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Starting a OC art contest with cash and art prizes!

300+Watchers Art Contest CASH and ART PRIZES!!!Hey, everybody. This is HAKDurbin with some big news. I have recently reached 300+ watchers here on DeviantArt! To celebrate this occasion just like when I made it to 200, I'm holding an art contest on my original characters in what I call the Geranabowhats Universe. Some of the characters you can choose from are different from last time because there are characters with new official designs, and also because I want some characters to get more attention. I mean, let's face it. There were plenty of entries of characters like Eternal War, Aemelia Pierre, and Morfious in the last contest, so let's give other characters some love. You can draw one or more characters for each entry (please ask what their relationships are with each other first if it isn't shown in their profile), and you can submit as many entries as you want. Just leave a comment on this journal with a link of your entry/entries. Rules1) Any form of art is welcome.2) It must be new work. I know not many people have made pictures of my OCs, but I'm putting this rule in just in case since it's a common rule for contests. 3) Absolutely NO NSFW or lewd content. Please keep things rated G/PG4) Keep true to the characters' outfits and general appearance, though there are some exceptions. Due date for entries: December 31st Prizes1st Place - $50 and a full body picture2nd Place - $25 and a medium body shot3rd Place - $25 and a head shot WARNINGPlease note that with art prizes I will not make anything with sexual, content revealing clothing, or other inappropriate content. If you ask something like that, I will tell you to ask me for an alteration of what you want or something else for your prize. Characters:1) Powuru,Credit goes to @Sanguynee for this picture,,,The marking on Powuru's head.,Background: Raised a slave to the Supreme Dark Lord Abigor under the name Rikmai, which is a name of English origin that means servant to power, Powuru lived a life of hate against all life apart from his own. His master knew that he was strong in the Force, but rather than train him Abigor had him fight in the gladiator pits, where Powuru became a fierce fighter who never lost in battle to entertain his master. He was so skilled that he never gained a scratch in a fight, which made him proud of his abilities. Eventually, Eternal War (the main threat in the Geranabowhats Universe) came to Powuru taking the form of a human-like being clothed in all the galaxies in the universe. He claimed to be the universe itself and declared that Powuru's destiny was to rule the universe. Believing him, Powuru allowed Eternal War to enhance his abilities in the Force and put markings on top of his head from various text all over the universe that reads "Powuru: God of the Universe." And so, Powuru destroyed Abigor under the name Powuru, which is a variation of the word "power," to claim that he's power itself. He formed a massive army of troopers, battle droids, and dark force users called the Demoth and began his conquest to rule the universe.Goal: To conquer and gain power to rule the entire universe. Weapon: a red lightsaber with a black center. Powers: Force Lightning, Force, Choke, and other dark side abilities. He can also create armored monsters to fight in his stead.2) Markenel,Symbol on his chest.,Background: Originally, the Sith-Pureblood Jedi Master was a Sith apprentice in Dromund Kass named Aalim. Hating the ways of the Sith, he snuck out of the planet and was found by the Jedi, who let him be a part of his order, and he gave himself the name Markenel. He eventually married a young human Jedi named Tanaz, and she gave birth to twins, a Sith-Halfblood boy named Venarge, and a human girl named Ezria. Eventually, he met me and began to train me in the Jedi ways, believing that it is my destiny to become so powerful in the Force that I will destroy the Sith and the Demoth. However, Markenel's past caught up with him when his brother, Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala, sent an assassin to kill him. The assassin wounded him in a lightsaber duel, and Markenel fell to what appeared to be his death, but he miraculously survived using the Force. But when he came home, he found that his wife had committed suicide after being led to being he died. Markenel became overwhelmed with grief and anger against his brother and the Sith. He decided that he had to continue his crusade with everyone thinking he was dead. Thus, Markenel took dozens of force-sensitive children unknown to the Republic or the Jedi Order, including Venarge and Ezria, and created a league of dark Jedi assassins trained to destroy any spies and sympathizers with the people of Dromund Kass across the galaxy. All the while, he waited for the opportunity to gain enough strength to come back to his homeworld and commit