comment section enabled.

3. Name tagging in journals or deviations and screen-caps of comments are allowed as long as that person is not blocked by you or has not blocked you. The purpose of this is to create a talking point, not to troll someone.

4. Please refrain from reporting and blocking other members. This is 'ControversyInc' not 'The Mutual Appreciation Society', you most likely will not agree with every opinion expressed here, deal with it. Due to deviantARTS new block policy any fellow blocked members that you have on your block list are prohibited from viewing your profile and any of it's content and vice versa. Any and all call out journals or deviations that you have on a blocked member will be removed from the group. If you refuse to unblock a member we reserve the right to remove and ban you from the group.

5. Yes, there are Fascists, Stalinists, Maoists, Theocrats, Republicans, Democrats, Centrists and others who follow hard-leaning authoritarian or republican based politics. This isn't a rule, just a clarification.

6. If you are a contributor or higher and you wish to post something in the group's journal, please try your best to make it unbiased.

7. Group Admins are to refrain from using their administrative privileges to wage war against each other or against other members of this group, nor are they allowed to block people for (or in any way use their access to punish people for) having religious, political or any other sorts of views that they dislike or disagree with. We do not believe in "thought crimes" nor do we desire being bothered by other people's personal dramas that are none of our business, nor should they be. Violation of this rule by any admins will result in whatever actions the group founder deems as being required.

8. Death threats and wishes of any kind are not allowed, regardless of political affiliation, and are in violation of dA policy.

Threatening or wishing for death is not a legitimate or mature response to insults or disagreement, no matter how controversial the topic, or how much of a douche the commentator is being. If they are really being assholes and you cannot handle it, there is a "Block" feature, or you can stop replying. In other words agree to disagree and move on, if you cannot then that is your issue not everyone else's. If you block a member based upon extreme disagreement and dislike both members agree to observe rule 3 or face the punishment of rule 4.

