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Musclebarbie #1
Here’s the final version of the collaboration between :iconhellbat: and myself on a superhero version of hot Slovakian female bodybuilder Karolina Botkova. I handled the lines, and have already posted the lineart separately, but Navtaj should get the lion’s share of the credit for his gorgeous colours and lettering. Karolina was thrilled with the end result and said she was going to print a copy out for her wall! If you’d like to see her in the flesh, her Instagram page is…

I can honestly say this is the piece of work I'm most proud of for probably 2 or 3 years - it was so much fun to draw and so great seeing Nav enhance it further, plus Karolina was so supportive throughout the whole process :)

So, here we are … the final issue of Amy Chu’s run on ‘Red Sonja’. I’ve enjoyed this probably more than any other Red Sonja run before it. There has been the odd ‘off-issue’, Sonja spent many of the early issues less central than I’d have liked and we haven’t found out much about Sonja’s past. It’s been a magical run overall, though, with superlative art from Carlos Gomez and others and just a deep sense of fun … breezier  than most Sonja runs but that’s OK. Amy’s interest in sci-fi and time travel has manifested itself and she’s brought back the magic and mythology aspects that were largely absent from Gail Simone’s stint, bringing in sorcerers, demons, sphinxes and gods. Amy originally signed on for 6 issues, so hitting 26 is amazing, although she was smart enough to bring in Erik Burnham to help on writing duties halfway through and his involvement made the comic even better.

#25 is a good finish to the series. The story very basic … after reading an advance Uncomicmas review, I was hoping for more examples pitting the She-Devil’s sword vs the musician Tariq’s flute but that would’ve spoiled the surprise of what he could do with his music. I’d thought this tale might reflect the old ‘Wind And The Sun’ fable, where the sun succeeds in forcing a traveller to shed his cloak via gentle warmth where the wind failed with mighty gusts but instead we get just the one instance of comparing the two approaches directly. You could argue the flute didn’t necessarily win out in any case, since all the pirates ended up dead plus Sonja looked well in control during the fight itself – there was just the one panel of the big black pirate lunging at her back with his knife before the musician intervened. The bard asked why the pirates all had to die but in their state, they’d have drowned if Sonja had thrown them overboard. For me, Sonja crying came across as a little cheesy and something Amy had been dying to prise into the comic for ages … was it really necessary? Sonja can be a larger-than-life heroic figure, she doesn’t need that soppy edge. The roguish side of her came across more strongly here than in previous issues and it was easier to buy her operating outside of the law. Amy’s run has also been relatively bloodless and it’s been rare to see the She-Devil slicing and dicing her way through the opposition as she does here, so her violence came across that much more strongly. The exchanges between Sonja and the bard were fun and it was interesting to see the warrior get called on her bloodletting after she uses it to save somebody. She looked affronted and why not?  There’s an interesting bit where Sonja mentions she was a pirate ‘in a past life’ … she could simply be using those words loosely to say she has experience in this line of work but I couldn’t help thinking of Brian Reed’s run, where the ‘Red Sonja’ monicker is passed down through the ages and the identity is assumed by different women to carry on defending the weak and serving the goddess Scathach.

Much to my (and everybody else’s) surprise, regular artist Carlos Gomez is back, after a break of 3 issues, and his art is as amazing as usual. If there’s one thing about this comic that’s really dazzled reviewers, it’s Carlos’ artwork. I like his design for the bandits, although one thing Carlos isn’t great at is distinguishing between different cultures, his designs are often pretty generic fantasy. Tariq has a decent look, almost Biblical but he’s as white as Sonja – you’d expect him to look more Stygian with a name like that. The pirates look like stereotypical corsairs out of a kid’s book with their tricorns and baggy trousers. IIRC, when Conan used to go out on adventures on the high seas, the pirates would more often be bare-chested and wearing more recognisably Hyborian Era garb, and I think the same applied with Sonja’s crew back in Eric Trautmann’s great run. These guys all look like Blackbeard. It’s a minor complaint though. Sonja’s use of a cloak and hood is interesting … doesn’t look like it would provide much in the way of disguise (and why would she need a disguise outside of her own time anyway). Maybe she’s just cold?