genocide against the entire Sith Order as well as the Demoth, believing that it was the will of the Force with me leading the slaughter.Goal: To wipe out the Sith and the Demoth from existence and kill all life in any planets the Sith or Demoth have rule either willingly or by force to make sure they are gone for good.Weapons: A green double-bladed lightsaber.Powers: Various abilities from both the light side and dark side of the Force.Note: Markenel's outfit is a brand new design, but feel free to alter it in your entries as long as the symbol is still on his chest.3) Helga Katriama,Gerenabowhats symbol on her coat,Background: Helga is the eldest daughter of a grand martial artist who taught her how to defend herself since she was little. But when she was ten, her father became heavily in debt to a major crime family, and so the don took Helga as payment, forcing her to be a pawn to his major operations to pay back the money her father owed. For four years, she was taught how to fight for the mafia family through her father's teachings and later how to use guns. Overtime, she closed herself emotionally and focused on surviving and following orders. Fortunately, she found hope when she encountered a superhero named Captain Entei, who saved her from the mafia, and the two began to fight evil together, eventually becoming a couple. Years later when they were of age, Helga and Entei married and co-founded a special group of heroes and adventurers with me called the Geranabowhats Gang. Helga and Entei have twins named Joel and Hillary, and eleven years later they had another daughter named Kristen. Goal: To fight forces of evil that endanger the world/the universe and protect her family by any means.Weapons and skills: skilled in every form of martial arts and armed with her special gun called the Flare Blaster, which shoots balls of plasma. 4) Kim Katriama,The Geranabowhats G tattoo on her arm,Background: A year after the mafia took Helga to be their pawn, her parents had another daughter named Kim. After losing one child, their parents were determined to raise Kim to be a strong-willed, independent person who fights for good as opposed to being a pawn of corruption like her older sister. Their father trained Kim hard in martial arts just like Helga and enrolled her into a school for future heroes when she was eleven, where she developed an interest in using gadgets. Helga and Kim's parents also made sure that Kim would learn to be deeply opposed to using guns and other weapons unlike Helga, who the mafia taught her to use. Despite all of this dedication, however, Kim wanted to meet her older sister, who her parents had not seen since she had been taken. By the time Kim was old enough to ask about her sister, it had been several years since the mafia Helga worked for was imprisoned and their parents had no idea what happened to her. As far as they knew, she was either dead or in prison, but Kim chose to believe that Helga was still alive and could be free from living as a criminal. Finally, when she was fourteen, Helga, Entei, and I enrolled in the school for heroes, and Kim was finally able to meet her older sister. Kim became the first new member of the Geranabowhats Gang, and she got a tattoo of the symbol of the Geranabowhats Gang to express her pride in being a force of fighting evil with her big sister and her brother-in-law, Captain Entei Goal: Fight forces of evil with HelgaWeapons and skills: Master martial artist and has various gadgets in her belt for missions.5) Ezria,Symbol on her dress,Crossover with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls,,,Art by @NadiaDibaj ,Art by SiansaarBackground: Ezria was raised by her father, fallen Jedi Master Markenel, who believed that the Sith, the Demoth, and anything that has been tainted by them must be destroyed without hesitation. When she, her brother, Venarge, and their childhood friend, Istawrin were 11, Markenel found me as a child and began to secretly train me to be a Jedi with the belief that it is my destiny to ultimately wipe out the Sith and Demoth from existence. Unfortunately, a Sith assassin disguised as a Demoth stabbed Markenel during a duel and he fell supposedly to his death. Markenel survived, but news of his death filled his wife, Tanaz, with so much grief that she killed herself and accidentally taking their servant, Istariwn's mother, with her. When Markenel returned to his apartment, Venarge, Ezria, and Istarwin were left alone with their mothers' corpses. That's when Markenel decided to fight the darkness through genocide, founding a secret league of dark Jedi assassins with Venarge, Ezria, and Istarwin as his most deadly warriors bent on killing anything connected to the Sith and/or the Demoth while I led the fight against the dark side with my friends unaware that Markenel is dead or that he was married and has children. In the years that followed, Markenel heard of my adventures and accomplishments