Any such comments will be flagged as spam, and the user may be blocked from the group or have certain privileges taken away depending on the circumstances.
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Dictatorship Of Tomainia [The Great Dictator] by TheGreyPatriot
American's Demoricary by robchen96
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Rise of Ultraman still troubles me...So I haven't been keeping up with Marvel's "Rise of Ultraman", and on a whim I decided to check out issues 3 and 4 recently. The third issue was pretty good: Shin and Ultraman merge and Ultraman lays down the ground rules on his power, time limit, and the nature of the merger itself.,,,,,,,And here we get to see both Ultraman and Neronga(s) in Marvel style, and it does do it justice for the most part. I mean, aside from some wonky angles and perspective shots(which is to be expected), the action sequences are quite good and it showcases just how powerful Ultraman is in this universe, how he powers through two Nerongas that are more than twice his size and mass, and then vaporizes them with his Specium-powered death ray! And then the fourth issue happens. See, at the end of the third issue, some old scientist guy with a dark history(there's one in EVERY comic), seemingly vaporizes Fuji, but in reality he sends her to a place called the Vault which is where the SSSP has been sending all the Kaiju they've encountered, and it's in danger of bursting and releasing all of the Kaiju trapped therein. No, I'm not kidding:,,,As soon as I read this, what immediately jumped into my mind was "Oh my God, they ripped this off from the first Ghostbusters movie". Think about it: The Ghostbusters don't destroy the ghosts they captured, merely contain them in a prison-like vault. Until a man with no dick inadvertently released them, thus fulfilling a Sumerian prophecy about the rise of Gozer the Gozerian when, as the Key Master said, "All prisoners shall be unleashed"! And this gives me pause. Remember in my previous Rise of Ultraman entry when I said I believed that Ultraseven was going to be the bad guy of the series, because he was pissed off that a bunch of hairless apes shot him out of the sky? Well now I'm predicting, and hoping that I'm wrong because of how stupid it seems, that Ultraseven is going to be our Walter Peck, Zuul and Vince Clortho, and Gozer all wrapped into one as he somehow destroys the vault and unleashes Kaiju hell on the Earth. If that happens, and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Ultras of all time has been reduced to a one-shot villain just for the sake of a crappy comic, it will be officially time to boycott Marvel, and Tsuburaya should fucking know better, if that's what's going to happen!
Trump and COVIDSItís at moments such as these that you really look into the heart of leftism and leftists. An unseemly number of leftists are people who celebrate suffering and death, and who yearn for chaos and destruction. They are sick, ugly people Ė and they want to control every aspect of your life.Indeed, the brilliant and witty Kurt Schlichter says maybe this is just another of Trumpís 4D chess plays:Iím not saying that Donald Trump is pretending to have Covid to cause the left to freak out in a frenzy of murder wishes and to wash all the garbage stories off the front page, but Iím not saying Iím not saying that.🏆🤴🏻🏆ó Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) October 2, 2020If Biden wins, they will end the filibuster; pack the court, turning it into a Progressive super-legislature; and add D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. Those steps will ensure a permanent Democrat majority, and life forever under the thumb of people who revel in destroying anyone who displeases them.Pray for President Trumpís and Melaniaís swift recovery. If youíre reading this, youíre going to do that, not just because you like the Trump presidency, but because youíre also a decent human being. I have only this to add:The President of the United States has access to THE BEST treatment on the planet.I will say I may be wrong.... but I think this could be over and done with in a matter of days.-------*edit*I had predicted to my wife that he would be out by Monday.He is Out. And it was Monday.
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Left-Right Paradigm Dichotomy
YCL The Profits of Misery by Party9999999
YCL Remembering Bloody Sunday 1905 by Party9999999
YCL  Malcolm X Poster by Party9999999
Conservatives preparing for battle by UltramanZenith
Anti-Tyranny Pro-Freedom
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A Brief History of Woke Entertainment pt.1 by ares12
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Education and the truth behind itSo letís just say you graduated from high school and moved to college or university for a career opportunity or meeting new friends, right? Sorry no. Why? You may ask. Let me tell you. Most of the western worldís education system was taken over by the Marxist from the 1970s to present, by 1994 or 97 it was completely ruined. The concept of Marxists is to took over the education system was that everyone regardless of race and sex are given the same opportunity and same abilities. Turns out some people are forced to become stuck because they just haven't been given the opportunity to develop their abilities. Intelligence is not something you inherit, itís what you're taught from one generation to another. College or university are based on this concept where all the students who had passionate fail because they accepted everyone in college or university by finishing high school and of course it's extremely easy, as they moved to ďhigher educationĒ still they fail miserably. Instead of realizing the students aren't intelligent as they wanted them to be as they are given the same opportunities by lower standards. In order for requirements to pass if you are a foreigner like North Korea, then you realized that itís extremely easy to pass any course in the program. Science like human anatomy; physics, biology, mathematics, tech, chemistry and ect are like walking in the park for foreigner students compared to regular students is like climbing on the mountain with heavy loads on their backs. In order to pass a course, you need to read 2 or 3 books and work on the side. Some of the students during my early college year I noticed in the cafeteria were Marxists hangs around, maybe 3 or 5 of them and I didnít even think of bother them. People who were born and raised in western country think that theyíre really skilled and educated when they have a degree from the university, but they donít have no contract with the reality whatsoever. Many of them put in place when they study abroad because they have the paper to do so and come back home with racked completely broken in terms of self-confidence and majority of the students have no idea what they would do for their living. If you're a little bit smart and pass, you can go to university and take 14 different courses at the same time in half a year, which in terms of work is about the same as 4 courses in e.g Russia. Maybe itís not a big deal. Nobody can do it if you have a bit high level of average intelligence, you can do twice the amount of courses without breaking the sweat. If you want to be able to know for yourself that the degree that have from the university to know the stuff you want, the best advice i can give you is to stay away from any colleges and universities in any of the Western countries, because thatís the place for Marxist delusional idealists with no contact with reality whatsoever. Thankfully not all students were Marxist idealists, but the vast majority are and this is kind a funny when you sit down in the cafeteria or the main entrances. You see how they behave like complete idiots and find them amusing, because they are. What would be the best way to learn something if you donít care about paper or high school diploma? Then donít go to college or university at all, just go to trade school, look on google, watch educated YouTube videos, read books that are useful to you, self education, and learn useful skills from friends or families. You can do more time sensible instead of going back and forth with university with Marxist professors. So just stay away from collage and university as much as possible....
