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I'm having an art competition to celebrate personal milestone. An artist will be chosen as the winner and receive a $80 prize. Looking for people who might be interested. The video has more information or you can look at the discord. No entry fee.

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Greys Draw our OCs Contest by GreySparkle   Grey's draw our OC's Constest Oct.23/Mar.24 (OPEN)It's time again for another big contest hosted by Xrisoka and me! We will have our 6th *woohoo!It's a Draw-Our-OC contest with an open theme called “Love” if it’s love to their Partner, Friends , Family or Love for a hobby or the favorite food you decide. Everyone who creates visual art (traditional, digital, animation etc. ( No AI ) are welcome to join. We hope everyone will find characters that inspire them to have fun and be creative! Any art level is welcome as all entries will be judged by how well you display the characters and their personalities. So even a lower art level can win over someone with better skills that had less empathy for the character.DEADLINE : ~~March 31,2024How to enter:-Draw any of these Characters. will find everything about them in their Toyhouse.Their stats- likes- bio- and relationships. Same as Race info and info about the world itself.Any type of Visual Media is allowed, get creative. ( Traditional, Digital, Animation etc. )We have for you Story: Nothing Demonic Nix and Bo ( as a couple or from their pre phase where they've been more like cats and dogs with a lot of teasing) , same as Nix Pet, same as Harui and Cane from their Airship crew. ( which can be drawn all as friends… ) and Queenie who is a Villian who has a Hate Love relation with Botis. She likes to collect Pretty people to her Crew and wants Botis, but besides some fun in the past he never joined, which left Queenie with some hatred for him. Story: Call in a Dream Lunacy and Cua ( couple), Amai, Akai and Otis ( triplettes), All be friends together and Travel together, Hiding from the Government who want to take Lunacy in to do some more experimenting on her. Story: Alean Blues Mimi and Ye-jun ( couple), Ceres and Theo ( couple) and Olala the Adoptive Child of Ceres and Theo, Both couples are friends and from the same Artist Community.And two Villian who appear in lot of stories Haydes and Azazel ( only forged friends since working together, sure Haydes has a huge crush on Azazel but he just sees her as the child she is.. How to enter:Mandatory- Draw any of these characters: (all info about them included in the link)- Fave and share this Journal +comment with your entry and the link of the shared post.- Tag #GreysContest2023, same as our Names under the Devention GreySparkle and Xrisoka along with a link to our contest in the description of your entry. Optional- It would make us happy if you would share our contest in your other active social media! - If you like our art you can watch us, as it may help you to stay tuned with updates.Money Prizes + Art:Every entry will get a comment from us , no entry will go unappreciated! ( by the end of the Contest)GRAND PRIZE 50$ - no limits, be creative!This is where each entry is run automatically for - no matter which execution or format. ( the winner can only win one prize with the winning drawing, except it's a group picture of 3+ than the subcategory it also entered can be added to the prize)ART1 uncoloured headshot lineart from Taniwharau1 colored bust from VampireSiberianOur subcategories - ATTENTION, we have 4 subCategories which you can head for as well, (counters will count on completed works) BEST Season / Event Each Category is like a sub Contest with its own prizes. ( 5$ Start/ Unlocked - 20$ at 5 entries per group, 25$ at 10 entries)Art: sketch bust from Taniwharausketch bust from VampireSiberian1.Autum, Halloween 2.Winter, CHristmas3.Spring, Easter, Valentines4.SummerImportant NoteYou can enter multiple pieces, and you can win Multiple times in the SUBCATEGORIES SO get in the mood and fall in love with our Babies and get more chances to win with more Entries.Art Raffle for all Participants :To motivate you guys to not only post your entries in the last two weeks of the contest, I offer an Art raffle each month where you can win extra, not connected to the end Prizes. The earlier you enter, the more often you can join this Raffle, without doing anything extra.We will raffle one Badge each month plus Donations we might receive1 Badge from Taniwharausome badges from @BLDanielRichards one bust sketch fom VampireSiberian one YCH from me SparklesForYou,
FuriousRudra Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2023  Professional Digital Artist
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Hello! The group Anime-Turf is having a contest with different prizes and features. Check it out!!!
