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Please Read submission rules before submitting anything to the club.

:bulletred::bulletred: Updates :bulletred::bulletred:

Lately i've noticed a lot of misplaced submissions so just a quick reminder

All literature has to go in the Literature folder

All mature content, no matter what type of Artform or Medium, needs to go into the mature content folder.

please do not leave your submission in the comment section, submit it to an appropriate folder.

please do not submit to featured, it will not be accepted UNLESS it is a tutorial about constructive criticism.

Lastly please do not use the comment section to advertise non-club related activities. You will will be flagged a spam

other then that i hope everyone getting some good constructive criticism.

Issues of Copyright
Recently we have had a lot of submissions that are reproductions of existing photographs in other mediums and they will all be removed for a few important reasons.
1) If you perfectly reproduce an already existing image that wasn't physically taken by you it cannot be critiqued due to it being "perfect" so it has no place in this club

2) It's breaking copyright laws and whether you like it or not it is art theft. this doesn't matter if you traced it or referenced it, according to the law it distorts the integrity of the piece and is liable to legal action. See any artistic medium, be it art, writing, drama photography ect. automatically falls under Moral rights if the residents live in a 'Treaty Country'. so if you copy an image from a photographer in the US (example of a treaty country) you are reproducing the work without permission and you can face legal action. (seriously, people will sue of the tiniest things)

So, if your wondering why your submission has been deleted this is probably why.
If you are the person who took the picture which is referenced and i have taken down the image wrongfully then please send me a note with proof that it is completely 100% your intellectual property from start to finish and i'll resubmit it.
HOWEVER if submission are resubmitted without a note You will be removed from the club permanently
No exceptions.

I have a feeling that there will be some controversy over this and that's really too bad.
Thank you for your time.

Then vs Now:
I'm looking around the club, ecstatic about how much it has grown... But I noticed that the club could be more active.
So i propose something that we can do as a club.
We all started somewhere, it could be years ago it could be months ago
so the point of this project is to take an image from your past and redraw it to show how much you have changed/improved since you started.
We can then give you constructive criticism on the piece to help you improve more.
All entries will be featured either through the journal or on the front page.
There will be no time limit.
This isn't a contest it's just something to do for fun to see how much you have changed.

Like this club project? have ideas for other things the club can do to promote activity? Please feel free to suggest... for the most part this club is peer run so i would love to hear ideas from everyone.

I was looking around and i think it would be nice to reward people who have been working hard to give constructive criticism, so i would like to here people nominate those they feel have been a great help to the club and their growth as an artist.
nominate people and we'll see how this goes, i'm also hope this encourages people to be more active with the club.

:bulletred::bulletred: Welcome To Constructive101 :bulletred::bulletred:

Hello anyone and everyone who enjoys giving and receiving constructive Criticism.
I am Raichana and i'm just going to quickly outline the basics. ^^
In this club we only have a few rules on how to comment.

:bulletblack: 1. Say something positive or kind about the picture right off the bat

:bulletblack: 2. State what you think needs improvement and how to go about doing it.

:bulletblack: 3. End the comment with something positive or kind.

It's not a difficult formula but it's one some users would like to see more often.

:bulletred::bulletred: Joining :bulletred::bulletred:

Everyone is welcome to join no matter what style of art you have or your age, it doesn't matter.
Just hit the join button... after a lot of stress i finally got it to work ^^

:bulletred::bulletred: Submitting Art :bulletred::bulletred:

All art is welcome.
As long as it is completely your creation, no traces, bases, or images pulled of sites like google.
To submit a piece to the club just look at the club folders, find the one you want to put your piece in and submit, that way you get exactly the contructive criticism you need.
There is a limit of 5 images per day to prevent flooding.
Featured section should be resolved for tutorial, red lines and so on.

The main folders are

:bulletblack: General criticism.

:bulletblack: Anatomy/pose,

:bulletblack: Coloring

:bulletblack: Light and Shadow

:bulletblack: composition

:bulletblack: Perspective

:bulletblack: Literature.

:bulletblack: Images the member would like to be red-lined.

:bulletblack: Then vs Now

if you feel like more folders are needed just tell me and it'll be done

Mature content MUST go into the Mature content folder, if it's placed anywhere else it will be deleted.

