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I run the group over all. I am in charge of our members, invites, affiliates, group folders and basic operations. I will be here to answer all of your questions and oversee this group weekly. This is an active group, items that require a vote will receive them; unless I need to be away for a while, for which I will give you guys notice.






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NadiaDibaj Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
High quality Special commission OPENLa la la la 
🔹20 slots available
🔺"Open till march 16"
🔻Send me a note and own a place on the wall!Meow :3 
Special commission OPEN! by NadiaDibaj
Golden Blue by NadiaDibaj
Dracsik Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AUCTION OPEN [open] auction adoptable by Dracsik  
RTNightmare Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Positive Messages Contest: Part 1

Drawing and Writing sections! Diamonds, core, points, and more! Deadline January 25th! 
GreySparkle Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2021  Hobbyist
Contest Invitation by GreySparkle  
Grey's Big Contest [Open] ~270$+ It's time again for the big Contest, me and @Xrisoka hold each year. We will have our 5th Jubilee *woohooThis year It's another Draw our OC contest and everyone who create visual art,is welcome to join. Ultimate Freedom with an Open Theme, will await you.So we hope everyone finds a suitable OC or more and has much fun being creative. DEADLINE : ~~March 31,2022How to enter:-Draw any of these Characters. will find everything about them in their Toyhouse.Their stats- likes- bio- and relationships. Same as Race info and info about the world itself.Any type of Visual Media is allowed, get creative. ( Traditional, Digital, Animation etc. )Guideline:- Please enter only your own artwork, which was made for this contest only.-No traced or base art.- You can work with someone together, but must decide on your own how to split the Prize.- must have a paypal account to receive the money prize. else it will be changed to points.- You can enter with as many Entries as you want, This year you can even win more than once. But it has to be different pieces of art.- You can draw Soft Erotic , ecchi ( No porn) / Gory/ blood / cute / Patel / Nearly anything wich is within Deviant arts Rules, and propperly Tagged if needed.- I am allowed to use your entry and upload it to my TH, and show off my ocs (for non commercial course) - any Art Level is wellcomeRules:Mandatory-Fave and Share this Journal +comment with your Entry and the link of the shared post.( I know- but please be so kind, and help me to reach more people. or i can't give out such high prizes)- Mention GreySparkle and Xrisoka, the same as our contest in the description of your entry. please use the #GreysbigcontestOptional- Share our contest with love, in your other social media ( No dead accounts) - There is no need to watch us for this contest, but if you like our art you are welcome to watch us, and it may help you to stay tuned with the recent updates. How the Entries will be judged:- Creativity and how well you displayed the drawn Oc(s) ! - Quality instead of Quantity. But bringing the character's personality to the drawing is just as important as quality. So even a lower Art level can win over someone with better skills, with less empathy for the character. -There´s no need to compare your art skills to other Entries.-ANY ART LVL IS WELLCOME – and we will love each piece.Money Prizes:This year we decided on a new way of Prices.Because we want to give you all the freedom to draw whatever you like and desire and come up with, but we also like to see certain things, and so we will have beside a GRAND PRIZE also some dynamic PrizesGrand PRIZE 50 $– no limits- free creativity. No requirements Bust- half body full body-with or without bg are welcome-And many Dynamic PrizesWhich start from 5 dollars and rise till 30. for Multible themes. If you wanna know more look here :, Same like last Year , every entry will get a Feedback from us. No entry will stay unnocised or unappreciated. Art Raffle for Fast entries :to motivate you guys to not only post your entries in the last two weeks of the contest, I offer an Artraffle each month, You can win extra, not connected to the end Prizes, an half body Chibi drawing by @UFayFay The earlier you enter, the more often you can join this Raffle, without doing anything extra. The Raffle Halfbody will be fully coloured and shaded in the first and second month, flatcoloured in months 3-5 , and sketches in the last 6+7months. First winner : @LimesAdopts,Thank you for reading <3 I hope this Contest peek your interest. Ps. Here is a google docs, link for this journal as well, if you need a less laggy place to look things up. , I also made a Discord server to answer questions and give more side information about our characters.
