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ShounenShoujo-Gakuen app by constant-confusion ShounenShoujo-Gakuen app by constant-confusion
For the group :iconshounenshoujo-gakuen: [his info has been edited]

Name: Oshiro Kaoru
Age: 17
Year: Second Year
Height: 5’7 ft/170 cm
Weight: 130 lb/58.967 kg
Blood Type: A
Birth Date: June 7th
Nationality: Japanese
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clubs: soccer club
-Father: Oshiro Akifumi (42) died on June 3, father of one son he has no other children and no other siblings. His only living relative is his mother Yurika. Died in a car crash with his wife in the streets of Tokyo Japan, heading back to his mother who was babysitting their son while they went birthday shopping for him.

-Mother: Oshiro Eriko (40) died on June 3, Mother of one son she has no other children of family members that are still alive. Died in a car crash with her husband in the streets of Tokyo Japan, heading back to her mother-in-law who was babysitting their son while they went birthday shopping for him.

-Grandmother: Oshiro Yurika (85) Currently living in Oakwood apartments in Tokyo Japan, she is still alive and well as she takes care of her grandson. Kaoru has a habit of calling her Grannie, and she has a love for music and travel. She is a short old woman who has a fair bit of money from the deaths in her family.

Personality: Kaoru is a bit in the emotionless range more than the hot temper range, it takes a bit to get him into a fight but when he is in one he doesn't really hold back and he uses dirty tricks. Under his stone cold look he is actually rather shy and a grannies boy, it’s easy to get him to blush with a compliment and easy to get him to fight by insulting his grandmother. He’s very superstitious and tries to avoid doing anything that can give him bad luck, which means he knows his surroundings very well. Normally he’s quiet and tries not to be a bother to anyone, but if you’re his friend he’ll stop being so nervous and open up to you more.

:pointr:History and Mythology
:pointr:all types of art
:pointr:His Hat
:pointr:Very burning hot chocolate
:pointr:Horror movies

:pointr:Being forced to talk
:pointr:Chewing gum
:pointr:Cold weather
:pointr:Early mornings
:pointr:Sour food
:pointr:Spicy food
:pointr:Fighting without a good reason
:pointr:Being yelled at
:pointr:Overly loud noise
:pointr:Being controlled

Talents and Hobbies:
:pointr:Gathering information on History and Mythology
:pointr:Playing the fiddle

:pointr:Not good at Maths
:pointr:Not good at remembering things
:pointr:Has a bad habit of falling asleep outside if it’s warm out
:pointr:Not good at making friends because he hide his emotions
:pointr:Has a soft spot for wearing overly big jackets. They can be his own or someone can give him their own.

Biography: Kaoru was never a picky child and he was never all too loud, but at least when he was little he used to talk to people without any worry that they would hurt him. Though a few days before his sixth birthday his parents went out, leaving him with his grandmother to make sure he didn't get into trouble. Though they got into a car accident on the way back to pick Kaoru up from his Grandmothers, they died on at the accident sight. Kaoru seemed to close up after that even his own grandmother couldn't get him to come out of his shell, he didn't really want to go back to school at the moment so he didn't see kids until the next school year started. He was distant for a long time, spending most of his time reading books that his grandmother had on different places that had the lands myths and history. He seemed mostly interested in that, he couldn't really stomach fantasy stories much after his parents died seeing things as unfair that in the books everything was okay but in real life it wasn't. As Kaoru got older he calmed down a bit more into an emotionless boy, but he had learned how to play an instrument for his grandmother, he felt like a bad child, she was only trying to help him but he wouldn't even talk to her most of the time. When he played music for her though, it made it seem like they were closer than ever like they were talking in a way without needing words. The old woman started to get him out of the house more and more, eventually getting him interested in some sports. Kaoru being interested in sports kept the boy out of trouble and fighting, he had already been kicked out of a school for fighting, but his grandmother didn't know that he fought because kids made fun of her, saying that she intentionally killed her husband for the money and her son being dead was just another boost. Taking his anger out in soccer was good for him so he kept at it, but he never really got along with any of the other boys in the team, he had lost a part of his ability to trust and didn't really understand how to get it back. Eventually his grandmother sent him Sora gakuen trying to get him to find some form or way to get more used to the other male students, she didn't want to push his luck with girls since he had a bit of a fear of them.

Voice sample: [link]

-He doesn't really care if he gets in trouble, he won’t take his hat off…his hair is a mess anyways and the hat is a safety blanket!
-He loves cats and dogs a lot
-sometimes takes in stray animals
-small secret is that he likes plants and having a small garden
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