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Today our interviewed is Sebastien Hue, aka Shue13, a great artist who shares some of your work with us. Enjoy it !

1. Sebastien, about your start in digital art, do you had any troubles along the way?

As a self-taught artist, of course many troubles were encountered. First learning on your own and try to analyze what the others do in their work. Inspiration is good but try to get how they do such or such effect is much better. So I started documenting myself with high-quality tutorials and admirable artists to find out valuable tools, techniques and combine what I learnt with my own art. Getting feedbacks from other artists is almost vital in the very beginning, it could be difficult. I have to say that I had extreme chances to get feeback from very talented artist quite rapidly, (yes kind people exists giving without expecting anything in return...). it helps a lot and makes you grow.

2 . About Sci Fi, seems like is a passion. Do you always liked science fiction ?

I do as it gives lots of food for thoughts for creativity and mine has been naturally very thirsty since I was little. Sci-Fi gives you the power to create almost whatever you want futuristic with technologies you know from your own decade. Imagination is limitless then. Futuristic environment always fascinated me because I always had lots of metaphysics questions in my head about our existence, cosmos, why are we here, what will be our life in year 3000, etc... Sci-Fi art helps me responding to such questions that would probably never be answered. It's almost like a medicine you know.

3 . Do you have some Sci-Fi references or some artists that you like it?

Ever heard about George Lucas... ok cliché but that was such a huge jawdropping revelation. The movie series Back To The Future was something quite cool when i was a kid too, then series like Buck Rogers, Star Trek, K2000, or whatever stuff evolving into a near future, or using advanced technologies always captured my attention. As regards naming an artist, Dylan Cole is the one who totally blew my mind 5 years ago now.

4 . In your creative process, how the ideas arise? There is some "ritual"?

My workflow is not the image in your head that I materialize into a drawing or image. This is not a intrinsic talent that I have, I would say that I'm working on it now and develop the capacity to have the immediate picture and compo in your head to put on screen. My technique is rather the spider one with her net. That's probably the reason why I started with photomanipulation. I need to have physically something before my eyes to work with. Photography is a good basis to help you creating something out of it. Ideas come along the process, good or bad but it stimulates my imagination. Danger with photos is that you become mostly trapped by its perspective. So I started to learn 3D modelling to break those kind of restrictions. Playing with the camera and what I modelled, city, spaceship or else, ideas arise when I find a particular angle or light in the scene to let emerge an idea or concept in my brain and do something with it.

5 . We see also in your gallery, some great Drawings & Paintings pieces. How you develop this talent in so many kinds of Media and, what tips you give to the enthusiasts ?

Thank you, drawing and painting is a long process. It's almost a fight against yourself, the easy way is to me the less interesting way. I always need to challenge myself and maybe have the capacity to judge of my weaknesses and work hard to correct them and become better and better. Tips...? Work, work and work again. Be a sponge, get everything you can get and work even harder.

6 . In your gallery we see a mixed of techniques, what other tools or softwares you use?

As I mentioned above, 3D is a great great tool that I use a lot in my art, though hard to get. Very tough when you are on your own. Once you start to develop your skills, 3D is a major help and very fun. You can achieve such details. I love combining 3D models with painting, photo texturing and all. I try to use whatever exist as long as it's actually working for me and what I have in mind as final result.

7 . Let's talk about your work as CV. How the interest emerged?

That was so cool when they contacted me because Deviantart has always been my favorite place to showcase my art. This is where I learnt a lot, met a lot of people, great artistic community. So from all I got there I wanted to give back to this community specifically. dA has this type of Volunteer job that really gives you the chance to award and put forward great artists in the shadow. Pay tribute to sci-fi like this is such a reward and honor for me. I really love this position even if I don't necessarily have the time I would like to, to push even further sci-fi to the front thanks to it.

8 . What is your criterion for the choices of Daily Deviations?

It depends but most of the time it's quality and creativity. I try to priviledge artists not so much rewarded and vary my selections into the different ways sci-fi can be put forward, mech, characters, space, vehicles, full scene, cityscape or completely out of any types. I definitely have my favorites but I try to be as fair as possible to any of those types of sub-categories and not put really forward one to the detriment of another. It's hard sometimes, it also goes along the suggestion that I got in my inbox. I also took the habit of posting everyday my Today's DD on facebook and people seems to quite enjoy that.

9. Plans for the future? New exhibition of the "The Luminarium" ?

SURE, new exhibit into the pipe for probably end of march. This collective is also very dear to me, my staff position there is an honor as well. It is such an inspirational collective, so many incredible artists in there, I was so proud when they accepted me.

10 . Well, we are in the end. Do you have some tips or advice for those who venture
in this amazing Sci-Fi world?

Not specifically Sci-fi but in general, yes, I really think that you need to give to receive in return. During my artistic evolution I tried to give through my modest artworks, people gave me their thoughts on it, helped me out. Friendship is a gift too! I have a great bunch of CG friends around now. So my tip would be to show interest to others' art so that they may have interest in yours and help each others. It is as simple as that.

Was a great pleasure to talk to you, Sebastien . I wish success and lots of inspirational works!!
Thank you, it was a great pleasure.

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It's Amazing! THX Paulo for sharing, grats to Shue13, very nice work my man~