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sail-boats on the sea
She has daisies in her hair and a smile on her face, the corners of her eyes crinkled up and smiles lines panning across her cheeks. She waves to Albus, her thin fingers combing through the sunlight and casting shadows across her cheek. He climbs up the hill towards her, his black hair throwing itself against his forehead in an imitation of the long grass.
She starts running towards him, her dress flapping against the back of her legs and her hair sweeping out behind her like a cape, some sort of golden fire in the setting sun. They meet halfway up the hill in a hug to shatter stars, full of promises they've given up trying to keep. "Lucylucylucylucy," Al murmurs, his voice like sandpaper and her skin like silk, encasing a body as fragile as glass and Merlin, it feels like one touch could shatter her.
"Al, oh Al I've missed you," and then it's just a string of pleasepleaseplease and there are daisies between his fingers and golden fire burning his hands. She pulls back and links her ar
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and he waits for her at the airport
She's scheduled to arrive on the 29th of October, but this is Lily and she's never been one to conform to a schedule.
He thinks the best he can hope for is for her to arrive at all.
He turns up at the muggle airport where she should be arriving, and sits down to wait. No one looks at him oddly because he's inherited his mum's knack for dressing like a muggle. He flicks through muggle magazines and watches the people who pass by, each with something more (less) important to do than pick up a cousin.
For each person that passes, he makes up a story. There's a man who's on his way to a funeral; a woman who's off to see her new grandson. One girl has just arrived in London and is off to stay with her cousin. She'll get ther and unpack her things in his lounge room. She'll sleep on the couch instead of the guest bed and have cereal for dinner. He'll shake his head at her five cups of coffee a day, and she'll laugh at how clean his apartment is.
He manages to convince himself her name is L
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in this moment
it's that moment
the one that takes your breath away
your heart starts pumping
you struggle to breathe
the air
clawing it's way down your throat
like any number of the poor souls
you've tortured in your wonderful career
as Astoria Greengrass
you're helpless to do anything
and Astoria's not meant to be helpless
but right now
she's more helpless
than she ever was before
and that scares her
it's that moment when you realise that it's all going
from here
and the moment you realise
you can't do anything to stop it
because you know you love draco
you love him
of course you do
of course you love him
(you have to love him)
you love him
(you just have to)
it's that moment
when he hesitates
the moment there's silence
just after you've said
"i love you."
it's that moment
when you realise he doesn't love you
and the moment you realise
you don't love him back.
and those helpless moments
when you know you have to love him
turn into those moments
when you feel powerful
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He finds her alone at the back of the stands, hidden in the shadows behind glittering tears. She doesn't look up or even so much as move but he knows she hears him. He can't bear the pain that hunches her shoulder and if he can't, what hope does she have?
"I'm fine, James," and her voice is fire and honey and a perfect mirror of the hurt that fills the world when she's away.
When the party finished (with glitter and fireworks and brightbright lights) he couldn't bear to stay and just started running because for the whole damn night it was her on his mind (just like it always is) and it scares him. He could watch her his whole life and he wouldn't once take his eyes off.
But she got there first (the little secluded spot under the trees) and now he's left to stare at her, losing all thoughts of leaving. She stays silent and he can pretend to the end of the Earth but she'll never be his, because she'll never be whole again (and oh, how he wishes he could help her somehow).
"Dom." It's onl
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we've done this all before
He'd never been good at the whole comforting thing, really, and Dominique was never his favourite, because she was always so annoying (and okay, she was better at Quidditch) so it really wasn't surprising that the one to find her on the floor was of course Scorpius Malfoy.
She mumbled something and he knew it was 'go away' but he ignored it and sat down across the hall (far enough away so she couldn't punch him). She didn't look up and he found himself getting annoyed because she had always been oblivious to his charm and yeah, that wasn't supposed to matter, but it did okay?
He just stared for a long time and he could feel her getting annoyed and he fought the urge to smile because even if he didn't charm her he had always had this effect on her (and he didn't know why he was so damn pleased, but he was). Eventually she looked up, and it looked like she was surprised he was still there, because she knew if he left she wouldn't have noticed (he'd always been so damn g
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-she dreams of the stars
-she dreams of the stars
she dreams of the stars
and the time that she spent
rocketing her way through the clouds
and weaving her way through the galaxy
like a maze
that didn't
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waiting - astoria by conradkcat waiting - astoria :iconconradkcat:conradkcat 0 1 it's christmas - mollylysander by conradkcat it's christmas - mollylysander :iconconradkcat:conradkcat 0 0 it's christmas - LucyLorcan by conradkcat it's christmas - LucyLorcan :iconconradkcat:conradkcat 0 0


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he's sitting on a windowsill, paris-with-victoire and london-with-lily and new-york-all-alone blurring themselves together, until he's not quite sure if he's frustrated or blissful or lonely. he stands up on the sill, hooks his hand around the gutter and pulls himself up, dragging his stomach across the tiles until he's got one leg on the roof. he rolls over and sits up, his feet dangling over the streets of new york, alone in the yawning emptiness of the street like they never were in paris or london. he can't work out which was nicer, the innocent days in paris with a girl he never loved or the wild nights in london with a girl he will never stop loving. he decides he likes it best alone in new york, victoire off somewhere in the french countryside and lily in ireland with dominique, her pale shoulders being touched by some other boy and her hair tangling with someone else's fingers and he is not meant to feel this jealous. he leans back onto the roof and sighs, tracing the clouds with his eyes, their lines sharply distinct in the setting sun.

he stays there until the sky is dark, the stars coming out to twinkle impossibilities into his heart. they wink, not quite as dangerous as she would do, and none of the appeal, but they persist, flashing across his vision like a light on a muggle bicycle wheel, and then the pinpoints of brightness are starting to turn into eyes, green and inviting and slytherin to the core, angering the monsters lingering on the edge of his mind. he rolls over and stares across the dusty new york sky, off the edge of the world and into the abyss that lies beyond.

but then he remembers that lily is out there somewhere and suddenly it's looking a lot more inviting and the stars are a little brighter and- no, he doesn't miss her at all.

ba-bump ba-bump lily lily lily.


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you can call me kat ;)
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i write when i'm inspired and draw when i'm not. i have too much time and not enough skill on my hands, but i'll get there one day.


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