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Mele Kalikimaka Mug by GoblinQueeen Mele Kalikimaka Mug :icongoblinqueeen:GoblinQueeen 58 79 The Peppermint Fields by kolaboy The Peppermint Fields :iconkolaboy:kolaboy 61 74
My Christmas Tree by DiYanira My Christmas Tree :icondiyanira:DiYanira 0 0 Frosti by BlackMamba Frosti :iconblackmamba:BlackMamba 87 86 SPLIT PERSONality V2 by ljo SPLIT PERSONality V2 :iconljo:ljo 35 48 Christmas Cheer Print by Cairsten Christmas Cheer Print :iconcairsten:Cairsten 3 0 Snowflake by dizzyflower28 Snowflake :icondizzyflower28:dizzyflower28 4 2
Never Again Tomorrow
Never Again Tomorrow
(This Night has opened My Eyes)
audio insemination by
The Smiths
Pass the bar on the left; a homely little place with the neon signs and a plain, old-building facade. Through the community entrance flanked by ancient oaks that reach to the sky with quiet, radiant pride. I am early, but I don't mind. It is a habit I have cultivated after years of procrastination and tardiness. Further down the street of groomed trees and sedately painted homes and a right-turn into her neighborhood. It is all quiet and sensible, as these places as go. She lives in a self-consciously cultured and clean neighborhood; the kind city kids make fun of, but it's another one of the things I adore about her. She is so much like this little community: clean, bright and innocently beautiful.
She works at the library, here, with its white with metal blinds and a sharply angled roof borrowed from Frank Lloyd Wright. The brightly colored playground across the street calls me, so I l
:iconmetrotech:MetroTech 0 2
My best friend
Machine of angst.
Mary rushed through the corridors of the hospital. Her red hair had barely grown over her shoulders, but it covered easily her green eyes, which were on a very sad, white face. Her eyes rolled a while around until they locked into the gun in her hand. She didn't know which gun it was, but it was enough she knew it was a gun; she could kill people with it. And oh yes, there was people she wanted to kill. She would start with the doctors, and then she would take the nurses.
Suddenly Mary saw a manů or a tall boy, standing on the other side of the corridor. He indeed was tall, had a very pale face and red make-up around his light blue, somewhat unnatural eyes. He had black hair, which was short and not at all like his tall body. His vacant face and eyes felt somewhat calm but sad when Mary came closer. His entire expressionless face turned into one big smile, which seemed to be a little sarcastic to Mary, but still remaining somewhat vacant. It was odd. The boy op
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Moutains inspire me by BlkDragon96 Moutains inspire me :iconblkdragon96:BlkDragon96 2 1 Reach for the Stars by teutelquessir Reach for the Stars :iconteutelquessir:teutelquessir 8 18 The True Form of Music. by Typotar The True Form of Music. :icontypotar:Typotar 0 1 Bring him back by leejc Bring him back :iconleejc:leejc 1 21 Imaginary Friends by streetartistnyc Imaginary Friends :iconstreetartistnyc:streetartistnyc 1 3 P.I.C. by demony P.I.C. :icondemony:demony 35 41 Vigilantism by MirrorMask Vigilantism :iconmirrormask:MirrorMask 8 6 Calatrava - My Inspiration by sportygirl4114 Calatrava - My Inspiration :iconsportygirl4114:sportygirl4114 48 38
The Aftermath of Evermore
Trampling the grass, step by step, I am walking in the fields of this place. My hands are in my pockets and my head lowered.
Maybe it's the mist or the mystic sadness that possesses this place.
As I am walking on the soft grass, trampling it, just as it was trampled before, the rain taps on my shoulder, silently. I never turn around because I know that it a cold rain. I hope for someone to join me in this abandoned place; a place that just recently healed from its wounds and bruises.
This insidious mist is trying to cover my eyes from the events that once took place her, although I feel the fear of trust in revealing the secrets of this place to anyone.
I can hear the voices and hymns of small and insignificant soldiers crying out for a savior; a savior they know will never come for them. I hear screams of falling, failing men, as the cold metal pierces their skin. I hear the men who trampled the grass below me, just as I am trampling now.
I gaze through the mist and my eye captures th
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Look out the window by fabfriends Look out the window :iconfabfriends:fabfriends 6 12
One with the Night
I am the one that wanders through dark
The creature that makes you feel a little strange
The one who strolls at night in dead parks
When you're sensing the atmosphere change
Fear me, for I am one with the night
You can't escape, I'll follow you everywhere
Not to fear me wouldn't be right
Don't forget that I'll always be somewhere near
Fear me, fear me, I'm one with the night
I'm the worst of your phobias, at dusk I crawl
I observe you, watch you go frantic, obsessive
Spying on every twilight, hiding under the wall
Through your fears every shadow is now oppressive
When you're sitting, surrounded by midnight
I'm all the sounds you suddenly hear behind
I can disapear before you even turn on the light
But you still know the footsteps your hear are mine
Remember when you watched horror movies the night before
I'm the strange being who cowardly haunted your nightmares
Even if you quicken up your pace, even if you try to close the door
I'll still be the phantom you tought you saw when you wok
:iconpavlova:Pavlova 1 5
The Vampire Lestat by shatteredroses The Vampire Lestat :iconshatteredroses:shatteredroses 43 16