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25th Anniversary of Zelda! Since I've had such a long absence form Deviant Art I decided to post this here first. With Skyward Sword coming out I decided to 'link to the past' (oh ho ho ho) and connect the oldest 8-bit version of Link with the shiny new skyward sword version. I had fun with this, it made me laugh~
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He's so lovely, I love the texture and lighting on his hair!
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I think the title means: Link, get this Link on the face
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love this well done
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Is there a version without the cheese on the face?... :(
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lmao, curse that cheddar CURSE YOU! 
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great idea,sweetly done.
Awesome stuff :D
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I really like the image man... but do you have a version without the cheese in the face? lol
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Man, you're not very good at art. HAhahahahahahah hahahah. Like that joke I told just there. I'ts gross how good you are. Keep on keepin' on.
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Love the feel of the work, reminds me of illustrations I would see in books when I was younger. Thanks for sharing!
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Wonderful colours!
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aw yea! im playing twilight princess!
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Like your Work.
Zelda the only game i never finished... ;-p
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I looks kinda freaky. But I see your point ^^
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holy shit, this is so pretty... uhm... awesome!
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Wat Da ?! he got a tatoo !? i want one
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Brilliant piece. :heart: Did you use texture? If you did, do you mind linking me it, or something of the sorts?
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oooh thats pretty cool! for a sec i thought a paper hit his face xD
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