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It seems that many of the colours are distorted on my browser; if the colours appear dull to you, try viewing this version instead:

As the GLAM! base race had come to a close after many months of my procrastination, I have amassed a meagre collection of dolls to be displayed before your weary eyes. I had expected to complete more dolls, but life had resolved to deny me this humble desire. :C

I am dissatisfied with many of the dolls from an aesthetic standpoint, but I am nonetheless glad to have made them. I do not believe I would have pixeled a walrus for any other occasion. :D 

 The basemakers are listed starting from the top left of the image:

1 - Glumentia
2 - aerieyena
3 - dnya
4 - OKami-hu
5 - Ahborson
6 - phoenix1784
7 - caitlincaitiecait
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Aristanova's avatar
God, your pixel doll are just gorgeous! ;w; so beautiful <3
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you; I am glad you enjoy them! :hug:
msdeerborn's avatar
ohhh these all look so fantastic!!
Consonanta's avatar
:la: Thank you so much! 
AxxKat's avatar
i'm so glad you dolled a walrus! :D these look fantastic! great job! 
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you! I am glad of it as well; it was my first time pixelling a walrus, but I hope it would not be the last. C:
Ahborson's avatar
adorable I love em all C:
I especially love your creative use of my base :D
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you! C: I am glad you enjoy the concept. 
chuuuuuuuu's avatar
always love your pixel dumps <3
the stone pattern on the second doll is simply marvellous!
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you! :la: It was surprisingly enjoyable to pixel. C: 
o-Oxalis-o's avatar
Everything is so nice!
Consonanta's avatar
; o ; Thank you so much! 
Sugaruni's avatar
wow these are all really beautiful!! your colors are always so good omg * 7 * i especially like the 6th one aaahhh
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you! :hug::hug: The sixth doll is my favourite as well! :heart: 
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