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party pie

i take back when i said 2008 valentines pinkie was my fav version of her

i cant believe hasbro gave a g3.5 nice curly hair but they cant do that for g4 lmfao. not even bangs for twilight/rbd/aj/Anyone. they cant give boy ponies hair that isnt a mohawk. why was g3.5 higher quality than the g4 cash cow

might go back and fix some things on this. it was rushed a little bc waifu2x's been down for DAYS and it just came back up and i really wanted to post this Now and not monday
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Ahhh kool I haven't seen anyone draw G3.5 you made it look so awesome!
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I have that toy~
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I prefer G4's personalities, plots and facial expressions (because they have more emotion and aren't cutesy all the time), but the official toys are lame. The older ones are so much better, I even ordered a G3 Rainbow Dash toy online. As for the animation, I can't give my thoughts on this because I don't think it's right to compare hand-drawn animation to Flash animation.
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I like this picture!
I own three 3.5s - Sweetie Belle and Starsong plus Mom Dash - and their hair are just soo nice and thick.
G4 was ruined from the start cause of cutting corners, and later cause of you-know-what getting way too much attention.
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Yess, this looks amazing. I love the way it is shaded with blue and yellow tones~
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Eyy that's a nice Ponk right there. Some of the 2D art for Gen 3.5 wasn't too bad; the entire concept wasn't exactly terrible, either.
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tbh i love the art for g3.5 and think its super cute, and the ponyvilles arent bad, but the full-sized brushables kinda, uh. fall flat haha
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Aye, I don't have any meself, but they look a little... um. Definitely um.
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