Anime-Turf Contest! Deadline 09/07/2023Contest Time Hello everyone! It's about time we finally do this. It's time we do a contest (With a cash prize ), and just in time for the birthday of our beloved group @Anime-Turf . I will go into the details of the contest, but first, I would like to introduce everyone to our new group admin @roshichen @roshichen is an artist who I have followed for quite some time and has great experience in moderating groups like this as well as some awesome work. Welcome our new admin and go check out his page! I promise I'll give you more of an introduction after all this contest stuff is over lol.Now, lets go over the details of this contest!Submission Period: 08/11/2023-09/07/2023Judge Review Period: 09/07/2023-09/10/2023Theme -The theme of this contest will be a "Happy Birthday Anime-Turf" as the groups birthday is coming up on September 7th. Guidelines-Submissions for the contest should be in the manga/anime art style and focusing on the theme of the contest.-Submissions can include your own characters, fanart, or both. 1-2 characters recommended. -Background for the submission is not required.-Submit your work to the group folder "Anime-Turf BDAY Contest 2023"-All submissions will be featured on the groups main page and multiple submissions will be accepted throughout the submission period, but you can only choose one submission to consider for competition. -In order to participate in this contest, you must: -Be a member of this group @Anime-Turf -Favorite this journal -Share this journal in a post (You can do this be scrolling to the bottom of the journal right before the comments, and clicking the three dots (...) next to the comment button, and click the option "Share in a Post")-Submissions will not be accepted will be disqualified if: -Sexually suggestive or explicit -Includes some form of advertised work -Has been posted to DeviantArt prior to the start of this contest (08/11/2023) -Contains any offensive material or the creator partakes in any offensive or problematic behavior disrupting events within the group as well as within DeviantArt. -Contains any form of AI assistance or is AI created in general. -The creator continuously goes against the groups general submission guidelines. (This is for members that continue to submit advertised work into other folders.)-Myself and the admin @MiseryMeats will be judging this contest. One or two judges may join the fray, but I will update the journal if so. Prizes -All submissions will be Featured in the groups "Featured Folder" as well as in the groups front page on the Contest Results Journal once the contest is over. -1st Prize: $50, Large feature on the front page of the group in the Contest Result Journal including your submission, some of your work, and an interview (optional), and a Diamond Badge (includes one month of core). -**The Interview portion of the Feature for 1st place can include information regarding any advertised work: Commission info, YCH, Subscription Services, Adopts, etc.)-2nd Prize: $25, Medium Feature on in the Contest Result Journal including your submission and some of your work, and a Diamond Badge (includes one month of core).3rd-5th Prize: Diamond Badge (includes one month of core)I'll throw in some badges for anyone that stands out, whether it's your work, your participation, or just interaction with others and helping others out! This is everything for now. If any updates are made to the submission guidelines or contest in general, I will update this journal with a message at the top. I'll post an example submission in the next day or so. Other than that, I am overly happy to be able to host such a contest and to have everyone just as a member of this group. If you have any questions about the contest, or about anything at all, or just want to talk, feel free to comment here, send me a message, or send me a note. I'm always here for you guys! Happy creating and thanks again for being a member!...