as a Jedi, giving him hope that I really am the chosen one. While Venarge and Istarwin hated Markenel for favoring me over his son, Ezria shared her father's beliefs to the point that she fell deeply in love with me. She slaughters her enemies and those her father deems tainted in hopes to destroy evil together with me and make me her husband.Goal: To wipe out the Sith and all other forces of darkness and to gain my affection.Weapons: Two dark orange lightsabersPowers: various dark side abilities like Force Lightning and Force Choke Note: The design with the symbol on her dress is the official design to use for any entries of her. The ones with her wearing only black robes are shown as references to her character.6) Drazzema Pierre,,,,Credit goes to @Sanguynee for this picture,Credit goes to PumpkinEmojii for this picture,Credit goes to @ktou for this pictureBackground: As a child of the new ruler of Dromund Kass, Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala, Mieze and her brother, Howlpawntin, dreamed of always fighting alongside each other for their father. But when Howlpawntin was 11 and Mieze was 8, it was revealed that while Howlpawntin was powerful in the Force, Mieze was incapable of using it apart from the ability Force Sight that her species, the Miraluka, use to see. Quadrupala was so enraged that he had what he considered to be a defect. He lifted Mieze up by the throat and used Force Lightning with the hand choking her, scarring her neck. He ordered Howlpawntin to take Mieze to the outskirts of the city to execute Mieze, but Howlpawntin cared for his sister so much that when they went outside, he took Mieze to a landing station to get off of the planet. He decided that if Mieze wasn't going to be a Sith warrior for their father, then neither was he. He sneaked into a ship's cargo hold to assure Mieze that it was safe, but before she could join him, the cargo hold door closed, and the ship flew away with Howlpawntin still inside, leaving poor Mieze all alone. With no other choice, she ran into the forest before anyone found her and had her terminated for being a 'defect.' Eventually, she was found by the secretly light-sided Sith Lord, Aemilia Pierre, and she was kind to Mieze. The two of them created a bond that led to Aemelia secretly adopting Mieze as he daughter and changing her name to her late mother's name, Drazzema.Goal: To escape from the Sith and for her and Aemilia to live a life of good away from Dromund Kass.Weapons: Sniper rifle, knife, beskar sword. 5) Howlpawntin ,Howlpawntin at a young age. Credit goes to @stelamoris ,Background: Howlpawntin is a Sith Half-blood who was a child of Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala. When he tried to escape from his father, he was separated from his sister, Mieze. He stowed away from ship to ship to escape from his father. Eventually, he was found by Jedi Master Markenel, who is his uncle, which only Markenel knows, and he took him to the Jedi Council, where they sent him to the Jedi world of Tython to be trained in the light side of the Force. Howlpawntin grew up to be a tall, wise, and powerful Jedi sage on Tython. He studied various books about the Jedi and the Force, philosophized with the Jedi elders, and took walks to admire the planet's life. And yet, despite it all, his thoughts would be on Mieze, and he hoped beyond reason that she was still alive and he might see his sister again.Goal: To defend the galaxy from the forces of darkness.Weapon: a green lightsaberPowers: Various light side abilities, including healing and attacking his enemies with rocks and debris or causing the ground to shake underneath his enemies.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. With that all said, I hope you will all have fun partaking in this contest!
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Mature Content

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AUCTION 'YCH Cow Bikini Busty' OPEN by ranshin06

Mature Content

AUCTION  YCH Bunny Girl1 - OPEN by ranshin06

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Starting a own contest
[Contest] Isekai Manga and Anime - Badass Hello, the Isekai Contest 2022 startet now today, this contest is a cooperation between the badass groups ultimativebadas and beauties vs beastsThe Contest will end 10.09.2022 How to EnterYou must draw a fight artwork between a Human that fight against CreatuesPost your art to DA and either tag #IsekaiContest2022Deviantart or add my name in he description or comment here with your entry. Rules You artwork must including a Human or anthro character taken from Anime or Manga You must draw a new 2D artwork for this contest, old artworks can't enterYou must draw a fight picture between the character and monstersYou have to Watch all Sponsors for this ContestYou have to share the Contest with the #IsekaiContest2022Deviantart in a Journal (Social Media) How to get points? Basis PointsUnder anime