Why Do We Need Heroes (pt.2)This is going to be a sort of rebuttal/follow-up to WOLFBLADE111's "Why Do We Need Heroes: ,WWhy Do We Need Heroes.WATCH THE VIDEO Don't just comment withoutI wanted to comment on it, and on the video, but I felt that I couldn't very well articulate my feelings on the subject on current superheroes in the briefest of comments. So I'm going to do my best to tell you how I feel about this, if you'll indulge me.As the Critical Drinker explained, our current superheroes are becoming less and less like heroes and more like...well, like the embodiment of Tumblr posts. In comics, we're getting the modernization of the New Warriors:,Wonder Woman:,and Birds of Prey:,These are just examples of a growing problem we're having here: Our superheroes aren't acting like superheroes anymore, they're acting more like self-entitled brats who seem capable of getting away with murder, or like villains in this case. This is done mostly because, as in the case of Starfire's daughter, the writers projecting themselves onto the characters they're creating, trying to justify their actions by addressing some form of injustice, even if that justice is either arbitrary or outright nonexistent. They see the characters as an outlet to vent their pent-up frustration that the world doesn't revolve around them. What's also interesting is that this is almost exclusively an American phenomenon. We like to boast that we're the biggest superhero producers in the world, that our crossovers span whole universes and that our very heroes can move whole solar systems. While this is not far from the truth, there is one other country that can rival us in superheroes. If superheroes are an industry, and they most certainly are, then Japan is our biggest competitor. For every Marvel, there's a Toei. For DC, there's Tsuburaya. Hell, Universal has competition in the form of freaking Toho! So we actually have something we can use to compare against. For this instance, let's compare my two favorite superhero producers: DC and Tsuburaya., vs, Aside from being the ones I'm most familiar with, I feel that they compliment each other pretty well, in that as Doug Walker himself put it one time "DC is about gods becoming mortal", which considering the Ultraman franchise is pretty apt. But I know that you might be thinking that the two might be somewhat incomparable, especially since the biggest difference between them is that one is a comics studio, and the other is a film/television studio. But both have gone through enough changes over the years to make up the differences. Since their inception, both companies have been polar opposites: DC has gone through multiple changes in writing, style, and medium presentation(ranging from comics, to TV series, to games, to movies), Tsuburaya has remained pretty consistent. Oh, they've gone through multiple changes as well, such as writing and directing techniques changing and adapting to better suit the chief medium(television and film), but unlike DC they've pretty much stuck to what worked best for them as opposed to branching out. Yes, there are manga and video games(especially a buttload of the latter), they are pretty much universally recognized as a television studio, whereas some people would be confused as to what DC actually currently is, they just know that DC means "Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman". And that's actually part of the problem: In trying all these new things, DC's having a sort of identity crisis to where I doubt even the people in DC know who or what they're working for. I mean, compare DC and Tsuburaya from then to now. DC has had MULTIPLE reboots and re imaginings that the current incarnation of the big three are different from their more classic counterparts. That's not saying that's a bad thing, but when you compare Superman from the forties, or even from the nineties, to the current "Man of Steel" Superman, they're two separate characters when they shouldn't be. Yes, characters should adapt to modern times and grow, and they have, leading to some great story lines and series, but they shouldn't pull multiple 180s that turn into several orbits around the yellow sun in terms of character changes. Meanwhile, the Ultra franchise has remained somewhat more consistent, relying more on spin-offs than outright reboots, adding more Ultras, or superheroes, to their lineup/mythos. Hell, I think Toho is the only one that actually does the reboot on any sort of regular basis. This actually helps in keeping the original Ultra Bros. more consistent as opposed to having them go through multiple changes just to have them fit with modern culture, add this to the Japanese rejection of cancel culture and SJWism that hasn't led to bullshit like a transgender Ultramangirl fighting an armada of alien penises who threaten to tear down womans' rights and destroy everything non-hetero(although I would probably see that just to laugh at it). It's probably the biggest reason why people aren't complaining about Tsuburaya, or Toei for that matter, raping their childhoods. This has its own set of drawbacks, mainly that it would be difficult for newcomers to get into the franchise because of the sheer amount of lore, backstory, characters, story lines, etc. that they might feel they'd have to memorize just to understand what the hell is going on(this goes for Toei and Toho as well). That, and a reluctance to branch further out might make them seem more old-fashioned and stuck in their ways, unable to adapt or change, which can be a detriment. Hell, I'll do you one better: compare these two:Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes:,vsJustice League Dark: Apokolips War,In conclusion, why do we need superheros? To show us what we can be. How we can be better. How we can make a change for the better of everyone and everything. Now let me ask you: Which heroes better encapsulate that?(edit: I decided to change up the examples, switching Batwoman season 2 out with Apokolips War because I felt the latter was a much better, stronger example. Let me know what you guys think)
Vaush Is A Piece Of ShitI don't know why I'm still talking about this bearded commie clown, but I am. So, aside from being a piss-poor debater, Vaush is something of an sore loser. Not too long ago a youtuber by the name of Dr. Karlyn Borysenko uploaded a video on the debate between Sargon and Vaush(, in which she said that Vaush was wrong about worker co ops and provided a link, about an apparent co-op that wasn't doing very well, as evidence to back up her argument. Well, Vaush got wind of this and did his own video apparently debunking it(, I don't know, all he does is he reads further and sees a paragraph underneath the one she highlighted that stated three reasons why it's not hurting the co-op model(even though more than a third of the employees left and he doesn't elaborate on the three reasons but I digress). But that's not the egregious part, I'm not against anyone, including Vaush, defending himself from an accusation and using the same link that was used to back up his counter argument. What I am against is what he did here( He sent his minions to her video, not to see it and analyze it for themselves, but to harrass her into debating him. If you look at the comments that are no more than a couple of days old, you'll see a LOT of people apparently trying to spark a debate between her and Vaush, through either personal attacks or demanding that she debate him. And she made it worse, inadvertently, by responding to them in her comment section. Not just responding to individual comments, but by leaving a comment thread calling Vaush out, which brought the whole swarm down on her. I get it, these guys are as annoying as mosquitos, but issuing a challenge like that only exhacerbates the issue because now the swarm is attacking her even more now to defend their queen.This guy, who lost to Sargon of Akkad and Actual Justice Warrior, is so thin-skinned that he cannot stand the fact that someone DARE try to criticize him, so he sends his drone-like lackeys to fight his battles for him while he hides away. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that is the tactic of a coward and an intellectual weakling. Anyone honestly following this guy should not be taken seriously.
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Confederate States Of America [Modern] by TheGreyPatriot
YCL The Wannabe Emperor by Party9999999
The Trump Coup by Party9999999
Liberal policies. Before and After the Election by Party9999999
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AMERICAN Daddy by jackcrowder

