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ponysona in all gens' styles


finally 👐👐👐👐👐👐 i finished my ponysona ragamuffin in nearly EVERY mlp style

  • g1: i went with the “retro” style they’re putting on recent merchandise. not only is it easy, but its probably more well-known atm? g1 has a lot of styles and this is the most concrete i feel 
  • g2: the boxart style. g2 doesnt have a lot of boxart art, or art in general (the shaded and detailed variety) so i referenced some puzzles
  • g3: duh!!!! i had to redo this one tho, the first attempt i did was from memory after a monthish long break from practicing g3, second attempt is more accurate
  • g3.5: accidentally mixed the animated style with the boxart style. i like it better though looks less. soulless :thinking:
  • g4: the boxart style! no, not the fim style. the g4 style! looks a lot more faust’s art than the show’s (i made a speedpaint for this one that i'll link soon!)

i was planning on doing eqg too but i couldnt settle on an outfit :/c plus, eqg has a lot of different artstyles too from the boxart to the cartoon to the reboot so idk what to do with that either :~)

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Oh my gosh I love this idea!
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I way prefer the box art/Faust's style in G4. The show style works but it's kinda.... ugly
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You have done such an amazing job of representing each era :) I tried a few but I missed G3.5 lol
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I never realized quite how... flat G4 looks to the previous works.
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you emulated the art styles perfectly! also im glad im not the only one who loves faust's style. its a lot more lively tbh
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I love how you've done them in all the different gens. You've really captured each of their art styles. :aww:
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