and manga are base points.They vary from 10 to 20 Character Points - Max 10 Points for drawing Male or Female Characer Monster Points You get more points for difficult drawed Monsters- Max 10 Points for Kobolds (japanese variant) - Max 10 Points for Werewolves (Not Feral, full transformed) - Max 10 Points for Minotaurs - Max 10 Points for Gnoll like creatures- Max 10 Points for Inugami, Werecreatures like lions, bears, sharks, dogs, crocs more- Max 8 Points for animals, wolves, lions, bears and more Artwork and Creativity - Max 15 Points for Full Colored with Shadaws and more- Max 10 Points for Flat - Max 5 Points for Black & White- Max 5 Points for drawing active / passiv fight (one Point only if you miss it)- Max 5 Points for a Badass work - Max 5 Points for Details- Max 5 Points for Creativity- Max 5 Points for Background Bonus points - Max 5 Points for drawing more then two Monsters - Max 2 Points for drawing a Bonus character Variant One fighta active fight picture, here are all character and the Monsters still alive. The picture is full of actionexample,Variant Two "defeat"defeat mean, that we see all monsters knockout or dead on the floor. The fight is over and the monsters are defeated. example,You choose the age rating of your work. It can between without rating, moderate or strictThe artist have the freedom to draw cartoon, realism, satire, comedy, exaggerationToo say thanks to make this contest possible you must watch all Sponsors. MagicfManga Siddharka abstractmore cruisingcancercrab rikka-miyagi GunModoki BrownBoringBagYou must Post a Journal on DeviantART about this Contest. You can also Post on Social Media(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Dont forgot the #IsekaiContest2022DeviantArt Prices #1 First PlaceFull colored work(Maximal 5 character) ,by cruisingcancercrabFull Body ,By MagicfMangaFull colored work,by abstractmore #2nd PlaceFull Body ,by GunModokiNSFW bust sketch,by BrownBoringBagHalfbody ,by rikka-miyagi one bust shot,By MagicfManga#3 Third PlaceFlat colored work,by Siddharka,By MagicfManga This InformationAll the monsters you draw should not have shoes. ( Lizards, Werewolves, Kobolds ect).The monsters do not have to be drawn exactly as they are on the reference, they can be different, but they should be clearly recognizable.Werewolves, Kobolds and Beastman should be drawn with at least 4 toes and maximum 5 toes on the foot. Paws or feet depending on the templateFor lizards, the minimum is 3 toes and the maximum is 5 toes.For horses, minotaurs applies no hooves, but 5 toes, with longer toenails than humans.After fight ( Please with defeated monsters) I would be happy if the characters show their feet paws and their tongue looks out of their mouth. Eyes closed.All ideas have a Number on it. It would be helpful when you can write the idea you take (or Manga / Anime name) Kobolds ( japanese variant - like anthro wolves or werewolves) 1.Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash ( 灰と幻想のグリムガル Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru )I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobolds from the "Anime" like Ranta / Haruhiro or Marie against the Kobolds from Episode 10 to Episode 12.,Base Points : 15 2.IM STANDING ON 1,000,000 LIVES - 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa - 100万の命の上に俺は立っているI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobolds from the Manga Points : 103 Record of Lodoss War -ロードス島戦記,i would love to see Pan or Deedlit killing the small Kobolds from the the Anime (please without shoes and with human beast feet),Base Points : 15 4.Demon Fist Daydreamer - Maken No Daydreamer Nishi Osyou ( 魔拳のデイドリーマー - )I would love to see Minato / Nishi fights / knockout alot. In the Manga i miss to see the defeated Kobolds Points : 105.Berserk of Gluttony ( 暴食のベルセルク~俺だけレベルという概念を突破する~ )I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga.Idea: You can add the Kobold Leader dead with the Kobold Juniors around of him.You can draw them with normal Paws, Smaller Claws or with feet. The Paws look in the normal Manga to big, more like Lizardman then Canines. Please draw them smaller more Anthro like or with beastman feet of Gluttony - Kobold Leader Points : 15 6.Yondome wa Iyana Shi Zokusei MajutsushiI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga.I want to see the Ghoul Tyrant Vigaro slaying alot Kobolds. I would love to see the alot defeated Kobolds on the floor. The Kobolds had in the Manga 5 toes on the feet and no paws.,Ghouls,Ghoul Tyrant Vigaro,Base Points : 20 6.2 Alternative i would really love to see the Kobold King killed alot Ghouls,Base Points : 15 7.Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Sutato! Toku-ka Shin I want to see Rize from the Manga killing alot more Kobolds and wolves ,Base Points : 15 8.Maken No Daydreamer I want to see Nishi or Osyou from the Manga defeat alot Kobolds. ,Base Points : 159.I Was Naked When I Reached the Other World - 異世界に転生したら全裸にされた - Isekai ni Tensei Shitara Zenra ni SaretaI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga, but please with 5 toes on the foot, this 4 toes kind look really weird Points : 1010.Ochikobore Koku o Deru: Jitsuha Sekai de I would love to see more fights knockouts and defeated Kobolds on the floor. In the Manga the Kobolds despawn sadly. Points : 15 11.Beauty, Sage and the Devil's Sword - 美女と賢者と魔人の剣 - Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga Points : 15 12.The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King - リアリスト魔王による聖域なき異世界改革 - Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku toes)I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold, Anthro Wolves and the Beast King (Lion) from the Manga(Beast King Lion) (Anthro Wolves) Points : 1013.リ・モンスター - Re MonsterI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga, You can select or Mix from Rou, Mi, Kichi, Sato, E, Sei Base Points : 15 14.Growth Cheat ; I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless - 成長チートでなんでもできるようになったが、無職だけは辞められないようです - Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you.I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga http*They look familiar with the Kobolds from Grimgar please draw them with 4 or 5 toes*Base Points : 1015.旗揚! けものみち - Kemono Michi: Rise Up Draw Shibata GenzoI would love to see more fights knockouts of that defeated Kobold from the Manga (please without shoes and with human feet)ttps:// Points : 15 16.Different World Wandering Meal with Ridiculous Skill - とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou MeshiI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga (Please in better Quality with 4 toes on the Paw) Base Points : 1017.Carve the Another World by Controlling Magic- 異世界を制御魔法で切り開け - Isekai wo Seigyo Mahou de Kirihirake I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the ,*Please draw the Kobolds with smaller toes and claws*Base Points 1518.The Hero Who Was Reborn as a Daughter of the Heroes Aims to Become a Hero Again 英雄の娘として生まれ変わった英雄は再び英雄を目指す转生英雄之女重生英雄之女的英雄立志再度成为英雄 -Eiyuu no Musume to Shite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu o Mezasu I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga Base Points 10 19.デビルサバイバー - Devil Survivor I would love to Hiro/Hibiki or Bunny Boy fight / knockouts the Kobolds from the Serie and Movie Megami Tensei - Tokyo Revelation - Kobolds Points 15 20 Goblin SlayerHad an idea for an OVA, it's about that this time it's not goblins. But werewolf-like Kobolds (like from hai to gensou no grimgar) that are defeated by Lizard Priest.Base Points 15 21.Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai SuruI would love to see more defeated Kobolds from the Manga Base Points 1022.月が導く異世界道中 月光下的异世界之旅 - Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu -I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Kobold from the Manga,*Please draw them in bigger Size they look like Puppies and really week*Base Points : 10Werewolves 2.1 Hidan no AriaI would love to see Kanzaki, Kinji, Riko or Reki killing Vlad and some more werewolves. Alternative only some werewolves that look familiar with Vlad ,Base Points : 202.2.Parallel Paradise - ( パラレルパラダイス ) I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Werewolves Base Points : 102.3 Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de - 二度目の人生を異世界で I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Werewolves,Base Points 10 2.4 レイヴ – Rave MasterI would love to see Haru, Elie, Plue or other character fight / knockouts the werewolves from chapter 116. For me would be important that you draw them without shoes. You can choose whether to draw these now with paws or feet Points 152.5 Slayers The Book of SpellsI would like when one character from Slayers defeat a pack of Werewolf Bandits from the movie.Without shoes i guess with paws or feet.,Base Points 152.6 Suterareta Tensei Kenja Mamono I would love to see defeated Werewolves from the MangaYou can select the slayer Belamus, Delarosa or other ,Base Points 152.7 One-of-a-Kind IrregularI would like to see the main character fighting werewolves Please with four toes or five werewolves werewolves 3rd floor Points 152.8 Fullmetal-AlchemistI would like to see Edward, Roy or Alphonse defeat a pile of werewolves from the Movie. Please draw the werewolves with four toes Base Points 15Gnolls 3.1 Log Horizon (デビルサバイバー2) I would love to see more fights knockouts of that defeated Gnolls from the Anime,*Appear in Season Two Episode 14*Season 3 Ep 10 + 11 ,*With some claws on ther paws* No Despawn!Base Points : 20Beastman 4.1 Dream Isekai Random AmbushI had a strange dream. It was about a path on which three people were walking. They were attacked by anthro wolves. These wolves were all white or light grey and only had a loincloth. They had primitive weapons like clubs and simple bows.On the slope stood a male character who pushed the beasts back. He had a sword and shield.In