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Red Sonja #2 - coloured



Coloured version of my B/W pic at conradknightsocks.deviantart.c… - my own take on Mel Rubi’s fantastic artwork in ‘Red Sonja #2’ and I also want to throw some props at Michael Avon Oeming and Mike Carey for putting together such a cool story. The She-Devil looks to be in real trouble here, with her horse dead, partially tied up in ropes and surrounded by archers and swordsmen but the next few pages were the first real flavour of how deadly Dynamite’s Sonja could be as she absolutely took the guards apart.


I’ve wanted to colour my Sonja pic since I posted it but have held it back for a rainy day/week. I still think that pic is easily the best Sonja pic I’ve done so far and I think I’ve steadily improved with my drawings of the She-Devil since I joined deviantART. However, when a coloured version of one of my other pics was posted, feedback was that the characters ‘popped’ much more in the coloured one and my biggest issue with the Sonja drawing was that it wasn’t clear enough.


I’m a bit frustrated with the colouring of the city walls and particularly the floor here. In Rubi’s pic, it’s not totally clear whether the ground is paving stones or soil but it looks to have cracked where the arrows struck it. I wanted to distinguish between the colour of the walls and the floor but the floor has ended up looking a bit muddy as a result; when it was lighter, it was much more detailed but it was also too close to the walls in tone, so I ended up layering in loads of darker brown. I guess at least it’s not the same colour as the walls but it hasn’t turned out the way I hoped. The main thing is that Sonja herself stands out a lot more in the pic and hopefully the arrows and other details do too.


If anyone wants to take a punt at colouring the original pic their own way, be my guest … please just include a link to the original pic in the description.


Red Sonja is property of Dynamite Entertainment.

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Very dynamic as someone in the comment section has already said and great work on the horse. One animal that can be so hard to draw convincingly, great work