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Back in November the Sunday New York Times featured an article about stress in the work place and how those at the top seem to be missing out on all the fun. The higher up in the company you are, no matter how much work you have to do, you’re still chillin.

I gave my take for the Sunday Review, locking all the office workers in an office shaped like a Bug Out Bill stress toy. While the boss strolls out whistlin’.

Illustration by Sachin Teng, AD by Erich Nagler
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Only thing missing here is the lady drinking booze from bottle. :D
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I heard the same, perhaps from the same article.

Apparently the more "hierarchical layers" there is in the organization OVER you, the MORE stress you will feel daily.

The same can be observed in animal flocks.
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Perfect amount of detail! The colors, as always, are flawless! I'm so thrilled by all the work you're doing for the NYT
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hahaha! genius!
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my god i just love your art so much you don't even know
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Oh wow! It's been forever since I've seen one of those aliens... I was just thinking about them recently, too! I didn't realize they had a name... "Bug Out Bill", huh? As charming as I'd expect! <3
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Well executed idea!
Although the little room with that one bookcase in it seems a bit weird.
It seems a pretty useless room for an office.
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I fully expect that computer to fiz out RIGHT when it's needed the most. xD; Wonderful job!
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And that's why upper management can go take a long walk off a short pier.

Into a volcano.
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