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the BERNIE MAN project by jackcrowder
Blue Lives Matter by kyrtuck
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We Screwed Ourselves by Kajm
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YCL Antonio Gramsci by Party9999999
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Conquered. For now. by ares12
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Germany has 110GW wind / solar by Kajm
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Joker's Riddle on Zimbabwe by Dagur-Berserker
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Ow! Donald Trump got banned from the social mediaIt is a painful day that the Twitter account of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the U.S., has been permanently suspended for his risky thoughts related to the violently storming pro-Trump protest at the Capitol Hill, located in Washington D.C., on January 6, 2021 as the start date of the series of pro-Trump demonstrations, causing riots against the national government due to the opposition to the results of the 2020 United States presidential election. Because of the site's violent threats policy, it is said by Twitter Safety that "after close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them they have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence." I am not surprised that Twitter is entirely far from the right. It's not about free speech, it's all about promoting this radical left platform to people in the world who are allowed to speak freely.On January 8, 2021, Twitter removed President Donald Trump's tweet:ďThe 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!ĒShortly thereafter, they removed another of his tweets:ďTo all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.ĒOh wait! In case you forget, his Facebook and Instagram accounts are indefinitely suspended for that same thing too! And Parler mobile app has been removed from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.,Here is an article about the suspension of Donald Trump's account from Twitter due to the risk of further incitement of violence: And here's the Wikipedia article about 2021 pro-Trump rioting of the U.S. capitol: Donald Trump has a Gab account as an alternate social media to Facebook and Twitter. What else you want to say? There are more alternative options to both social platforms like Parler and MeWe. That's it.
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Return of artloverpopALERTRight now, I feel like I'm having it rough today as 2020 has been more of a reversal year; my country is going to be locked down for the 2nd time until 2nd December, Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed for the fourth time and will now have to be released by 10th December, but that is not even worse enough; a Chinese griefer on DeviantArt known as artloverpop has implicably returned, this time with two new accounts and she is making infectious rumours about me being a paedophile and in a gay relationship with my friend @Khai2000 which is absolutely false. I really don't want this. I have had enough things to worry about this month, especially uni work, but it has gotten to the point where I can no longer live like this if I have to deal with this nonsense.In case you do not know what artloverpop's agenda is, then @Khai2000 has already got it covered in his journal below, where my previous journals on artloverpop and xhe99 are featured along with those of other Deviants who had unfortunate run-ins with those cretins.,The Xhe99 and ArtloverpopOctober 29, 2020Warning: Any cretins tried to tell me to took itSo yes, they are hardcore Communist sympathisers who deride Western civilisation both for laughs and out of disdain, and no, I'm not overexaggerating over this.If you have a big enough heart, please see to it that you report them. Here are her account names, that have slight alterations.artloverpopinfreshartloverpop1Please note that I won't bother adding a link to them, in case the user uses this journal as a method to making even more obnoxious rumours about me and @Khai2000.UPDATE: 22:39artloverpop has just made a clone that is an imposter of me, but with slight alteration to my original name, crescendodragonpufta.This whole drama artloverpop made against me has nearly gotten to Drachenlord levels and, again, I really want it to end as soon as possible.
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8 Values Result by UltramanZenith
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My country already taste it by achthenuts
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Honkler Stephan Kangz IT by paradigm-shifting

