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My tentative attempt at creating a base set that ended with four poses. Though this set was created sometime ago, the laptop it was created on is not under my ownership, hence its delay in seeing the light of day.

Edits are encouraged. If credit is given, you may combine my bases with other artists' bases if their rules permit frankenbasing. 
You may not use my bases for commercial purposes. Dolls made with my bases may be exchanged for virtual currency, but not real currency or the equivalent of real currency, such as deviantART points. 
Please link back to my deviantART profile when displaying dolls made on my bases.
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© 2013 - 2021 Consonanta
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Squidkid of the year by kirbypeach64
I used your wonderful base!~ :D It was really, really cute ^^
I changed it a lot though D:
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;//o//; Thank you so much for showing this to me! I love the edits! :heart::heart:
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You're welcome, and thank you so much as well! >u<
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I will use this and link it back!
Consonanta's avatar
Thank you; I look forward to seeing your creation. :heart:
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swimmingfish's avatar
Is it strange that I cannot stop staring at the button nose? Thank you for sharing :3
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It is my pleasure; thank you for the comment! :heart:
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off to steal your skills.
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You would come back empty-handed, I'm afraid. D:
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I really love this base, it's just beautiful.
So I did this. [link]
I hope that's okay.. I didn't make any.. sudden changes or anything. Just some recoloring and touch-ups.
I want honest opinion about it. ;u;
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Apologies for the lateness of my reply, but I adore your edit. The arm edit jumped out at me as being especially well done, and I enjoy the colour you have chosen for the eyes. 
Thank you very much; I am glad I inspired you to make an edit. :heart:
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Oh, yay. You're fine with taking your time. c:
Thank you. ♥
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I'm guessing this are not for commissions. Well, the pouty one looks so cuuute *u*
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Not point/money commissions, but virtual currency is acceptable.
Thank you! C:
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too cute!!!! i love the nose and the expressions!! ^^
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Must use it *W*
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