the lower part of the slope were three female characters, supporting the fighter. One of them was a sorceress, another had two daggers and a crossbow. The last person had a bow. Together they fought against these wolves.Your task is to draw this fight. Either use the sketch below this text as a reference or create your own. In my head, the whole thing had to do with the anime Seven Deadly Sins, the music from the intro sounded. Of course you can use other characters that fit into the setting. I would love to see the paws of the wolves (paws with four toes or feet with five toes).,Base Points : 204.2 Beastars ( ビースターズ) I would love to see a fight scenes about Legoshi and Louis or (Jackie & Collot) (Haru & Juno) (Bill & Durham) fighting against the Shishigumi lions. (A bit like in the Manga) I want to see alot deafeted lions showing ther feet or pawsPlease draw the Lions without shoes Base Points : 15 4.2.2 Beastars ( ビースターズ) Free for allDraw a fight artwork with a Knockout Legoshi, Bill, Collot, Durham, Louis, Riz by Juno, Haru, Ellen, Cosmo Base Points : 15 4.3 Princess Resurrection (怪物王女 ) I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Foxes from the Manga, you can choose between Hiro or RizaThe Fox Demons appear only in the Manga in Chapter 41. Please keep in mind this guys have human kind of feet,Base Points : 204.4 BNA: Brand New Animal (ビー・エヌ・エー)I would love to see Shirou or Michiru defeat Elsa and other lions. Should be barefeet with four to five toes in his animal formBase Points : 154.4.2 BNA: Brand New Animal (ビー・エヌ・エー)Michiru defeat defeat Shirou and we see Shirou´s paws with four toes.Should be barefeet with four to five toes in his animal formBase Points : 154.5 Dragonball Z – Dream Bandit Wolves [Dream Request]It was about Son Goku and that he had just fought with Freezar. However, the fight ended with Freezar escaped and wanted to destroy the earth.Son Goku pursued this but had to make an emergency landing on a planet, the villagers would help Son Goku repair his ship if he would ensure that he would drive away bandits. The villiages look like Humans but ther skin was blue)These bandits were gray and brown anthro wolves and Son Goku helped the villagers who were terrorized by these bandits.Please draw me a picture of Son Goku looking at a defeat bunch of anthro wolves. These can be in your style or the Dragonball style. For me it would be important that the wolves look like bandits and that they do not wear shoes. Paws or feet are allowed and should be visible.Base Points : 204.5.2 Dragon Ball Super: Broly I want to see Kid Vegeta, Kid Raditz or other Sajijin defeat and killing the Lizardmen from the Manga and Anime. Form e would be important that you draw them without shoes like in the Manga. With 3 or 4 toes Base Points : 15 4.5.3 Dragonball - Son Goku vs Red-Ribon-ArmeeI would love to see Son Goku that defeat Animal (Anthro) soldiers from the showI want to see them with paws or with feet (no shoes) Base Points : 15 4.5.4 Dragonball Z– Character vs BeastmenI would love to see Son Goku, Bulma, Trunks, Son Goten, Krillin, Vegeta, Videl, Yamchu that defeat normal beastman from the show. (Without shoes) Base Points : 104.5.5 Dragonball / Dr SlumpArale, Son Goku (young) Son Goten, Son Gohan that defeat animals in a forrest like bears, wolves, sabertooth. Lions (africa) or dinosaurs doberman (from Dragonball Z, Super, GT)Base Points : 104.5.6 Dragonball - Beerus vs Bergamo, Lavender and BasilI would love to see Beerus that defeat the three Wolves from the showI want to see them with paws or with feet (no shoes) Feel free to draw Beerus with shoes or withoutBase Points : 15 4.6 One Punch Man ワンパンマンI would love to Saitama or Genos defeat a pack of Anthro lions like the Beast King 獣王 A pack of different Lions with other traditonal clothers or clones from the Beast King. Knockout on the floor or dead, should not be a puzzle like in the Show You can use the Manga Lion King ( 4 toes with paws) In the Anime he had 5 toes but weird nails, please without that claws hide them. Points : 15 4.6.2 One Punch Man ワンパンマンAlso would be great to see when Saitama would kill alot of different Kind of Anthro Animals, like Wolves, Lions, Bears, Crocodiles, Lizards, Hyenas, Leopard, Cheetah (No Puzzle) Base Points : 15 4.6.3 One Punch Man ワンパンマンAncient KingYou can draw them like in the Manga but he had here weird looking Human Nails and first after he is dead they look like a normal Lion. or like the Anime variant with 5 toes, but keep in mind Lions have claws. Im not sure why but in the Anime the Beast King had some Kinds of Nails, or it look like it. In the end after he was killed we see the claws out of the toes. This variant would be awesome or a variant with hidden claws. Beast King appear in Episode 2 of One Pucnh Man or Chapter 8Base Points : 15 4.7 Escaflowne – The MovieI would love to see Van Ganel or Allen Schezar or Jajuka killing alot of Hyena Anthros from the Movie ,Base