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Dracsik Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute Hyena Sisters Adoptables [OPEN] by Dracsik   Commission Open by Dracsik  
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Dont Starve Comics YCH auction [open] by sofarkid  
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Milkman Martian Set In Motion     1            by meso-mhyrr   Neptune In the Deep  for  LordVaderNihilus  by  me by meso-mhyrr   Quillithahn the Enchanted Panthera     PROOF   1b by meso-mhyrr   Fantastic Creatures Galore Totem            by meso-mhyrr   Meandering Moonman Mask            by meso-mhyrr  
Dracsik Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fan Art Klee from Genshin Impact by Dracsik   Commission Open by Dracsik  
Dracsik Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet Rabbit and Doggy Adoptable [OPEN] by Dracsik   Cow cosplay YCH AUCTION [OPEN] by Dracsik  
RAINTELLIX Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] COMMISSIONS OPENLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
COMMISSIONS OPEN by Raintectlum  
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indigo-chan99 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[DMOC CONTEST]: Fantasy Focus! [OPEN, $75 prizes!]I am getting back into contest hosting after a long time! This time I am looking for some art of mine and my friends' DND Characters! There are some really great OCs here so I am happy to share them with you guys. The theme is Fantasy/ Medieval, and there is variety for drawing a calm scene, action, or whatever else you feel!,============================================[PRIZES]: more will be unlocked as more entries come in!Share this journal with your friends to help unlock more prizes! Click links for prize examples.To donate more prizes and get rewards, click here! 1st Place$50 USD from me! (paypal)A large, 2-character fullbody painting w/ background from me (T or D)A 1 character halfbody traditional sketch from meA physical, custom-printed metal d20 die from my friend Froggy! (shipping included)A set of 5 digital "chibi head" emotes from meA month long feature on my profiles: DA and InstagramA llama and a warm hug and a pat on the back from me uwu,2nd Place$25 USD from me! (paypal)A medium, 1-character fullbody painting with background from meA T + D colored sketch fullbody from meA bust shot colored painting from TenzinsBeard14A set of 3 digital "chibi head" emotes from me (picture above),3rd Place [Locked! Unlocked after 10 entries]$10 USD from meA T + D colored sketch fullbody from me (picture above)A bust shot colored painting from TenzinsBeard14 (picture above)Public choice award [Locked! Unlocked after 15 entries]$5 USD from me2 digital "chibi head" emotes (picture above)====================================================================[DEADLINE: APRIL 14, 2021, @ MIDNIGHT CST (GMT -6)]====================================================================CHARACTERS: Please ONLY draw the characters in this folder! Other character drawings will not be accepted.>>>>>>>>>Click here to go to<<<<<<<<<<<<====================================================================PROMPT: Draw one or more of these DND characters in a way that makes sense for them! For instance, don't draw the serious edgy character joking around. If you're interested in a character and want to know more, feel free to ask!You can draw these characters together with each other! All of them in a subfolder together is fair game for a matchup. Check the "Links" Tab on their profile for relationships to NPCs and each other.Please note these are in a medieval setting so don't add technology in your piece (exceptions)You can change or simplify the character's outfits if needed, as long as it still makes sense.====================================================================RULES:No NSFW entries please! No sexual stuff, but light gore in an action scene would be ok (i.e. blood splatter on a sword)Your entry MUST be submitted publicly and it MUST link to this journal somewhere in the description.Ask about ships between characters if it's not already canon.Visual Art only please! Digital, Traditional, Animation, Pixel, etc. is fine. No writing, music, etc. Be courteous to other entries and don't discourage others from joining.Each person can submit as many entries as they like, no limit! However, only one can place per person.Art must be original and your own, not made prior to the contest, stolen, or made using a base.Late entries will not be accepted! Competitors are responsible for their own time conversions Please don't draw together with other OCs without permission.