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The Elements of Harmony poster

Now I already seen the MLP movie and the animation looked much better. But what if Disney would've planned on making an MLP movie and released it on September 1998?

It's about a young human princess who lived in a Danish Kingdom in 1750, and was set out on an expedition to Equestria to learn about the Elements of Harmony and how the Magic of Friendship works. She encountered seven brand new pony friends and must do whatever it takes to save Equestria and Earth before the Evil Dark Mistress uses the Elements' Power to create eternal darkness.

If anyone has not seen Season six, good. Just like me, I suggest you just stick with only the first five seasons.

Any Comments or thoughts of this Idea?
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This looks amazing!! Now I want to get my hands on this story, it sounds so engaging!!:D
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That sounds like a good concept for what if scenario if Disney brought Hasbro. Will see if what Disney Company feels about this.;) And besides you misspelled Disney’s name.
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Well, What I meant was they would've made it possible back then during the Disney Renaissance just after Mulan but before Tarzan. 
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Would this have Disney songs?
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Why yes, six songs.
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Your artwork is so amazing.
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