Dracsik Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AUCTION OPEN [open] Doggie Collection adoptables by Dracsik  
Dracsik Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AUCTION OPEN      [open] auction adoptable by Dracsik  
andreadesign47 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2021  Professional General Artist
PurpleMentality Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AnimeLao809 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you post this contest to this group please?? I don't know how to do it... ^^; 
Draw My OC's Contest (450$$ In Prizes)En el titulo: Concurso De Dibuja Mis Personajes (450$$ En Premios)Hi guys and gals. This is my first time that I am holding a contest, so I hope that everything goes well!! (Hola chicos y chicas. Esta es mi primera vez que estoy haciendo un concurso, ¡¡entonces yo espero que todo salga muy bien!! ) What is it about?? (¿¿De qué se trata??)-Draw my OCs with a specific theme. You have to read their description/biography first and then draw according what the description/biography says!! If you don't draw them depending on their description/biography you are not going to win this contest.(-Dibuja a mis personajes con un tema específico. ¡¡Primero tienes que leer su descripción/biografía y luego dibujar de acuerdo con lo que dice la descripción/biografía!! Si no los dibujas en función de su descripción/biografía, no ganarás este concurso.),,,If you are not too sure which OCs to draw, take this quiz!! WARNING: It only works on Google Chrome browser: (Si usted no esta seguro que personajes dibujar, ¡¡tome este cuestionario!! ADVERTENCIA: Solo funciona en el navegador de Google Chrome: ) How to enter?? (¿¿Cómo entrar??)-Share this Journal and also post it in your Journal, remember that the fewer entries there are, the more the possibility of the contest being canceled.(-Comparte este Journal y también publicalo en tu Journal, recuerda que mientras menos entradas ahi, mayor es la posibilidad de que el concurso sea cancelado) What are the prizes?? (¿¿Cuáles son los premios??)'The prizes will be given out in Paypal (Los premios se entregarán en PayPal)-First place: (Primer lugar)250$$1 year (año) Core Premium Membership (Membresía)3 digital drawings from @AnimeLao809 (3 dibujos digitales de @AnimeLao809)3 digital drawings from @AlvaroshiTheYoshi (3 dibujos digitales de @AlvaroshiTheYoshi)5,000 4 llamas from (de) @AnimeLao809 1 llama from (de) @AlvaroshiTheYoshi 5 month feature in my profile (5 meses de presentación en mi perfil)-Second place: (Segundo lugar:)150$$1 month (mes) Core Premium Membership (Membresía)1 traditional drawing and 1 digital drawing from @AnimeLao809 (1 dibujo tradicional y 1 dibujo digital de @AnimeLao809)2 digital drawings from @AlvaroshiTheYoshi (2 dibujos digitales de @AlvaroshiTheYoshi)2,000 2 llamas from (de) @AnimeLao809 1 llama from (de) @AlvaroshiTheYoshi 3 month feature in my profile (3 meses de presentación en mi perfil)-Third place: (Tercer lugar:)50$$1 traditional drawing from @AnimeLao809 (1 dibujo tradicional de @AnimeLao809)1 digital drawing from @AlvaroshiTheYoshi (1 dibujo digital de @AlvaroshiTheYoshi)500 1 llama from (de) @AnimeLao809 1 month feature in my profile (1 mes de presentación en mi perfil) Rules: (Reglas:)-No bases and no collaborations allowed (No uses bases y ni hagas colaboraciones)-NSFW is allowed as long as you show the censored and the uncensored art to me (NSFW es permitido siempre y cuando muestres la censura y la no censura de arte a mí)-You can draw any style that you want (Human, Sonic, Furry, etc), pixel art, watercolor art, animation, comics, digital and traditional art are allowed (Usted puede dibujar cualquier estilo (Humano, Sonic, Furry, etc), arte pixelado, arte de acuarela, animación, historietas, arte digital y tradicional están permitidos)-3 entries per account ONLY, the more entries you got, the higher your are going to win (3 entradas por cuenta SOLAMENTE, cuantas más entradas tengas, más ganarás)-You can draw my OCs with your OCs (Usted puede dibujar mis personajes con sus personajes)-You can draw my OCs with my others OCs (Usted puede dibujar mis personajes con mis otros personajes)-Fan art is allowed (Fan art está permitido) Possibilities: (Posibilidades:)-If this contest gets 20 entries, the price for first place will going to be increased by 350$$, second place will going to be increased by 250$$-If this contest gets to 50 entries or more, the price for first place will going to be increased by 450$$, second place will going to be increased by 350$$(-Si este concurso obtiene 20 entradas, el precio del primer lugar se incrementará en 350$$, en el segundo lugar se incrementará en 250$$-Si este concurso llega a 50 entradas o más, el precio del primer lugar se incrementará en 450$$, en el segundo lugar se incrementará en 350$$) Evaluation: (Evaluación:)-@Animelao809 and @AlvaroshiTheYoshi are going to evaluate your entries. We are going to evaluate according the effort and time of your art, the originality and if the description/biography matches them pretty well.(-@Animelao809 y @AlvaroshiTheYoshi evaluarán sus entradas. Vamos a evaluar según el esfuerzo y el tiempo de su arte, la originalidad y si la descripción/biografía los coincide bastante bien) Deadline: (Fecha límite:) -The contest is going to last for 2 months, starting today October 1st to December 1st at 4:00PM (New York City time)(El concurso vá a durar por 2 meses, comenzando desde hoy Octubre 1st a Diciembre 1st a las 4:00PM **tiempo de Ciudad De Nueva York**)Good luck to all the contestants!! If you have any question, please leave a comment bellow.(¡¡Buena suerte a todos los concursantes!! Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta, por favor deje su comentario abajo)
(if you really want to join, you can participate too!! :) )
KINNYno Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2021
Not sure if this group is active but anyone interested in contest: 
Trenchpunk Contest
alesink Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2021
Stremio Art Contest VOTING NOW OPEN:…
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