Points : 15 4.8 Mouryou Senki Madara ( 魍魎戦記 MADARA[摩陀羅])Born of legendary origins, the young Madara has grown up in obscurity as an apprentice blacksmith. An encounter with the demonic Mouki reveals his destiny, and catapults him into the middle of a mystic quest. Madara fights for revenge with the help of freedom fighters, magical swords and Kirin, the master of the Majin. His goal is to defeat his brother and then overthrow his father, the despotic Miroku.A really unkown Anime / Manga. I would love to see Madara defeat the evil Wolves from Mouki and a Wolf Captain like this one I would prefer a variant without sandals. You can select between four toes, four toes with paws and feet. Soldiers Points: 154.9 Gintama Movie 2I would love to see Gintoki, Kaguraor Kotaro (or other charactzer from the show) defeat and kill the Amanto from the Movie You can mix the species we have here my favorite are the red lion and horses, also Minotaurs and that Lizard or Dinosaur guy in the right both oft hem. In the Anime they had 4 toes and no shoes you can draw them like that or give them paws or feet with 5 toes. Please draw the clothers like in the anime Base Points : 15 4.10 Tales of Phantasia: The Animation – SharkmanI would like to see more oft he fight against the Sharkman oft he Animation Points : 10 4.11 Slayers NextI would like to see more oft he fight against the Anthro wolves and anthro wolves from Epiosde 2 You can draw them in a active fight or in passiv one with defeated beastmen on the floor. Points : 15 4.12 Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle I would like to see more defeated Demi Humans from Episode 4 and 5. I would prefer when you draw them with four toes or five on ther foot. Points : 10 4.13 Fairy Tale JackalmanI would like to see against Zensuke Fenrir in his transformed form Jackalman get kickassed. Fenrir and alot more JackalmanBase Points : 104.13.2 Fairy Tale Lizardman / Alligatorman I would like to see alot defeated Alligatorman / Crocodileman from the Anime please with 4 toes on the feet Points : 104.14 Hero Holy War ~100 Years After The DemonI would like to see more defeated Van Guards like in the Manga Points : 154.15 Henshin Ninja ArashiDraw Henshin Jitsu that fight and kill the Otterman.I would like when you give the Otterman more nails or claws on the toes and fingers.,Base Points : 154.16 Hidan no Aria - JackalmannI would love to see more defeated Jackalman (no despawn) from the Manga.Please draw them with claws or longer nails on fingers and toes.,Base Points : 154.17 Jasmin ヤスミーン I would love to see a battle against the Lions from JasminYou can draw the Cheetah character or a Zebra that defeat alot Lions.I would be happy to see the defeated lions paws. normal lions,Lion General (dont know the name or correct status),Base Points : 154.17.2 Jasmin ヤスミーン You can also draw a fight between a Zebra that knockout or kill a pack of Hyenas Base Points : 104.17.3 Jasmin ヤスミーン You can also a fight between a Hyena that knockout or kill a pack of Jackals (or lions) Base Points : 104.18 One Piece Beastman / WerewolvesI would love to see Nami or Robin defeat a bundle of Beastman (Or Werewolves) from the Show. Luffy, Sanji or Zoro would be also fine. Importnat for me would be that the Beastman had no shoes on.With Paws ( 4toes) or Feet (5 toes and claws or longer nails) would be fine Base Points : 15Minotaurs 5.1 Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Da ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか – I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Minotaurs from the Anime. (please without hoves and with feet you can draw the nails longer then humans more animal like) Points : 155.2 Devil Survivor デビルサバイバーGozukiI would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Gozuki from the Anime*Info you see in the Anime the Demon had longer nails as in the rest of the Concepts, please draw it with longer nails (No Hoves)*Base Points : 10 5.3 Minotauros no OmoibitoI would love to see Mighty Minotaurus or Captain Ruviné defeated alot of anthro wolves or Minotaurs from the Manga Mighty Minotaurus Anthro Wolf Points : 10 Horseman 6.1 White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake I would love to see defeated Horse Face (should have be anthro horses ) and defeated wolves from that movie. You can select the slayer Bianca or Wai Wai draw Anthro horses without shoes and human like feet Base Points : 156.2 Devil Survivor デビルサバイバー – Mezuki I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Mezuki from the Anime*Info you see in the Anime the Demon had longer nails as in the rest of the Concepts, please draw it with longer nails (No Hoves)*Base Points : 156.3 Gintama Movie 2I would love to see Gintoki, Kaguraor Kotaro (or other charactzer from the show) defeat a pile of Horse Amanto from the Movie with four or five toes. Please draw the clothers like in the anime Base Points : 15 Lizardman or Dinosaurman7.1 Shin Getter RoboHayato