:bulletred::bulletred: Current Issues :bulletred::bulletred:
things being placed in the wrong folders, if this happens i may need to limit submissions or have it go through a voting process.

:bulletred::bulletred: Affiliates & Listings :bulletred::bulletred:

More Journal Entries

Artist for Commision

:iconraichana: :iconmspheonix: :iconcepickeral: :icontrickstersgambit: :iconpyromaniacfeline17: :iconsuper-kip: :iconcalthyechild: :iconsilent-neutral: :iconnightmare-deity: :icon626elemental: :icondalal-n: :iconyakkov::iconloonarhijab::iconlzephyrus::iconichorforink::iconfaerietear::iconlydia-san:

I know everyone loves a little advertising so this is a list of members who are accepting commissions.
the list is just in order or being told, if you want to be on this list just send a note or leave a comment.








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Gallery Folders

Fade Away Effect Tutorial by BlackBeltMaster
Constructive Criticism 101 by Raichana
Constructive 101 ID 2 by Constructive101
Constructive 101  ID 1 by Constructive101
General CC 2
Rose Gobek by Keem-Toon
Pen drawing - Portrait of Jane Birkin by Roxyall
Happy Halloween - Lady Kitty! by Sabi-Cat-13
Evil Heart moon compact - wip by CristianoReina
Anatomy Pose CC
Nemurin by DayKuronuma
[C] Bao and Airi by DayKuronuma
[C] Aurel and Elaina by DayKuronuma
dante by FrostyVixen92252
Colouring CC
Mako by DayKuronuma
Up above by TheGreatMC

Mature Content

Frosty by FrostyVixen92252
Spyro by FrostyVixen92252
Light and Shadow CC
Imperial Reminiscences by Spiritofdarkness
Red window 1st. by thesvetislav
Some plum tree shadows by thesvetislav
x.X.H.a.l.l.o.w.e.e.n.P.a.r.t.y.X.x by NismosAngel
Composition CC
Golden fireflies' heath by CristianoReina
The Titans' awakening by CristianoReina
The floating fortress by CristianoReina
Acantilado by untuox
Perspective CC
Pastel Girl by DayKuronuma
Soft Mornings // vent by Nadezari
Pipes to Heaven by organicvision
the old master and his fans by Pippa-pppx
Literature CC

Mature Content

Mature Content

red line Beta testing
[C] with you by DayKuronuma
Corazon - Style Experiment by jooweeuh
Dresden(black lines version) by untuox
Demonic Squad by B-Boogie-Bruh
Mature Content
Orc Tribeswoman by MathiasOsland

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Then vs Now
Jinx by AkiraAlion
Try Something New
Daughter of Apocalypse by kirilatiki
Artisans Craft and Sculpture
Weight balance shaped candel holder by MattiaTegonCreations
General CC
I want to live in the past,So would you come back? by hikikomoria

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CartoonGoblin Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So glad to find this group! I really could use some help!
Stormie-The-Kitty Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Glad I found this group.
I REALLY need constructive criticism. I haven't been improving in art as of late. :/
Shamanique Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Excuse me?
I would like to warn you that the General folder is full.
It would be cool to make a new one. Thank you!
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Hey sorry it took so long to get back to you, the new folder should be up and running, please let me know if there is still an issue. 
Shamanique Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Much better! Thank you!
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
I need help with the geography and astronomy of a world that I'd created.  I know the Cause, but not the Effect--that's the big key here.……
bananatoad Featured By Owner Edited Jan 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was hoping someone could critique my profile?
I'll give the critiquer a critique in return 
Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
bananatoad Featured By Owner Edited Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't mind rough criticism, you can be blunt and tough just don't be a total jerk 
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TLoZ -- Red Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Orange Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Gold Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Yellow Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Blue Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Purple Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Silver Rupee bullet

This lineart is in the scrapbook so I kinda cannot submit it into a folder :D
It's fanart of The Legend of Zelda and I would appreciate any constructive criticism on anatomy and poses!
Thank you in advance! Link La
Point Right… Point Left

TLoZ -- Red Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Orange Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Gold Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Yellow Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Blue Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Purple Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Silver Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Red Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Orange Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Gold Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Yellow Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Blue Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Purple Rupee bullet TLoZ -- Silver Rupee bullet

sorry to the admins who stated that you shouldn't do this in the comment section but like I said, it's in my scrapbook ^^' I don't want to color it unless the anatomy is finally right :3
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