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An autobiography of sorts. You'll have to probably invert the color of the QR code, but it's legit ;) try it if you can.
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I can't believe how amazing this is!
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wow nice comp!
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still one of my favourite things from u, but I don't get the concept yet!
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flawless victory
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Such a fascinating piece! The thing I like most is how the texture changes for each layer. It works especially with the autobiographical concept. Brilliant!
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Im so inquisitive!

Very nice work.
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Verry cool.
How did you make one of those code things?
BobMorrison's avatar
holy crap this is incredible..why the big red block behind the code tho? I would ahve liked to ahve seen the detail behind it, but no matter - awesome piece of work :)
KJVallentin's avatar
Im blown away by your work here. Can't wait to see more.
ayuICHI's avatar
Crazy badass.
Edwaard's avatar
What a great idea... beautiful work as always
misterhudson's avatar
love the aboriginal statues? at the bottom.
very expressive and nice
Maxiway's avatar
very good idea
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I get a kind of Salvador Dali vibe from the colors and textures... :)
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I don't get the pink stuff in the middle, but I love all the texture and composition of everything else.
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wow, this is too cool to try and decipher, i think i like the combination of sculptural and non-sculptural space the best though :D
Tua's avatar
So sick! Love your work man.
ZeroCartin's avatar
Lol just did it :) This is great! :D love the painting, and love the composition! xD
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I tried the QR code and it says it can't decode. Nevertheless I like how you used it in this piece. I like the different layers, in particular the layer closet to the ground layer. It reminds me of an Aztec statue I once saw.

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Masterful, we've been missing your art around here!
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