CoitiCoiti Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Draw my oc contest where everyone gets a prize! All the people who joins gets a sketch of anything they want :D (Big Grin) 
Deadline is January 2024
Draw my oc Contest! Art, Points and Core (OPEN)
  Draw my oc Contest! Art, Points and Core (OPEN)scroll down for Spanish version / desplazarse hacia abajo para ver la versión en español IntroductionHello! A year ago I made a Contest about drawing my original characters, and now that I have saved some points I wanted to do that again :DEveryone who joins will get a quick uncolored sketch of one character of your choice as a prize.Deadline is January 10 of 2024What to drawFor this contest there will be two different options to join✦ Option 1: Join this "DTIYS" (Draw this in your style), that means using the same characters present here, their names are Zael and Nephli, you can also draw them in the same poses and same place, but in your own style or with a different medium and technique. ,If you do your version of this please use the hashtag #CoitiCoitiDTIYSOption 2: Draw any of my characters in any way you want! For this option you can draw any of the characters here, or in here. You will find 25 characters in total in the first folder and 3 characters in the second one. In these folders you can find more information about them, they belong to 7 different universes, the ones from the same universes can be drawn together or interacting in some way.These are the references of some of them, you can find more of my characters here ,I have a list here on google drive that others can use if you want to join but aren't sure of what to draw.Requirements to join:You don't need to be a watcher/follower, everyone can participate! Share a link to this contest on a Journal or Status update and favorite this post.Mention me (@CoitiCoiti) when you publish yout drawing and put it here on the comments so I can see it. If I didn’t comment on it, it means I haven’t seen it yet.Contest Rules:Any medium is welcome, both traditional and digital, 2d and 3d, crafts and sculpture are also accepted. The characters must be recognizable in your art! Changing outfits and experimenting with colors is okay. But try to keep their important body features.No nsfw. Gore and Pin-up is ok only for the adult (+18) characters. You can find their ages in their Toyhouse profiles.You can draw the characters that are from the same story interacting with each other.You can join in both the DTIYS and the draw any of my ocs categories, but only one of your drawings can win the prize.You can do more than one entry, but only one can win per person.Prizes:Every participant who follows the rules will receive a portrait sketch of any character you want, but I need a visual reference.There will be two winners for each place, one for the DTIYS and one for the draw any of my ocs.First DTIYS place -- First draw any of my ocs place900 points eachA Diamond badge for each entry 1 month core membership each1 shaded full-body or half-body illustration with background each,Second DTIYS place -- Second draw any of my ocs place100 points eachA Diamond badge for each entry 1 month core membership each1 flat-color full-body or half-body with simple background each,So there will be 4 final winners in total, 2 for each category.If anyone would like to donate art, points or anything for the prizes, please comment what you can offer and I will add it to this journal :DIf more than 30 people participate in the contest I will add more prizes!Some important info:You will maintain rights over your artwork, I won’t benefit financially in any way from them, only save them in my characters gallery on Toyhouse (with credit to your page) and add them to a favorites folder here on Deviantart.All the references of my characters can be found here Versión en EspañolIntroducción¡Hola! Hace un año hice un concurso sobre dibujar a mis personajes originales, y ahora que ahorré algunos puntos quería hacer uno de vuelta :DTodos los que participen obtendrán un boceto rápido sin color de cualquier personaje que quieran como premio.La fecha limite es 10 de Enero del 2024 Que dibujarPara este concurso van a haber dos opciones para participar✦ Opción 1: Participar de este "DTIYS" (Dibuja esto a tu estilo), eso significa usar los mismos personajes en este dibujo, sus nombres son Zael y Nephli, también podés dibujarlos en las mismas poses y mismo lugar, pero en tu propio estilo o con un medio y técnica diferente.,Si hacés esta versión por favor usa el hashtag #CoitiCoitiDTIYSOpcion 2: ¡Dibujá cualquiera de mis personajes de la forma que quieras! Para esta opción podés dibujar cualquiera de los personas de aqui o de aqui. En la primera carpeta encontraras 25 personajes en total y 3 personajes en la segunda.En estas carpetas podés ver más información sobre ellos, pertenecen a 7 universos diferentes, los que son de un mismo universo pueden dibujarse juntos o interactuando de alguna manera.Estas son las referencias de algunos de ellos, podés encontrar más aqui ,Tengo una lista de google drive con algunas ideas que otros pueden usar en caso de que quieras participar pero no sepas que dibujar. Requerimientos para participar:No es necesario ser un seguidor/watcher ¡todos pueden participar! Comparte un link a este concurso en un Journal o Status Updade y dale favorito a este post.Mencióname (@CoitiCoiti) cuando publiques