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Against the darkness by sandara Against the darkness :iconsandara:sandara 24,345 1,920
Nightmares VS Sleepless Kid by prema-ja Nightmares VS Sleepless Kid :iconprema-ja:prema-ja 12,336 522 Paint Run by transfuse Paint Run :icontransfuse:transfuse 6,890 446 Little Hero II by AnitaSadowska Little Hero II :iconanitasadowska:AnitaSadowska 2,594 307 WAR by el-grimlock WAR :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 9,290 589
Breaking In
A small, domestic bathroom.  TIM, a young and unimposing man, is unconscious on the floor, leaning against the bath, hands and wrists tied, a bloody wound on his forehead.  He starts to wake up, looks around, and then realises his predicament.
Hey!  (Pause.)  HEEEEEEEY!
The door opens.  KAREN, a young woman, enters.  She has a necklace in her hand, which she clutches throughout the scene.  She looks at TIM, aggressive and defiant.
You shouldn’t have done that.  It was really dangerous.
I’ve called the police.
I thought you probably had.  I mean, you’ve got me now.  But I just wanted to say… next time, I wouldn’t tackle them like that.  You might not have been so lucky.
Right, because you’re so tough.  Anyway, I was
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 222 114
9 Beast by f0xyme 9 Beast :iconf0xyme:f0xyme 2,745 320 Pandora: Universal Paradise by Tr1umph Pandora: Universal Paradise :icontr1umph:Tr1umph 1,885 133 Dreamland - Above than clouds by Anuk Dreamland - Above than clouds :iconanuk:Anuk 9,843 1,391 Reach for the Stars by tohdraws Reach for the Stars :icontohdraws:tohdraws 6,970 545 I Dream... by Laitma I Dream... :iconlaitma:Laitma 6,626 1,746 Semi-Finalist: 'Da Design 2' by deviantWEAR Semi-Finalist: 'Da Design 2' :icondeviantwear:deviantWEAR 1,584 1,861 Human by boscopenciller Human :iconboscopenciller:boscopenciller 6,404 322 Fire in the Hole by ernieleo Fire in the Hole :iconernieleo:ernieleo 1,056 55 The Mole by NateHallinanArt The Mole :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 1,998 312 : My Dream : by F-AYN-T : My Dream : :iconf-ayn-t:F-AYN-T 7,248 835
I'll meet her again...
It’s Samhain. The line between the spirit
world and our own is a ray of moonlight.  
It’s the night when the reluctant soul sticks
to our plane, hovering - a withered rose
whose beauty is the figment of a dream;
a gleam gilding the surface of the lake.
For long hours of idyll would the Lake
poets revel in letting their spirit
soar free on the nightingale’s wings, and dream  
of glimpsing their Muse clad in pure moonlight –
but tonight magic’s afoot: clouds just rose
to blur the moon like fumes from incense sticks.
The Romantics’ habit of rambling sticks
to mind tonight, as I stroll to the lake
and sit down to recall the violent rows
we’d have every night, before her spirit
gave itself over to the bland moonlight
and chose to rest and die, not live and dream.
But perhaps ‘tis I that’s strayed in a dream?
For in that small nest, fashioned out of sticks,
I see her visage, painted in moonlight.
I glimpse a lady traversing the
:iconleurindal:Leurindal 129 147
Day of the beast by alexiuss Day of the beast :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 3,292 278
Heart of Stone
If she had her way, she would slaughter every one of them.
"Look at her hair! What a horrendous color!  Do you even brush it? I bet the King pays him to look at you."
"You can tell her father has no money, that dress would be a rag in my house!" The tallest one grabbed the end of Morgana's sash and she heard the thin fabric tear as she pulled away.
"Pity your mother died so young. I am sure even with her base manners she would've made you into something like a lady."
Children are keen to the weakness of their peers and their precise attacks can be brutal on the psyche. At seven, Morgana was privy to the daily taunts and leers by jealous daughters of dukes and marquises. When their beloved fathers were diligent in their noble work, they relished in the embittered tears flowing down Morgana's cheeks. Her fists remained ivory weights at the end of her arms, clenched quivering with the preservation of her reputation. She would never take the bait of their indignity. She would nev
:iconsailorastera:SailorAstera 390 329
The Unknown by DKF The Unknown :icondkf:DKF 1,639 207 Inner Universe by algenpfleger Inner Universe :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 5,307 330 Dreaming of peace by zano Dreaming of peace :iconzano:zano 4,510 305 Dreams by whisperfall Dreams :iconwhisperfall:whisperfall 6,278 324 The Fifth by dahlig The Fifth :icondahlig:dahlig 3,529 337