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my name : omerrr-

Games i play :

Left 4 dead

Left 4 dead 2

TeamFortress 2

Usually play as: Pyro,Spy

Company of heroes

Usually play as: The axis (I'M TERRIBLE AS THE ALLIES)

Rome: Total war

Usually play as: SPQR, Macedon

Napoleon Total war

Usually play as: Ottoman empire (why not ?), France

Empire total war

Usually play as :Ottoman empire (of course) Poland-Lithuania

Portal 2
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TheWeirdBirdDude's avatar
Unfortunately, I have none of those. I had TF2 a while back, but I got bored of it so I uninstalled it.
consolemaster001's avatar
You could re-install it and you wouldn't loose any of your items
TheWeirdBirdDude's avatar
I will if I get interested in it again, but that probably won't be for a while.