tu dibujo y ponlo aquí en los comentarios para que pueda verlo. Si aun no he comentado en el significa que no lo he visto.Reglas del concurso:Se acepta cualquier medio, tanto tradicional como digital, 2d y 3d, artesanías y escultura también son aceptadas.Los personajes deben ser reconocibles en tu arte. Cambiarle la ropa o experimentar con los colores está bien, pero intenta mantener las características de sus cuerpos. No nsfw. Gore y Pin-up ok solo para los personajes adultos (+18). Podés encontrar sus edades en sus perfiles de ToyhousePodés dibujar a los personajes que pertenecen a una misma historia interactuando entre ellos.Podés participar del DTIYS y el de dibujar a cualquiera de mis personajes a la vez, pero solo uno de los dibujos puede ganar el premio.Podés participar todas las veces que quieras, pero solo puede ganar un dibujo por persona. Premios:Todos los participantes que sigan las reglas recibirán un retrato boceto de cualquier personaje que quieras, pero necesito una referencia visual. Van a haber dos ganadores por cada lugar, uno del DTIYS y otro del de dibujar a cualquiera de mis ocs. Primer Lugar del DTIYS -- Primer Lugar de dibujar a cualquiera de mis ocs900 puntos cada unoUna Diamond badge para cada pieza1 mes de membresía core cada uno1 ilustración de cuerpo completo o medio cuerpo con sombreado y fondo cada uno,Segundo Lugar del DTIYS -- Segundo lugar de dibujar a cualquiera de mis ocs100 puntos cada unoUna Diamond badge para cada pieza1 mes de membresía core cada uno1 Cuerpo completo o medio cuerpo con color plano y fondo simple cada uno,así que en total serán 4 premios finales, dos para cada categoría.Si a alguien le gustaría donar arte puntos o cualquier otra cosa para los premios, por favor comenta y lo añadiré a los premios :DSi más de 30 personas participan en el concurso agregaré más premios!Algo de información importante:Mantendrás los derechos sobre tu obra, no me beneficiaré financieramente de ninguna manera, solo guardarlos en mi galería de personajes en Toyhouse (con créditos a tu página) y agregarlos a una carpeta de favoritos aquí en Deviantart.Todas las referencias de mis personajes se pueden encontrar aquí: #contest #artcontest #artprize #pointprize #coreprize #art #arte #points #puntos #contestentry #entry #prize #oc #originalcharacter #concurso #competencia #personajeoriginal #dtiys #drawthisinyourstyle
Dremnderr Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Im hosting a contest, some prizes include core membersip and fragments! Please check it out if you are interesed! (つ✧ω✧)つ

[Contest] Draw a Paradox! GET A CORE MEMBERSHIPIntroductionFinally I returned to DeviantArt, it was a very complicated year for me as a student, because between classes and work it is difficult to make a little time for what I am really passionate about, which is drawing and designing. That is why on my return I was working on redesigning some characters that I did some time ago, and these are neither more nor less than my beloved Paradoxes. What its a Paradox? In short, a Paradox is a special breed of creatures that have been born out of the nonsense of the universe and existence itself. They are powerful beings that embody abstractions, concepts and ideas about everything that exists. However, not knowing with certainty their purpose or the scope of their abilities, they ignore the impact they have on the place where they are, so they are basically children playing at being gods, although of course it does not apply to everyone because each one is different.It is important to mention that paradoxes have the ability to travel between different universes, thus adopting the rules and regulations that govern that reality. On this occasion the contest will consist of drawing in any type of style one of the following Paradoxes:Mazomhn, "The wandering chaos",Ohmgrim, "The pandemic",Rhisus, "The first and last laught",I strongly suggest reading the description that these paradoxes have so that you have a clearer vision about the character and the abilities they possess. And so do not make any conceptual error.HOW TO ENTERYou have to be watcher of mine. New ones are welcome~ (つ✧ω✧)つFav and share this post and the OCs involved.Make a comment on one the characters, can be anyone. After submit your piece come here and comment down below with link to your shared post and submission piece.Write "Im in" in the comments o considerate like an active contestant.You need to participate in this poll: EXTRA INFOI am the sole judge however i will be as fair as i can be. I will carefully evaluate each and every single piece. Your skill level is as important as your composition and ur idea behind the piece.You can submit many entries as you want. But remember that quantity is not quality.Feel free toDesign alternative clothing to my ocs.Put them in any kind of environment you likedraw or include violence or depressive elements.deform them artistically.Prizes1 Place: Core Membership for a month 2 Place : 100 Fragments (Unlocks with 10 entries) 3 Place: 50 Fragments (Unlocks with 15 entries) Feel free to ask in the comments or pm if you have any questions. The deadline gonna be until May 15
classysparrow Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just hit 100 watchers so I am hosting a competition(◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。
Some of the prizes include core membership, points, and fragments!
