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The Raid on Hell (Animated) by constantron The Raid on Hell (Animated) by constantron
the animated version of same


Anna's garrison was called into active duty for the raid- rescuing the souls of innocent humans kept captive in the Pit, most of them first-born children sworn away through deals on the crossroads. Orders from on high were to get in, get the souls, and get out again.
Like many of the others who’d never been on a raid to Hell before, Castiel had thought it was going to be a walk in the park. He'd struck down demons, all of them had, and there was little that a demon could actually do to hurt an angel before the Hand of God could lay them to waste.
Hell isn’t just occupied by a handful of the Unholy, though. There are millions of them down there, some freeloaders, some organised into militant legions under the command of the arch-demons. Azazel. Lilith. Adramelech. Be’elzebub. Alistair. To name but a few. Beings who could put up a fight against an angel should they so choose, who could exorcise celestials. Who could make them bleed. And who had the power of several thousand demons each at their disposal. A handful of angels against the entirety of the Pit. So of course it was messy. Hell’s denizens might not have been able to kill the angels, but claws and fangs and magic were perfectly capable of shredding an angel’s grace to a hair’s breadth of losing it entirely. And with enough demons on hand, they could wrest away an angel’s blade and turn it on him. There were actual casualties.
If Castiel had been paying more attention, he’d have seen the first flickers of doubt beginning to shade across Anna’s face. But he was too preoccupied with the mission. With saving the souls they were sent to collect. As he knelt down to protect a weeping woman, Castiel realised something else that he just knew. He would be coming back here again, some day. The thought ought to have scared him, but all the revelation brought him was a sudden sense of glorious purpose.
Deluaific Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! I like the fact that the shadows of the wings show when the thunder strikes ^_^
constantron Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D I was trying to emulate the effect on the show :)
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