====================================================================How to win: Judging and point scoringThings that will score you extra points: Doing some reading about the character to draw them in a unique way beyond "they look cool"Including pieces of their story in the piece (i.e. the weapon they carry on their sheet, or fighting a specific enemy)Drawing more than one characterPutting more effort or details into the piece.The judges will be scoring based on 4 criteria:Appearance . Effort . In character . Originality====================================================================Thank you so much in advance to everybody helping to make this contest happens! I hope we can all have some fun with it : ) I will link the Fave folder of all of the entries so far:====================================================================Want to help out by donating prizes or advertising for the contest? Click here for the other journal! Prize donors will receive a small sketch from me as a thank you! <3Featuring this journal would help me a lot to get the word out to more people!!! QAQ If you can make a journal post, status update, or image with the link, I will feature you here and also give the top 5 people a chibi head! Thank you so much for your help everyone to help make this contest a success!!Helpers so far:TenzinsBeard14NightmareLuigiRules64,
$75 + art in prizes! A DMOC contest to draw any of 30 different DND characters :D Deadline is April 30, 2021
GlorysiaMelodyYT Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2020  Student Digital Artist
(ROAD TO MY BIRTHDAY) Yume no Katachi Contest!15 DAYS LEFT! COME JOIN THIS AMAZING CONTEST BY ME! ALSO YOU'LL GET A FREE ART IF YOU WIN THIS CONTEST BY ME FOR GIFT!!! HURRY UP!Update 1: FUEE!!! This contest is available on @Contest-Office! You guys come here to join and invite your friends too!UPDATE 2: Added cover image too! I just wanted to help me to celebrate my birthday on October! Come and help me together to celebrate my birthday! Don't miss it okay?,This is part of my project "Road to my Birthday" and this contest is for Vocaloid fans and celebrating my birthday too!What is "Road to my Birthday"?The "Road to my birthday" is the project that Glorysia created to celebrate for her upcoming birthday. However, her birthday is on October 30th, which means the next day will be celebrating Halloween on October 31st. This project has planned for her birthday with some of her friends and fans and she will turns 15 years old.However, this project is starting at September 30th, the last day of September, and ended on October 30th, one day before the Halloween. This is because of the one month to celebrate her birthday.What's the contest, Glorysia?I made this contest for my upcoming birthday is... (long space alert!)Yume no Katachi!,Wait a minute, Yume no Katachi?Yes that's right! Yume no Katachi is the song by Fuwari-P and it is sung by Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMI and Camui Gakupo! This song has the full of magical rainbow! YAY!However, by the way, why did you make a contest, Glorysia?It's because this contest for my upcoming birthday to celebrate it! However, You need to read the rules before join the contest!RULES-This contest is mainly used for Glorysia's upcoming birthday on October 30th. Her birthday will be celebrated on Last two days of October, and she will turns 15 years old.-You can choose any character if you want, such as, Miku, Luka, or Rin.-Some of eight characters are appears in this video. However, you can draw any background if you want.-Gore, NSFW, blood, etc. are forbidden or prohibited. Let's keep it friendly, okay? ;)-Speedpaint is allowed! Before you make a speedpaint, please remember to read the Speedpaint rules after the art rules.-You are now available to post your arts outside of DeviantArt if you can. (Such as Tumblr, Twitter, PiaPro, etc.)-Choose some of the scenes you want to draw what you like, I would look foward to it too!-Your art or submissions must be uploaded with the tag “#YumenoKatachi” and also "#HappyBirthdayGlorysia" at the "Add up to 30 tags", and please make sure you added the tag on the Add up to 30 tags.SPEEDPAINT RULES-If you recorded some of your videos via Bandicam, OBS, Camtasia, etc. while you draw, you can make it as a preview if you want.-Some funny videos, scenes, or the vines you like is allowed. You can choose at the beginning, at the end, or the both too, but not very funny.-You can choose some video length if you can, but too short are not allowed. If your speedpaint video was too short, I'll decline your entry.-Your video must be uploaded with the tag “# YumenoKatachi”, "# ゆめのかたち" and also "# HappyBirthdayGlorysia" (without space), and make sure you added the tag to the description about the video.UPADATE: I extended the date and time, so there's no time to draw one before my birthday starts!DEADLINE WILL BE ON OCTOBER 30th, 21:00 GMT (Malaysia Timeline)!