please check it out if you think you may be interested, I accept any media and any type of character (human or not) <3…
SmokeFromFire Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2023
I can't seem to be able to upload my Journal, so here it is:
Worldwide Cultural Spring Festival Contest - 2023Spring is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate this important transition, than by sharing and discovering worldwide and culturally-important spring festivities?We all know Easter, Passover, but what about other festivals? How do other countries and cultures celebrate the Spring arrival?So welcome to the 2nd edition of @PangaeanCulture's Worldwide Cultural Spring Festival Contest. ,How to participate?- You need to be or to become a member of @PangaeanCulture in order to participate.- Submit any kind of art representing a cultural spring festival, tradition, custom, or festivities in the Contest folder, may it be digital or traditional, may it be a painting, drawing, photomanipulation, photography, poem, prose, music, etc. The key point here is to introduce a relatively unknown spring festival; however, you are welcomed to choose conventional ones such as Easter, Passover, etc. And really, anything that happens between March and early June counts. - You may even post a non-fiction piece or an essay-type submission, as in a presentation of the festival, etc.- Remember to credit any stocks and images used in your submissions if they are not your own images or stocks!- You can post as many submissions as you want! - At the end of the contest, 3 winners and 5 runner-ups will be chosen by a vote from the DA community and awarded the respective prizes.The prizes.No contest is fun without prizes!1st winner- 200 points- llama- featured in a special Pangaean Spring Festival Introduction online pamphlet, which will be published in all Federation of Pangaea's public cultural outlet, such as @PangaeanCulture, its official Discord channel, its official YouTube channel, and its official forum.2nd winner- 100 points- llama- featured in a special Pangaean Spring Festival Introduction online pamphlet, which will be published in all Federation of Pangaea's public cultural outlet, such as @PangaeanCulture, its official Discord channel, its official YouTube channel, and its official forum.3rd winner- 50 points- llama- featured in a special Pangaean Spring Festival Introduction online pamphlet, which will be published in all Federation of Pangaea's public cultural outlet, such as @PangaeanCulture, its official Discord channel, its official YouTube channel, and its official forum.The 5 runner-ups will each receive:- 10 points- llama- featured in a special Pangaean Spring Festival Introduction online pamphlet, which will be published in all Federation of Pangaea's public cultural outlet, such as @PangaeanCulture, its official Discord channel, its official YouTube channel, and its official forum.DeadlineThe contest begins today, 5 March, and will end the 3 June, to give enough time to find and submit unique Spring festivities. A 2 week voting period will then be given, and the winners announced shortly after the votes, just in time for Summer!Have fun, and don't be shy to spread and share this around!...
