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January 25, 2011
Bring Honor by ~contraomnes
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Bring Honor



He does not bring dishonor upon his family. Hometown boy makes good. This is the first in six illustrations I used in my Children's Book class for full two page spreads. I'll be putting one of these babies up every week in the coming weeks.

The premise of my Children's Book is kids doing simple things which are ordinary and funny and then revealing the scenario that's going on in their heads. The catch is, they're all imagining things that are socially awkward topics, but they're kids, they don't know yet that they're socially awkward so they're just having fun. In this scenario a little Asian boy is holding a trash can lid and a twig pretending he's a knight. But the narrator says to him;

"You say you want to be a knight in shining armor like King Arthor? Sorry there are no Asians in Medieval Times"

But the Kid ignores the narrator completely, too absorbed in his imagination and this illustration is the 'reveal' of what he's picturing.

I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun doing it. Quick house cleaning stuff; it's done mostly in gauche paint, and a some final touches in photoshop, and at full side this one comes in around 14x28.

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Great piece. Nice palette. Love the movement.