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Holiday Pin-Up I by cosfrog Holiday Pin-Up I :iconcosfrog:cosfrog 109 10 Cyrstal Blue Winter Wonderland by WDWParksGal Cyrstal Blue Winter Wonderland :iconwdwparksgal:WDWParksGal 110 111
Holiday Pin-Up 2 by BDP by CitizenNomad Holiday Pin-Up 2 by BDP :iconcitizennomad:CitizenNomad 2 0 Holiday Pin-Up 1 by BDP by CitizenNomad Holiday Pin-Up 1 by BDP :iconcitizennomad:CitizenNomad 6 0 Betty And me by kiranna Betty And me :iconkiranna:kiranna 1 0 Brendon Urie by kiranna Brendon Urie :iconkiranna:kiranna 4 3 O Holy Night by Arm-and-Ready O Holy Night :iconarm-and-ready:Arm-and-Ready 0 5 minaa by DominikaKaminska minaa :icondominikakaminska:DominikaKaminska 1 0 Joy to the World by dbskobsession Joy to the World :icondbskobsession:dbskobsession 0 9 Jingle bell rock by BerryBox Jingle bell rock :iconberrybox:BerryBox 4 4 SDL Tourney Char by flosion SDL Tourney Char :iconflosion:flosion 6 0 comic cover by skyisgreat comic cover :iconskyisgreat:skyisgreat 1 0 From Heaven High O Angels Come by SweetKiwiDesign From Heaven High O Angels Come :iconsweetkiwidesign:SweetKiwiDesign 3 7 helping the little ones by The-Shadow-of-Light helping the little ones :iconthe-shadow-of-light:The-Shadow-of-Light 0 0 Little Princess ChristmasDream by WDWParksGal Little Princess ChristmasDream :iconwdwparksgal:WDWParksGal 16 12 Tara loves dogggggy by xxxmarcopoloxxx Tara loves dogggggy :iconxxxmarcopoloxxx:xxxmarcopoloxxx 1 1 Christmas-Card by Rinkusart Christmas-Card :iconrinkusart:Rinkusart 0 0 Entry for Cloud-env's Contest by Eclipseus Entry for Cloud-env's Contest :iconeclipseus:Eclipseus 0 6 Expressionless Christmas by AlexaHoover Expressionless Christmas :iconalexahoover:AlexaHoover 0 0
Fairies' First Winter
A sudden chill woke me up this morning.
With eyes half opened, I looked at my surroundings.
“What… is this, Brown Fairy?” I asked the male fairy standing near me.
There were white fluffiness falling down from the sky. Much like a rain, cold like ices, soft like cotton, white as purity. Falling as white dots, slowly covering all other colors in the world.
Brown fairy looked at me and then looked back to the white drops. “I don’t know either. It’s white, so White Fairy should know,” he replied softly.
He was always calm and quiet. Like earth, he is accepting and undemanding. But also like earth, when his rages burst out, he could be one scary nightmare. Exactly like earth, the color he chooses to protect.
We were not the only that curious with those whiteness. Other fairies, and maybe from all colors, gathered around White Fairy. Mother of all fairies.
“The name of this new nature beauty would be… snow…,” she said.
:iconarm-and-ready:Arm-and-Ready 0 0
Rulers and a River
The boy’s eyelids drifted open, gliding over the moist and glossy surface of his eyeballs. The child drew the blanket that loosely surrounded him closer to his pale and thin body closer about himself. He stared up at the shapes that the stucco formed on the ceiling. He searched for familiar patterns, likenesses to life, but could find none on this frigid morning. He eased his torso upright, propping himself up with his arms at the peak of his ascent. The boy raised a hand to brush his thick and gnarled hair from his eyes. His mouth opened in a large yawn, making a small squeaking noise. He leaned forward, his weight pushing him forward, and onto his knees. He climbed down from his bed, and began searching for a pair of pants in the mountain of clothes at the foot of his bed. He pulled a pair of worn blue  jeans from the pile, and pulled the limp and threadbare garment over his frail limbs. He lifted a jacket from the top of the hill, and slid his unbelievably boney arms
:icontaqx9:taqx9 0 0
Merry Christmas by Nazyer Merry Christmas :iconnazyer:Nazyer 0 21 naruto christmas three by Soulleszz naruto christmas three :iconsoulleszz:Soulleszz 1 0
God's Christmas
A reminiscent village ‘neath the towering forest pines,
sleeps softly in the flakes of heavenly sky.
They, gliding in their grace, simplistic beauty do define,
the wonder in a simple awestruck sigh
Within the central square, on benches ‘neath the barren boughs,
aged faces turn to catch the falling gems.
Remembrances are passed in simple prose twixt wrinkled mouths,
bright-eyed these ancient angels pray to Him.
Their thankful praises rise above trees, a reverent cloud,
for all the blessings-past and blessings-come.
Clasped hands are raised in silent song, as white-haired heads are bowed,
the whispered prayers take up a sacred hum.
Then one by one they, silent fall. A subtle hush of peace,
drifts down the tree-lined mountains to the square.
Among these elderly, and frail it grants a sweet release,
a quiet sense of Godliness is there.
Among the rampant bustlings of a country gone awry,
let us give pause, and find the deep repose,
which in the penitent and pure of heart do often
:iconedenvale:Edenvale 0 1