SavamiHope Featured By Owner Edited Dec 26, 2022
Free Entry
31.01.2023 Deadline
U can choose prize: Adobe Photoshop CC Corel Draw Affinity Designer Rebelle ArtRage Flame Painter
Contest link:…
GreySparkle Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2022  Hobbyist
December Draw our Oc contest by GreySparkle  
JuggWorld Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
HAKDurbin Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi. I'm hosting an art contest with cash and art prizes. Can you promote this please?

300+Watchers Art Contest CASH and ART PRIZES!!!Hey, everybody. This is HAKDurbin with some big news. I have recently reached 300+ watchers here on DeviantArt! To celebrate this occasion just like when I made it to 200, I'm holding an art contest on my original characters in what I call the Geranabowhats Universe. Some of the characters you can choose from are different from last time because there are characters with new official designs, and also because I want some characters to get more attention. I mean, let's face it. There were plenty of entries of characters like Eternal War, Aemelia Pierre, and Morfious in the last contest, so let's give other characters some love. You can draw one or more characters for each entry (please ask what their relationships are with each other first if it isn't shown in their profile), and you can submit as many entries as you want. Just leave a comment on this journal with a link of your entry/entries. Rules1) Any form of art is welcome.2) It must be new work. I know not many people have made pictures of my OCs, but I'm putting this rule in just in case since it's a common rule for contests. 3) Absolutely NO NSFW or lewd content. Please keep things rated G/PG4) Keep true to the characters' outfits and general appearance, though there are some exceptions. Due date for entries: December 31st Prizes1st Place - $50 and a full body picture2nd Place - $25 and a medium body shot3rd Place - $25 and a head shot WARNINGPlease note that with art prizes I will not make anything with sexual, content revealing clothing, or other inappropriate content. If you ask something like that, I will tell you to ask me for an alteration of what you want or something else for your prize. Characters:1) Powuru,Credit goes to @Sanguynee for this picture,,,The marking on Powuru's head.,Background: Raised a slave to the Supreme Dark Lord Abigor under the name Rikmai, which is a name of English origin that means servant to power, Powuru lived a life of hate against all life apart from his own. His master knew that he was strong in the Force, but rather than train him Abigor had him fight in the gladiator pits, where Powuru became a fierce fighter who never lost in battle to entertain his master. He was so skilled that he never gained a scratch in a fight, which made him proud of his abilities. Eventually, Eternal War (the main threat in the Geranabowhats Universe) came to Powuru taking the form of a human-like being clothed in all the galaxies in the universe. He claimed to be the universe itself and declared that Powuru's destiny was to rule the universe. Believing him, Powuru allowed Eternal War to enhance his abilities in the Force and put markings on top of his head from various text all over the universe that reads "Powuru: God of the Universe." And so, Powuru destroyed Abigor under the name Powuru, which is a variation of the word "power," to claim that he's power itself. He formed a massive army of troopers, battle droids, and dark force users called the Demoth and began his conquest to rule the universe.Goal: To conquer and gain power to rule the entire universe. Weapon: a red lightsaber with a black center. Powers: Force Lightning, Force, Choke, and other dark side abilities. He can also create armored monsters to fight in his stead.2) Markenel,Symbol on his chest.,Background: Originally, the Sith-Pureblood Jedi Master was a Sith apprentice in Dromund Kass named Aalim. Hating the ways of the Sith, he snuck out of the planet and was found by the Jedi, who let him be a part of his order, and he gave himself the name Markenel. He eventually married a young human Jedi named Tanaz, and she gave birth to twins, a Sith-Halfblood boy named Venarge, and a human girl named Ezria. Eventually, he met me and began to train me in the Jedi ways, believing that it is my destiny to become so powerful in the Force that I will destroy the Sith and the Demoth. However, Markenel's past caught up with him when his brother, Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala, sent an assassin to kill him. The assassin wounded him in a lightsaber duel, and Markenel fell to what appeared to be his death, but he miraculously survived using