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For years now, cases of police brutality have sparked nationwide outrage. Protest groups in the thousands, even tens of thousands, have taken to the streets in almost every major city demanding more accountability, more reform, more justice when an officer of the law takes a life. And in response, you called them terrorists. You called them thugs. You insisted they were more violent than your Proud Boys and Tiki-Torch goose-steppers. You "honored" the "brave" "hero" cops who were tear-gassing senior citizens and disabled veterans. You countered "black lives matter" with "blue lives matter," as though someone's chosen line of work was something to be respected more than their natural born skin color, and you flew your "THIN BLUE LINE" flags to push a lie that police are the only thing standing between us and total chaos. But here we are.
With hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting against police brutality over the last several years, there has yet to be a single instance of such a protest mobbing a police officer to death. In fact, the only police deaths allegedly tied to this issue are those killed by lone shooter Micah Johnson in 2016. But in your very first altercation with cops, the very first time you, the right-wing, were the protesters fighting against the law, you ganged up and beat to death an officer and war veteran. American flags still in your hands. This, however, surprises absolutely none of us. We have always known, and always told you, that the right wing stands for stupidity, blind fury, terror and violence. While moderate and "left wing" protests are even careful enough to hide their identities, you were so sloppy, arrogant and brainless that you live-tweeted your identities as you attempted your pathetic coup and mercilessly slaughtered a man you claimed to respect by default. We knew that was how it would happen. Everyone in the world did. There is no one who wears either their brutality or their stupidity more on their sleeve than the American Conservative, and at last, you've provided irrefutable proof of it to all those who doubted it. Thanks. It will be so much easier now to ensure you never regain the footing you had ever again.
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