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Plastik for Windows

By contra
Plastik for Windows

Finally, after being in pre stages for way too long and being abondoned and rehatched countless times Thresher modivated me to finish it up by fixing some key bugs that almost made me quit working on this theme. With his help i give you Plastik for Windows, an almost perfect port of Plastik for kde including the default color scheme along with 6 other unique ones.

Right now the theme is in release canidate stages and should be completly bug-free. Thresher and i have fixed (mostly Thresher) have fixed all the known bugs since the pre builds.

home page for the theme where you can find latest fixes, changelog, screenshots,etc: Plastik for Windows Homepage
© 2004 - 2021 contra
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:salute: Fantastic Job. I've been waiting for someone to do something like this. I cant thank you enough XD

I would buy you your entire wishlist if i had the cash DX
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Thanks, makes wine apps look almost native :)... can't thank you enough, this is great
This is probably the best Windows theme I have ever seen. Makes me feel like I'm using my Penguin again. Good job! I'm using it right now and I'm speechless. Hope to see more stuff like this out of the community.
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It's very nice! Thanks man! :)
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Great theme!!!

I'd only like a variant with the "modern" KDE logo in the Start menu :)

But thanks anyway! It's the best theme for XP I've seen so far ;)
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This should Windows look like, from the beginning! :thumbsup:
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Nice, I installed this in wine and now Windows apps look a lot better on my Linux desktop :)
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Uhhh 404 error when trying to download?
Same, I really want this vs!
Fail, been getting 404's on the file for 2 days now :(
I love this theme although I have one small request. I was wondering if it is possible to leave the default fontface activated and still have all of the text fit inside of buttons. By the way this theme is fantastic. I love KDE's plastik theme and this is the best one for windows I have found thanks.
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Maybe do this (K) on a button like these at taskbar? It'll look a lot better.
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I really love this visual style. I've been using it for a few weeks now. I was shocked when I was able to resize the title bar and not break the visual style.
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Very neat. :) I'm using it right now. You're the best! :D
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Maybe you can add subcolor like milk color?....
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Wow this is a great dskin :D thanks :+fav:
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BEAUTIFUL! more colors more colors!! :). I also agree that I don't really like the KDE start button, but it's not bad. I loved plastik for kde. I also like keramik. If I knew how to make visual styles I'd make some minimal ones that emulate fluxbox. Anyway, thanks for the great skin.
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looks greats!!!

but thats only for stylexp users right? :\
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no man, do a search for the uxtheme.dll patcher and you can use themes w/out paying for stylexp
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really?? man, i gotta try that!!! :)
thanks a lot for the tip!!
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look right here:

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