the Force. But when he came home, he found that his wife had committed suicide after being led to being he died. Markenel became overwhelmed with grief and anger against his brother and the Sith. He decided that he had to continue his crusade with everyone thinking he was dead. Thus, Markenel took dozens of force-sensitive children unknown to the Republic or the Jedi Order, including Venarge and Ezria, and created a league of dark Jedi assassins trained to destroy any spies and sympathizers with the people of Dromund Kass across the galaxy. All the while, he waited for the opportunity to gain enough strength to come back to his homeworld and commit genocide against the entire Sith Order as well as the Demoth, believing that it was the will of the Force with me leading the slaughter.Goal: To wipe out the Sith and the Demoth from existence and kill all life in any planets the Sith or Demoth have rule either willingly or by force to make sure they are gone for good.Weapons: A green double-bladed lightsaber.Powers: Various abilities from both the light side and dark side of the Force.Note: Markenel's outfit is a brand new design, but feel free to alter it in your entries as long as the symbol is still on his chest.3) Helga Katriama,Gerenabowhats symbol on her coat,Background: Helga is the eldest daughter of a grand martial artist who taught her how to defend herself since she was little. But when she was ten, her father became heavily in debt to a major crime family, and so the don took Helga as payment, forcing her to be a pawn to his major operations to pay back the money her father owed. For four years, she was taught how to fight for the mafia family through her father's teachings and later how to use guns. Overtime, she closed herself emotionally and focused on surviving and following orders. Fortunately, she found hope when she encountered a superhero named Captain Entei, who saved her from the mafia, and the two began to fight evil together, eventually becoming a couple. Years later when they were of age, Helga and Entei married and co-founded a special group of heroes and adventurers with me called the Geranabowhats Gang. Helga and Entei have twins named Joel and Hillary, and eleven years later they had another daughter named Kristen. Goal: To fight forces of evil that endanger the world/the universe and protect her family by any means.Weapons and skills: skilled in every form of martial arts and armed with her special gun called the Flare Blaster, which shoots balls of plasma. 4) Kim Katriama,The Geranabowhats G tattoo on her arm,Background: A year after the mafia took Helga to be their pawn, her parents had another daughter named Kim. After losing one child, their parents were determined to raise Kim to be a strong-willed, independent person who fights for good as opposed to being a pawn of corruption like her older sister. Their father trained Kim hard in martial arts just like Helga and enrolled her into a school for future heroes when she was eleven, where she developed an interest in using gadgets. Helga and Kim's parents also made sure that Kim would learn to be deeply opposed to using guns and other weapons unlike Helga, who the mafia taught her to use. Despite all of this dedication, however, Kim wanted to meet her older sister, who her parents had not seen since she had been taken. By the time Kim was old enough to ask about her sister, it had been several years since the mafia Helga worked for was imprisoned and their parents had no idea what happened to her. As far as they knew, she was either dead or in prison, but Kim chose to believe that Helga was still alive and could be free from living as a criminal. Finally, when she was fourteen, Helga, Entei, and I enrolled in the school for heroes, and Kim was finally able to meet her older sister. Kim became the first new member of the Geranabowhats Gang, and she got a tattoo of the symbol of the Geranabowhats Gang to express her pride in being a force of fighting evil with her big sister and her brother-in-law, Captain Entei Goal: Fight forces of evil with HelgaWeapons and skills: Master martial artist and has various gadgets in her belt for missions.5) Ezria,Symbol on her dress,Crossover with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls,,,Art by @NadiaDibaj ,Art by SiansaarBackground: Ezria was raised by her father, fallen Jedi Master Markenel, who believed that the Sith, the Demoth, and anything that has been tainted by them must be destroyed without hesitation. When she, her brother, Venarge, and their childhood friend, Istawrin were 11, Markenel found me as a child and began to secretly train me to be a Jedi with the belief that it is my destiny to ultimately wipe out the