Carlos as usual excels on facial expressions, such as Sonja’s shocked surprise at remark Tariq makes about her violent approach to resolving issues, after she took the time out from eating rabbit to save his life. We get loads of combat in this issue, which is an area that’s occasionally been lacking in Amy’s Sonja stories. There’s a nice battle onboard a ship between Sonja and a big group of pirates, although it would’ve been nice to see Sonja swinging around on ropes Douglas Fairbanks Jr-style. As it is, in terms of choreography, Carlos tends to use most of the tried-and-true moves he’s used in the past, such as the She-Devil nailing opponents with flying kicks or swinging a sword with one hand and punching out some brute with another but to be fair, many artists have a limited repertoire when it comes to fight choreography. There's one great panel showing her leaping in the air, knees tucked in, as she buries her sword up to the hilt into a pirate. One thing Carlos does well in all his fight scenes is convey Sonja’s speed and agility … she looked like a dynamo here, whirring through the enemy ranks untouchable. She handles pairs of opponents offpanel with sickening ease and is clearly leagues beyond any of these guys as a warrior. Would’ve been cool to have seen a demonstration of the She-Devil’s strength as well, hurling a few people overboard but you can’t have everything.

All told, this was really a meat-and-potatoes issue that didn’t do anything outstanding but it was well-written and the art was tremendous. Far from the best issue in the series but the solo adventures closing out this run have been entertaining and have made a nice change from the giant epics that preceded them, particularly if you count issues #0-16 as one big arc. I’m really going to miss this comic but it’s time for a big change next month with the relaunch and new team of Mark Russell and Mirko Colak.

Special mention to :iconredsonjaart: who has slavishly reviewed every issue in this run … I’ve really enjoyed the discussions I’ve had with him throughout.

#redsonja #review #dynamiteentertainment 


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Musclebarbie cover
A few weeks back, a beautiful Slovakian bodybuilder called Karolina Botkova messaged me on Instagram, asking if I could draw her as a superhero ... I jumped at the chance! My good buddy hellbat ( ) is going to colour this and add some lettering to make it look like a proper comic cover. Please check out Karolina’s IG page at…
Fantastic Four in Times Square
It’s been a long time since I did a straightforward B/W comic book pic, so here we go! The FF in Times Square.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell from the busy background but Johnny is lighting a cigar for Ben. I know that in these PC, kid-friendly times, Marvel get antsy about showing their characters smoking but to me, the Thing, Nick Fury and Wolverine should get to enjoy a stogie from time to time. Lung cancer’s no threat to Logan, Fury’s a grizzled war vet and Grimm has precious few pleasures available in life, the poor soul. Let the poor guy smoke!

Should also add that I made sure that Ben wasn't seven feet tall. There's an increasing trend to draw Ben towering over his fellow FF members or even guys like Thor, particularly since the Hulk's drawn bigger every year but Ben's meant to be six feet even. Reed's actually meant to be slightly taller than him.

Also massive props to John Byrne for this ... whilst I haven't liked everything he's done, for me he drew the best Thing in the business and he did a couple of really helpful 'how to draw the FF' one-age guides back in the 80s which came in  really handy.


conradknightsocks's Profile Picture
Nick Baldwin
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm a relatively old fogey who's been into superhero comics since the very early 80s ... I loved Spider-Man before then but 'Secret Wars' was the series that REALLY turned me into a comics nut. I loved drawing as a kid and won several art prizes at school but lost my enthusiasm for it in my teens when art became too much of a science for me, learning about three-point perspective and shading and such like.

I remained a big comics fan, at one point having a collection of over 3000 comics, and posting regularly on but I was focussed on other things at the time, little unimportant things like getting married and having a daughter and stuff. Then, a few years back, I got wind that my all-time favourite comic artist, George Perez, was coming to a con in the UK. Fans of George will know that his eyesight's deteriorated badly in the past few years, so I wanted to see him while he was still able to travel. I decided to pick up my pencil again for the first time in nearly two decades to draw him a pic and show my appreciation for him, and I haven't stopped since!

I've much more serious now about my pictures than I was as a kid but drawing is now my number one hobby and I go crazy if I'm not working on something! I try to alternative between colour, grayscale and black and white, between pen, pencil and colour marker pics, and between comic art, TV, cartoon and video game fanart, more realistic pics using photos for reference and the odd animal drawing here and there. As my daughter grows up, though, I find myself drawing more and more pictures for her to stick up on her wall! She's turning into a really good artist herself!

Anyhoo, dat's me. Pleased to meetcha and what not.




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