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The Dark Knight Rises - Teaser

The Dark Knight Rocks
The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Rises

Possible characters? How about:

Selina Kyle
Talia al Ghul
Black Mask
Hugo Strange
Harvey Bullock
Thomas Elliot/Hush
Leslie Thompkins
Shondra Kinsolving
Barbara Gordon
Dick Grayson
The Riddler
Harley Queen

Just a thought! :)
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Haha, well, how 'bout the FOURTH Dark Knight movie???? :D :D :D If only.......
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Too late, we got BVS and a Re-reboot of a batman movie, but connected to the DCEU.
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This is absolutely stunning. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to put this as a poster in a render for my school project?
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Cracked brought me here... wish it had done so earlier :)
chaoticwaltz's avatar
Found this on Cracked, and felt I just had to visit to say how mind-blowingly fantastic this is.

I really hope they do a movie with the Riddler as the villain at some point. He's one of my all-time favourites.
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Cracked brought me here. I regret nothing.
*thumbs up*
Best Batman poster ever!
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Riddle me this: When you are a hero fighting for a city that has betrayed you, and you can never turn back, what are you
baronessofblades's avatar
Hush in the NolanVerse? EPIC!;DDDDD
contengan's avatar
as they say: the epic conclusion to the dark knight legend
baronessofblades's avatar
Why so, in your case?:)
contengan's avatar
epic movie is epic! lol
baronessofblades's avatar
LOL...Not the parody Epic movie however...XPPPPPPPPPP
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Fantastic teaser!
contengan's avatar
fantastic comment! lol =D
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Hey there, awesome artwork! I have included it in "The Dark Knight Rises: 45 amazing fan-made posters" article here - [link]

Keep'em coming! :) All the best!
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Hey there, thanks man. Appreciated =D
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This wouldve been a great teaser poster if the riddler was gooing to be in it...but sadly he's not nor is Mr. Freeze
MissAllys's avatar
Yeah, I lurves it :3
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