Jin, Gou Ichimonji ,Shou Tachibana fight and defeat the dinosaur men from the anime / manga.Important to me here would be that you draw them differently than in the original with three or four. I unfortunately do not know the exact titling of these soldiers,Base Points : 207.2 Stravaganza Isai No Hime Claria fight and defeat the Lizardmen from the manga.,Base Points : 157.3 Suterareta Tensei Kenja Mamono I would love to see defeated Lizardman only , or featured ther Boss You can select the slayer Belamus, Delarosa or other Lizardmen,Lizardman Boss,Base Points : 20 7.4 Dangan o Tsukatte Isekai o BuchinukuCaro fight and defeat the Lizardmen /Dinosaurmen from the manga.Please draw the Dinosaurmen with 4 toes.,Base Points : 20 7.5 Dragonball Super Broly ドラゴンボール超スーパー ブロリー I would love to see more artworks of Kid Vegeta and Kid Radditz fighting and killing the Lizardman from the Manga and Movie. (Please Lizards without shoes like in the Manga) Points : 157.6 Record of Lodoss War – Legend of Crystania (jap. はじまりの冒険者たち レジェンド・オブ・クリスタニア)I would like to see Obier Pirotess killing this Lizardman like in the Anime Points : 10 7.7 Monster Rancher Dream Zuum Slayer I had a very interesting dream, with Zuums from the anime / manga / game Monster Rancher.The dream was about a city from the 17th or 18th century. The streets were already laid with stones and the buildings were also modern. In a narrow alley suddenly appeared some Zuums. They attacked there. Three beautiful anime girls fight against them.At the end you saw two horse carts full of dead monsters.I accept two settings here the first would be in this city a fight against the Zuums or alternative where they are already on the scales.The Zuums I would want to see deviating from the original with 3 instead of 2 toes.,Base Points : 20 7.7.2 Monster Rancher I would love to see Haki, Tiger (Feral or Anthro) defeat bad troopsZuums, Salamander, dragons, dinosaur (Black ones) Zebrea Saurians (3 toes) , Shell Saurian Points : 10 7.8 レジェンド (たかの雅治) - Legend (TAKANO Masaharu)I would love to see more fights knockouts and corpse of defeated Lizardman from the Manga Points : 10 7.9 ワンパンマン – One PunchI would love to see Ancient King and pack of dinosaurs like Ancient King get killed by Saitama (Dead on the Floor) Base Points : 10 7.9.2. ワンパンマン – One PunchI would love to see more Crocodiles slayed by Onepunch Man Manga Chapter 145 Page 18 - Lizard demon lady (Crocodile Sitting right) alot of dead crocs would be fantastic, please with 4 toes or 5.Base Points : 15 7.10 デスマーチからはじまる異世界狂想曲 - Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku would love to see here the fight against the Lizardman from the Manga Base Points : 10 7.11 Slayers TrytI would like to see more oft he fight this Lizardmen Dead on the floor or in a active fight. Base Points : 10 7.12 Goblin SlayerA kind of battle Lizard Priest fight and kill other lizardman who may work as mercenaries. They can use some different armor leather or metal. Should be barefeet like Lizard Priest.Base Points : 157.13 DigimonI would love to see defeated Digimon you can select between - Agumon, Greymon (Geogreymon), BlackGreymon Metalgreyomon, Geogreymon - Veemon, Flamedramon, ExVeemon, Magnamon- Guilmon (three toes), Growlmon, WarGrowlmon- Gaomon (four toes), Gabumon, Gazimon (four toes), WereGarurumon (four - five toes)- Tuskmon, Allomon, Deltamon, Triceramon,Tyrannomon, DarkTyrannomon, BioSupinomon- Spinomon, MasterTyrannomon,- BanchoLeomon, Leomon,Renamon (four - five toes)You can draw one or alot of defeated digimon showing ther feetOrc (Pigmen) 8.1 After Being Reborn, i Became The Strongest to Save EveryoneI would like to see Eric or Felix kickassing more Orcs (Pigman) Please draw them with feet and keep eyes on ther size ,Base Points : 15Animals 9.1 One PiceWould like to see Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Laffy or other kickass and defeat alot of Banana Crocs, noble crocs, Danpas, Richie (4 toes) Hihimaru, Baboons, Cyborg crocodile, lions, T-Rex or other sharptooth dinosaurs, X Drake, Spinosaurus, Sabertooth, Snow Rabbit, wolves, bears important is for me that the animals should have minimum 4 toes (or 5) and it should be more then one.Base Points : 159.2World of LeadaleWould like to see Keina Kagami defeated alot Bears showing ther hindpaws (feet) Base Points : 10Dragons 10.1 I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My LevelWould love to see Azusa Aizawa defeat alot Dragons. You can choose between Red or Blue Dragons.Base Points : 10Contest start 02.07 and will End 10.09.2022*If you are a drawer, I am always looking for prizes for contests.All participants must follow you.Contest at a glance 01.07.2022 -10.09.2022 Anime Manga Contest03.09.2022 - 05.11.2022 Halloween Contest2023 Videogame Contest2023 Halloween Contest2024 Cartoon Contest2024 Halloween Contest2025 Comics2025 Halloween Contest2026 Movie / Series...
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