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Another me by constipateddreams Another me :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 6 4 Jump for Joy by constipateddreams Jump for Joy :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 2 3 The comeback by constipateddreams The comeback :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 4 0
A poem that needs no title
Take away the beauty
From what was once perfect
Take one step back
And turn around
As your smile turns to a frown
Fighting is useless
If all hope is lost
Cover your ears and close your eyes
Let darkness fill your world
Feel the silence that embrace you
Run away to oblivion
Watch your dreams crumble
And your wishes disappear into thin air
Even your soul yearns to escape
The cruel fate that has befallen
No one hears you scream
Nor do they care where you go
They too possess cold hearts
Shed no tears
No one cries for you
There is no point in dying
If you're already dead inside
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 5 7
Jazzy by constipateddreams Jazzy :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 2 15 Nikon FM2 by constipateddreams Nikon FM2 :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 7 16 Little Sister Meow by constipateddreams Little Sister Meow :iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 3 33
7 lines and a love story
7 lines and a love story
One syllable to sound the start
The melody that plays to the beat of the heart.
A line that captures a picture of you.
Singing the chorus that tells a story of two.
To the verse that ends your lies.
A music we don't have to sing twice
The song fades away and says goodbye.
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 1 21
To my dearly beloved
To my dearly beloved
the love crashes like waves on the sea
the love flows like the current of the river
the love shines upon me like the rising sun
the love glows in the dark like midnight stars
these i owe to you my dearly beloved
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 2 28
If you do
If you do
if you do. . .show it.
if you do. . .say it.
if you do. . . don't hold back.
if you do. . .express it.
if you do. . .let others feel it too.
if you do. . . give a clue.
if you do. . .make a sign.
if you don't. . . i still do.
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 4 5
The Escapist
The Escapist
run away
run away
in this labyrinth i have made
turn left
turn right
neverending twists and turns
walk away
walk away
from the problems that do not fade
look up
look down
to the one who stings and burns
escape the maze that leads you to where it really hurts
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 4 17
Drifting away
Drifting away
here i am waving goodbye
shedding tears for everlasting sorrow
closing my eyes to end it all
i know that was wrong
let this ship sail away
take me and never return
for the wrong i did to you
i'll turn around and walk away
slowly i drift away
from the warmth and color
glittering eyes and precious lips
oh how i love thee
i salute the fate unseen
despise all that started
regret was what done
as i try to pretend, all is lost
i am drifting away
from you the one i love
you are drifting away
from the one you never knew
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 1 32
All these crazy thoughts
All these crazy thoughts make me want to write something beautiful
all i wanted was five minutes of your time
striking a conversation and breathing your words
all i wanted was to be a friend
to be there when you feel down and needed someone
i guess things do change
time will only tell what is to come
let's sing the song that we used to love
then close our eyes to dream our life away
all i wanted was to make you smile
to see you shine and glimmer in all your beauty
all i wanted was to watch the stars with you
lying down to witness the bright night sky
i guess things do change
when everything falls apart
the thought of you is what i hold on to
wash up the sand castle to bid you goodnight
it's not yet over
the rain can stop
for a raimbow will turn a frown into a smile
seven colors for you to love
and a sunset for us to crave
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 4 6
Away we go
Away we go
to the stars we go
a sanctuary and our home
the peace we find will feed our soul
never forget the lines we write
and the songs we sing
for it is in our hearts
that we begin to understand
it's each other that we'll always have
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 3 8
the heart grasps what the eyes fails to see
looking through a broken piece of glass
these eyes see everything but know nothing
the loss of color hides the beauty
to blink for a second an oppurtunity is lost
all that is blurry, so dull and uninviting
fix this disease and make everything alright
sitting at a nook in the absence of sparks in the sky
wishing that the scene just fades to black
holding on to the shadow on the wall
black & white is all that can be seen
magnified to see the real image
colors, light and shadow deceive this sense
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 3 5
Staring at the glass
Looking as far as the road will take my eyes
Somewhere down there I'll be seeing you
A face so divine
And a soul to die for
You are running through my head
The wind brushes on to my skin
The daylight sweeps the dark sky away
My foot is ready to push the pedal
Wanting to speed up time to get to you.
I'll take my chances
Jump off a cliff to risk it all
Let not one moment pass me by
Every second is worth my time
and no distance shall pull me back
Wherever you may be.
Whenever that may be.
I'm ready
Just you wait
I am coming my love.
:iconconstipateddreams:constipateddreams 5 12

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I love this sitcom!!!! ^_^

My favorite episode in season 1 was 13 =D

I'm halfway done with season 2

Cobie Smulders is way too hot XD


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