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How do I join?

Simple - there should be a 'Join Us' button at the top of the page! :hug:

How do I join a contest?

Unless it clearly states in the contest journal what to do, you can comment on the contest journal and hopefully you shall be able to enter from there.

But... there's no 'contest journal'. :confused:

Sometimes there aren't contests on at the current time, don't worry, it should specify in the welcome journal when the next contest will be held.

Why did you reject my art? :(

Well this is a strictly contest group, if you submit any art that does not concern the contest we'll have to reject it, sorry ^^;

But my art DOES concern the contest! :angered:

Maybe you weren't following the rules, or perhaps we made a simple mistake. If you think we rejected your entry wrongly than do send us a note!

How do I become a judge for the contest?

Judges are admins, and there are two ways to become an admin.
Co-Founder: Co-founders are picked by the current admins, be great and helpful to the group and I'm sure that we'll notice you!
Contributors: Anyone that donates to the group (donation poll can be found on TheKittyMistress) page) that clearly specifies that it's for the group can become a contributor! Some contests will have the contributor role as it's prize as well!:glomp:

Are admins allowed to enter a contest?

Yes, but you're not allowed to judge if you've entered.

What is 'An Ultimate Promotion Deviant'

Ultimate promotion deviants (or UPDs) are deviants who, as the Co-Founder of the group, win 'Member of the Month' prize, this deviants are allowed to make all changes within the group that a founder would, such as running contests, every month after the new MOM (member of the month) has been selected a random UPD will be given complete control of the next contest! :w00t:

I want to enter the contest but there's not enough time left for me to make a good entry! :tears:

Just note TheKittyMistress and she'll extend the time!

Hmm... not all my questions are answered.

Why don't you comment with it on the welcome blog, we'll slot in the question and it's answer in this blog... notice.. thingy!

Thank you!

We are featured in Grouple :love:


Group Contests

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Deviant Contests

Want your contest featured? No problem, just send TheKittyMistress a note
The holder of the contest must join the group and if it's a group contest it must afflicate, groups will be automatically deleted when their contest is over.
Groups please do not send TheKittyMistress a note instead comment telling me you want an advert in the affliction page.



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StarBeanz Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Art contest for 30/40 watcher!! ^^ theres not much people who have joined yet so if you could that would be amazing!! tysm for your time
Viiburnum Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm holding a character design contest! :dummy:
The grand prize is $50 USD + 1 chibi + 1 experimental bust.

All information can be found here:
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