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A shy contortion girl

By contortiong
"Please don't look at me like that... I'm so embarrassed."
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Kiki does it with ease because she was born with a genetic mutation that gave her extreme flexibility.

Wing-it: Kiki and Sasha

She's cute, shy, and full of happiness. And the 360° oversplit is extreme. I just can't control myself to favor this masterpiece deadly.

Then I started to imagine about her story. I conceived that maybe she entered the contortion class earlier than Charlotte, but it's Charlotte's cute, cheerful and relaxing atmosphere influenced the shy girl, and inspired her great talent in contortion.

Charlotte's cheerful and relaxing atmosphere always influences everyone in the contortion class, and also influences us who appreciate those paintings.

She is hard-working and enjoys training, although it's painful. That led her do 360° oversplit successfully. Maybe she is Charlotte and Caroline's goal now.


Thank you a lot. I feel healed by all your paintings, which are SO CUTE!!!

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Thank you for enjoying my painting.:D

I'm glad my painting helped your inspiration.

I hope you will continue to give me good opinions.

Another conceivement. it's a short story:

It was 5 years ago when Charlotte first attended the contortion class. The coach of the class, who is Charlotte's father, taught students about some contortion moves. He wants to find someone to perform those moves.

After a time, a girl appeared in students' sight. The girl was very shy. Catching a teddy bear, she gripped coach's arm tightly with her face buried inside and murmured softly: "I'm afraid I can't......I'm not flexible enough to perform......"

However, when coach asked her to perform middle splits, she acted docilely. She did it standardly with inner thighs flat on the floor, showing her beautiful straight legs. Then the coach started to place gymnastic mats under two legs, and the degree of her legs became 200°, 210°, and finally 220°. That shocked all students, they just can't imagine how could she became so flexibly.

She also performed front over-splits in two sides, and an extreme backbend. Every move made students gasp in admiration: "Wow! How COULD she do that!"

As soon as she performed all the moves, she buried her head deeply in the teddy bear. It seems that she can't be more embarrassed. The coach patted her head softly and praised that she performed great, but it could not ease her shyness at all.

From then on, Charlotte admired her flexibility, and saw her as Charlotte's goal (Maybe. This is up to you lol).

And she also admired Charlotte! Charlotte was always cheerful and cute, making atmosphere relaxing and pleasant. That was what she liked. So she loved to stay with Charlotte. Thanks to Charlotte, she found more fun in contortion.

She was always docile. When the coach asked her to stay in oversplits' limit for 3 minutes, she never gave up in 2 min 59 sec. However, meeting Charlotte made her felt that training contortion was much more enjoyable. When the coach asked her to stay in her oversplits' limit for 3 minutes this time, she will asked: "Coach......Could I......add an extra minute? I I love being stretched and I want to become more flexibility."


PS1: Holding teddy bear makes her feel safe, soft and warm. She couldn't love this feeling more.

PS2: You were the first one that I couldn't help myself imagine the story behind the characters when I saw the paintings. I love your paintings so much. Many thanks.

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That's an interesting story.

Thanks for long comment! :D

Ha-ha, I hope so.

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Wow, that's one extreme oversplit!
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Thanks for comment!

This drawing is a bit more extreme.:D

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Your style makes it cute anyways :-)

"Nothing to be ambarrassed about... your hobby isn't weird at all, in fact, I'm sure you'll be quite popular if more people knew about it!"
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I love your works!!
Where I can find more of your art?
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All of my contortion drawing is uploaded here.

Thank you for enjoying my drawing. :D

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