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I'm a freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles, originally from New York. I've worked in Editorial, Advertising, Publishing and Animation. Art is a language, I always try to have something to say.

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My right brain.
So, where was I lol I realize I've neglected this account in recent years. I'm on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram these days. I always meant to come back and update with all my recent work but the more time passed the more the amount of work I'd have to post grew, and it just became too cumbersome to post it all. Every time I thought about posting something all I could think was, 'I...I don't want to click all those categories for the image' lol I know the majority of you have all followed me over to Tumblr and Instagram, and I'm always grateful no matter where I go from here for the immense support from everyone. And I'll always remember th
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Prints will be available on July 28 through Society6! And a separate set of prints will be available through Gallery Nucleus soon at a date to be announced. Find out more information and possibly get a free print by visiting my tumblr at And if you aren't following my tumblr already I've been doing a 30 day challenge and I'm up to day 10 at the moment, so follow me there to keep up with it. I'll be posting them all up here after every set of ten for those with only deviantart. For those who haven't already heard from Facebook or tumblr I've been making moves! I moved out to southern California recently. My apartment do
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Prints Inquiry

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Quick but important question guys! I've gotten many many print requests via email and others, and I cant reply to all of them so I'm posting here to get feedback and also to respond to all the emails. If I were to make prints available which ones would you guys be interested in? Please let me know in the comments! I might be doing this very soon, and this will be a deciding factor for which ones I make available.
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With your permission I take the opportunity to present myself and make a proposal: I´m Xurxo Avila, a spanish actor, director, writer and producer. I have a horror script that I have not been able to shoot and I was thinking of turning it into a graphic novel for IMAGE COMICS -WE ALL WORK FOR MONEY- with the collaboration of one of my best friends, the USA`s editor and colorist JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA. I have seen your drawings and would you like to draw the story? I really like your style very much, I think it would go very well to the story and I think we could create a unique and fascinating horror story. I hope I didn't bother you with the proposal. The idea is to draw 12 scenes from the script (he told me that it is the usual number when you send it to any American comic book publisher), send them along with the same script and a lot of things that I have more (you can see some of them on my page, in the folder entitled: "CINEMA" : art concepts, posters,...) to the publisher and see if they like it and get us to work. If you want I pass the script to you, you read it, and you tell me. Greetings.

you are awesome.
nice gallery.
very nice stuff !
woah i love your style
Your work is absolutely breathtaking