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dreaming of the sky by conskeptical dreaming of the sky :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 0 id ego superego by conskeptical id ego superego :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 6 a view on unity by conskeptical a view on unity :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 1 natural disaster? by conskeptical natural disaster? :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 5 the eye by conskeptical the eye :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 0 choose your weapon by conskeptical choose your weapon :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 8 the human signal processor by conskeptical the human signal processor :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 7 if you can't beat them by conskeptical if you can't beat them :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 2 side effect of consumerism by conskeptical side effect of consumerism :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 2 5 choose your battles by conskeptical choose your battles :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 1 object of meditation by conskeptical object of meditation :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 0 statement of intent by conskeptical statement of intent :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 6 trousers by conskeptical trousers :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 9 pentominoes again by conskeptical pentominoes again :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 1 5 fitter happier by conskeptical fitter happier :iconconskeptical:conskeptical 0 1
recursive handwriting
If you had been watching him for the last six weeks, at a certain time each morning, for around twenty minutes, you would have seen a slightly unusual thing. He would get up. And before doing anything, before even pulling on a dressing gown and tottering to the bathroom for a morning pee, he would sit down at a plain wooden desk, pull out a thick ring bound pad of lined paper, fold his fingers around a slim fountain pen, and just write.
Twenty minutes, each morning, for the last six weeks.
This one had a boring day job. I saved myself the trouble of describing it by referring the reader to somewhere near the beginning of Kafka's Metamorphosis. But he didn't lose his job because he turned into a bug.
If you had been watching him for the last six weeks, then perhaps you would still been watching him now.
Perhaps you'd still be watching him in six weeks time... he is lying in bed. It is about a quarter to three. His fridge is full of mouldy food. His stomach is full of nothing.
:iconconskeptical:conskeptical 2 6


Autel by ZeEnigMa Autel :iconzeenigma:ZeEnigMa 14 3
This is about the process of invention. I don't claim that anything mentioned here is original, although I did think of two of the examples independently - big deal!
Invention and development really occur in several stages. The first three in my list are entirely mind games.
(1) The initial idea.
Example (a) Enhanced radiation weapon. A bomb that kills by radiation, without a huge blast that destroys property.
Example (b) Space lift (elevator). A lift cable dangling from a geostationary satellite, up which lifts can climb, thereby dramatically reducing the energy required to reach space.
Example (c) Heavier than air flying machine. A mechanical bird.
This stage is relatively easy: such ideas are obvious to anyone with even superficial knowledge and understanding. It might be regarded as an inventive step, but you probably wouldn't get a patent on it on grounds of "obviousness."
(2) Possibility check.
Does the idea contravene any known natural laws? Nev
:iconcoshipi:coshipi 1 0
Receiving stolen goods
We'd invited some friends round for a meal.
"Are these your own potatoes?"
What the question really was about was whether we'd grown the potatoes ourselves, or bought them from the shop. But having as I do a penchant for wilful misinterpretation and a willingness to lie transparently for the sake of a laugh, I answered,
"No, I stole them."
We had in fact bought them in the shop. We hadn't harvested our own yet.
Today our lunch was vegetable curry and rice. All the vegetables were from our own garden – potatoes, French beans, shallots, fenugreek leaves and chillies. But the rice was stolen. Well, okay, from the shop really. We'd paid for it.
But was it stolen further back up the chain of supply? Probably not.
Depending how you look at it. I don't doubt the shop paid the suppliers, and everyone paid everyone else all up the chain right back to the farmer. So it wasn't stolen.
Except in one – important – sense. This rice came from Pakistan. Rice exported from Pakistan (or I
:iconcoshipi:coshipi 1 10
Economics again - Discounting
Discounting is an important topic in economics. Any economic prediction looking more than a year or two into the future is completely dependent on it.
It's nothing to do with discounts offered by traders trying to persuade you to buy something!
The idea is that costs in the future are less important than costs today, and that benefits in the future are worth less than benefits today. The logic is that if I can delay some spending for a few years, I can earn interest on the money for a few years – or avoid paying out interest for a few years, if I'm borrowing the money. Likewise, if I'm not going to get the benefits for a few years, they're worth less than benefits today – if I can sell the benefits, I can get interest on their value for a few years more. Even if I'm not selling the benefits, I can put a value on them based on what I'd get if I sold them, so the effect is the same.
How much one discounts future values (positive and negative) like this is basically down to inte
:iconcoshipi:coshipi 1 10
Disproportionate offence by coshipi Disproportionate offence :iconcoshipi:coshipi 1 3 Reach for the Future by Destin8x Reach for the Future :icondestin8x:Destin8x 1,319 164 Climate: patterns in the chaos by coshipi Climate: patterns in the chaos :iconcoshipi:coshipi 1 0 Butterflies, Chaos, Feedback by coshipi Butterflies, Chaos, Feedback :iconcoshipi:coshipi 4 9
Global Warming
Global warming is the big issue of the age. It really matters - the welfare of billions of people is going to be drastically affected by it, in many cases in a life-and-death way. Economic woes are completely trivial in comparison.
Some folks will try to tell you it isn't happening. They're just plain wrong - as wrong as those who think the Earth is flat [link].
Mostly they've given up trying to tell you it isn't happening. They've shifted their ground, and are trying to tell you it's not humankind's fault. They're still just plain wrong - ostriches with their heads in the sand.* (Asterisks indicate where there will be links to other essays when I've written them.)
Some of them have even given that up, but have switched to trying to tell you it's a Good Thing, with benefits and drawbacks, but with the benefits outweighing the drawbacks. They're STILL just plain wrong.*
Then there are those who tell y
:iconcoshipi:coshipi 2 9
what a great day for math by tsok what a great day for math :icontsok:tsok 48 15 Where Industry Ends by wb-skinner Where Industry Ends :iconwb-skinner:wb-skinner 627 93 Not from a supermarket by coshipi Not from a supermarket :iconcoshipi:coshipi 8 11 A Day, a Lifetime. by zemotion A Day, a Lifetime. :iconzemotion:zemotion 4,924 296 Perfection by Lilyas Perfection :iconlilyas:Lilyas 27,490 2,191 Retro Race 'Mario Kart' by RETROnoob Retro Race 'Mario Kart' :iconretronoob:RETROnoob 376 33 Getting the job done by coshipi Getting the job done :iconcoshipi:coshipi 3 10



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My blog is here: , my photos are at flickr (…) and various other of my online presence can be found here:

Thanks for visiting!

- Crispin


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