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Mature Content

Nightmare of circadia by softsai
*insert Sega sound effect* by TheOneAndOnlyCactus
Fight Fever - Rophen Heimer by FranjoGutierrez
Console Concepts
Nintendo Gameboy Classic by ossie-eat-world
Banjo y Kazooie en la selva by carloshorment
It looks like a screenshot xD by S-Seith
Video game girls cover by rzhevskii
Console Integrate

Mature Content

Console Girls by NightmareTales
Wii Girl by misterpickles
Gamecube Girl by misterpickles
Console Games Makers
Master Miyamoto by HapyCow
Miyamoto by Child-Of-Neglect
Console Handmade
GH Faceplate : Rock Kitty by ricepuppet
360 Domo Kun by ricepuppet
MLG Custom Controller by ricepuppet
Hello Kitty 360 by ricepuppet
Console Food
New Super Mario Bros. Cake by xFlowerstarx
Cake: Nintendo Wii Console by simonsaz3
Console Clothes
Evil Inside - RE 5 T-shirt by Schemat
Gamer by POKETAZ
zelda: missing link shirt by biotwist
space invaders hoodie part 1 by BombingCat
Console Tatoos
my resident evil tattoos by digitaltvirus
1-Up by CitizenWolfie
Console Collector's Edition
MGS 3 Metal Edition by Schemat
Console Pencil Drawings
Kratos caricature by IcedEdge
Van Der Linde by CitizenWolfie
Kratos sketch by psychopunkpk1
Gears of war sketch by psychopunkpk1
Console Traditional Color Drawings
leona KOF by aakkittoo
Console Traditional Paintings
Assassin's creed by nozonalu
Console Cosplay
FFXIII: Fighting Fate by burloire
Urban Style
Power Up by sneak3218
Retro Gaming
dando - the cursed by myroboto
Console Icons
Big Boss by Schemat
Stamp Super Mario all stars by ilaaaria
Console Literature
Me and Flowerstar Collage by xFlowerstarx
Console Desktop and Wallpapers
Shurelia Wallpaper by Venthor78
Metal Gear Solid Series
MGS 3 Metal Edition by Schemat
Silent Hill Series
Silent Hill Compilation Album by OnlyAppearStupid
Resident Evil Series

Mature Content

Sheva 3 by 3dbabes
Final Fantasy Series
FFXIII: Fighting Fate by burloire
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain stamp by iamadem
God of War Series
Kratos caricature by IcedEdge
Prince of Persia Series
Prince Of Persia by cyberarts1st
Devil May Cry Series
Dominatrix by aakkittoo
Dominatrix by aakkittoo
Uncharted Series
uncharted 2 in game pic 4 by jon-55
Soul Calibur Series

Mature Content

That Pretty Ninja by nickyflamingo
Tekken Series
Dragunov by bryzunovrokks
Dead or Alive Series
Kasumi Dead or Alive by ONELOUSYCAT
Street Fighter Series
REMY SFIII by rgm501
King of Fighters Series
leona KOF by aakkittoo
Guilty Gear Series
Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge Cosplay 13 by Benny-Lee
Dead Space
It looks like a screenshot xD by S-Seith
BioShock Series
She's watching you by Wrecker-lady
Ico and Yorda by KayIglerART
Shadow the Collosus
Titan by Mutated-Sushi
Okami Pups by PridefulSin
Soul Reaver Series
Raziel by rollinghair
Tenchu Series
ayame by Zeng
Tomb Raider Series
Legend Lean by Hairhelmet12
Castlevania Series
castlevania 3 by myroboto
Dante's Inferno
The Gods Must Be Crazy by Creatordestroyer
Persona Series
Persona 3: Cos by Akusesu
Kingdom Hearts Series
Kingdom Hearts II - Wallpaper by Venthor78
Metroid Prime Series
KH 16 by SophusBenigno
Halo Series
Master Chief by Sandman-AC
Gears of War Series
Gears of war sketch by psychopunkpk1
Mass Effect Series
Tali'Zorah by nickyflamingo
Ninja Gaiden Series
dando - the cursed by myroboto
Mario Series
Rosalina by Darkchi2
Kirby Series
Megaman Series
Quickie: Goofyxl by Locke3K
Sonic Series
Hell Yeah by Ejejel
The Legend of Zelda Series
Link from The Legend of Zelda by Sandman-AC
Crash Bandicoot Series
Coco Bandicoot by Darkchi2
Spyro the Dragon Series
:.Honey River:. by PetitMoon5
LocoRoco Series
LocoRoco Fan Stamp by anekdamian
Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet - Take Off by Dayu
ModNation Racers
Chun Li by Darkchi2
Assassin's Creed Series
Assassin's creed Altair by ilaaaria
Syphon Filter Series
Abe's Series
Grand Theft Auto Series
GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony by PatrickBrown
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption - Marston by hel999
Zone of the Enders Series
Zone of the Enders by OcelotSnake89
Guitar Hero Series
GH Faceplate : Rock Kitty by ricepuppet
RockBand Series

Mature Content

RockBand Baby by StudioCMC
Characters Integrate
Dominatrix by aakkittoo
Etna by Darkchi2
Video game girls cover by rzhevskii
Hi everyone!

Here, you can write your PSN IDs, Microsoft Gamertags or Wii nicks & Friendcodes! This will help us to play together and get to know better! :) You can write your preferences about games and tell us where are you from! :)

Exactly like this:

PSN ID: Schemat
Gamertag: N/A
Wii nick & Friendcode: N/A

Online games preferences: PES, FIFA, Guitar Hero, SingStar

Nationality: Poland

Other: I can play all games which I have. :)

P.S. You can copy/paste this "table" :)

Have fun!
Hey, Hey!

We have already over 100 Watchers! I think it's a very good result, because the group has been on dA for nearly a month. Thank you everyone for your interest!

Greetings, Schemat
More Journal Entries

Feel free to join us!

For all console gamers!






Feel free to send requests for Affiliates. Whether you have a rookie or a master group - it doesn't matter! You may ask what is needed then? The answer is simple: you must have any console group!


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SilverStarApple Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Professional Writer
Your folders are full.
Daxx-Lorenzo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
Is there an Oddworld folder?
Madarao123 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer…

Please help a classic video game werewolf get into Marvel VS Capcom Infinite 
ReyJJJ Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a cause I'd like to get some PS Originals fans in on.

 :bulletorange: :bulletblue:
This discussion is intended to generate and refine a new crossover game design plan.
I apologize in advance for my copy-pastedness, but I'm trying to reach as wide an audience as I can here.
shadow2007x Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

There are guys, I made a new paint job and this time it was the turn of Samus Aran - Metroid, wanted to know if you can put in it your gallery

In a few days I'll posting the naked version but censured, I was wondering if you can also add it here.

Samus Aran Metroid by shadow2007x

MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Folder's full.
GameMan93 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
Hi, I'd like to submit all three of my deviations here. :)
MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
Group is dead it looks like.
HYPERJOSEPH Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
Can't you read?
It's over the limit.
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