___________________________________________________________________________________I've been choose four winners in the start!WINNERS:First Place: lined + colored + shading + background art (2 contestants)Second Place: lined + colored + shading art (3 contestants)Third Place: lined + colored art (4 contestants)Fourth Place: lined art (6 contestants)SPEEDPAINT WINNERS:First Place: Base with shaded and background with effects (1 contestant)Second Place: Base with shaded and background (2 contestants)Third Place: Base with shaded (3 contestants)Also, for the help of the @ultimimega and @sailorsprouts, those winners will be get into the comic Equestria Fantasy as the interactive role, background role or minor roles if you have MLP OCs on your page! I'm really appreciate your contribution, you two! ___________________________________________________________________________________~~~~~~~~BONUS~~~~~~~~I've been searched for the special art winners are first, second and third whose won the contest, I'll make a special collab with Princess Lily Love too!Here's the preview of the art: ,Please remember to see Princess Lily Love's information how did she become a princess.,If you have any questions regarding this contest, please don't hesitate to ask!Please to join if you want, be creative, and do an inspiration! I'll see the results if you want to!Have fun!NOTE: To join the contest, please say "KIRAMEITA!" If you fully read the rules.
Earl---Grey Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2020
Wayau Pets - 1 Year of Core Competition!Competition Time!Wayau Pets are hosting a competition. We are giving away a whole bunch of Core Membership and Points!What is Wayau Pets?Wayau Pets is an online browser based pet game crossed with art roleplaying. Here you can claim your very own pet. Take part in activities with your pet to find new items and eggs. Rarer eggs can be found with many different species!https://wayaupets.comIn total, there will be over 1 year of core membership given out for this competition over the various categories.Join the DeviantArt group here! CategoriesLandscape/Location ArtWe have descriptions of several locations. Pick one (Or multiple) and submit your artwork to the group. We will pick our five favourites of each location for one month of Core.Please submit your entries here: You may submit multiple location entries for a chance to win more than once.You may submit multiple entries of a location should you wish to portray it differently.Locations can be found here: category is a competition for the best piece submitted and will not have any random winners.Pet AdventureLog into Wayau Pets and claim yourself a pet. You can draw your pet adventuring (Make sure to draw them with the correct colors and markings!). You must submit your artwork through the website to qualify though you may also upload it to the DeviantArt group if you wish.We will select a winner at random to win 3 Months Core and 2 runners up to win 1 Month Core.You MUST submit your entries onto our website via the player dashboard in order to qualify for an entry. https://wayaupets.comThis category is for fun and everyone who enters will get a chance of winning!ReferralsAsk your friends to put the following details in their submission form and both of you will get 10 points!Your DeviantArt UsernameTheir DeviantArt UsernameIn order to qualify for the points, both users' DeviantArt profiles must be at least 3 months old!DiscordWe will be hosting giveaways for members on Discord. Each week will have at least one giveaway of 100 points.Join our Discord Here: hold the right to withdraw anyone from the discord giveaways at any time at our discretion.DeadlinesYou have until September 10th to submit your entries. This gives you plenty of time to enter or even create multiple submissions.You may enter as many times as you like.Please keep in mind that the ‘Pet Adventure’ category must pass our submission guidelines to qualify for an entry. You can track this on the website in the player dashboard.DisclaimerThe purpose of this competition is for three main purposes.1) Marketing of the game to artists in which it may appeal to for continued play.2) Testing of our website in both user activity and submissions portal.3) To build a collection of concept images on locations for the world*.* Your submissions will not be used as part of the game, however they will be used as concept designs and may be recreated by our team for use within the game. We may approach some individuals to discuss permission for use of their workShould there be a low interest/submission count there will be less winners picked for each category. We are looking for a variety of submission entries.
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