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In Harmony with Human and Pony



When Princess Celestia visited Sunset Shimmer, her former student was now feeling so horrible about her past and begged for Celestia's forgiveness and tried to apologise for her spoiled and bad behaviour. Celestia told her that she was so proud of Sunset's reformed self and for having that chance to start over.

Celestia wanted to give her a most precious gift, a choice. That she can return to Equestria with her, or she could stay behind and create more of the magic of friendship, but now Sunset had a better idea. Which is having both the human world and Equestria combined together with Canterlot High School and Crystal Prep now in Equestria and all of the ponies, the humans, including all of the pony and human counterparts living together in perfect harmony.

Sunset Shimmer: Now we can all be together.…
This song can fit well with the celebration and for this scene.

Now edited with some new characters, (Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Human CMCs, Snips and Snails, and Pipsqueak)

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Princess Celestia Icon Profile Sunset Shimmer, you now have a choice. You can return to Equestria... or stay here and create more of the Magic of Friendship.

Sad Pony Sunset (What do I say? I love my friends here, but I really want to see what Equestria is like now! Oh, if only there were... some...)

Sunset Shimmer Thinking Base. Thought bubble (1of2 - Left side) - Icon GIF

Sunset Shimmer EG Yacht Emoticon #03

Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon. Celestia... I have my answer!