Sith and Demoth from existence. Unfortunately, a Sith assassin disguised as a Demoth stabbed Markenel during a duel and he fell supposedly to his death. Markenel survived, but news of his death filled his wife, Tanaz, with so much grief that she killed herself and accidentally taking their servant, Istariwn's mother, with her. When Markenel returned to his apartment, Venarge, Ezria, and Istarwin were left alone with their mothers' corpses. That's when Markenel decided to fight the darkness through genocide, founding a secret league of dark Jedi assassins with Venarge, Ezria, and Istarwin as his most deadly warriors bent on killing anything connected to the Sith and/or the Demoth while I led the fight against the dark side with my friends unaware that Markenel is dead or that he was married and has children. In the years that followed, Markenel heard of my adventures and accomplishments as a Jedi, giving him hope that I really am the chosen one. While Venarge and Istarwin hated Markenel for favoring me over his son, Ezria shared her father's beliefs to the point that she fell deeply in love with me. She slaughters her enemies and those her father deems tainted in hopes to destroy evil together with me and make me her husband.Goal: To wipe out the Sith and all other forces of darkness and to gain my affection.Weapons: Two dark orange lightsabersPowers: various dark side abilities like Force Lightning and Force Choke Note: The design with the symbol on her dress is the official design to use for any entries of her. The ones with her wearing only black robes are shown as references to her character.6) Drazzema Pierre,,,,Credit goes to @Sanguynee for this picture,Credit goes to PumpkinEmojii for this picture,Credit goes to @ktou for this pictureBackground: As a child of the new ruler of Dromund Kass, Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala, Mieze and her brother, Howlpawntin, dreamed of always fighting alongside each other for their father. But when Howlpawntin was 11 and Mieze was 8, it was revealed that while Howlpawntin was powerful in the Force, Mieze was incapable of using it apart from the ability Force Sight that her species, the Miraluka, use to see. Quadrupala was so enraged that he had what he considered to be a defect. He lifted Mieze up by the throat and used Force Lightning with the hand choking her, scarring her neck. He ordered Howlpawntin to take Mieze to the outskirts of the city to execute Mieze, but Howlpawntin cared for his sister so much that when they went outside, he took Mieze to a landing station to get off of the planet. He decided that if Mieze wasn't going to be a Sith warrior for their father, then neither was he. He sneaked into a ship's cargo hold to assure Mieze that it was safe, but before she could join him, the cargo hold door closed, and the ship flew away with Howlpawntin still inside, leaving poor Mieze all alone. With no other choice, she ran into the forest before anyone found her and had her terminated for being a 'defect.' Eventually, she was found by the secretly light-sided Sith Lord, Aemilia Pierre, and she was kind to Mieze. The two of them created a bond that led to Aemelia secretly adopting Mieze as he daughter and changing her name to her late mother's name, Drazzema.Goal: To escape from the Sith and for her and Aemilia to live a life of good away from Dromund Kass.Weapons: Sniper rifle, knife, beskar sword. 5) Howlpawntin ,Howlpawntin at a young age. Credit goes to @stelamoris ,Background: Howlpawntin is a Sith Half-blood who was a child of Supreme Dark Lord Quadrupala. When he tried to escape from his father, he was separated from his sister, Mieze. He stowed away from ship to ship to escape from his father. Eventually, he was found by Jedi Master Markenel, who is his uncle, which only Markenel knows, and he took him to the Jedi Council, where they sent him to the Jedi world of Tython to be trained in the light side of the Force. Howlpawntin grew up to be a tall, wise, and powerful Jedi sage on Tython. He studied various books about the Jedi and the Force, philosophized with the Jedi elders, and took walks to admire the planet's life. And yet, despite it all, his thoughts would be on Mieze, and he hoped beyond reason that she was still alive and he might see his sister again.Goal: To defend the galaxy from the forces of darkness.Weapon: a green lightsaberPowers: Various light side abilities, including healing and attacking his enemies with rocks and debris or causing the ground to shake underneath his enemies.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. With that all said, I hope you will all have fun partaking in this contest!
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