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g3 didnt have any seaponies? smh

i had NO idea how to colour/design her i hope shes alright :/c
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Now I'd like to see Silverstream and Terramar past-generation-ified.
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Ooh it's so vibrant and pretty, I love it~ :heart:
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im LOVING the vibrant colors ans sparkles
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I'm so in love with this, it's perfect! You've got the G3 style down pat, if they did make mers i'd wish they looked like this!!!
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ikr I want one. I want this one exactly!
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That is so pretty.
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I love her sparkling fish tail!!!
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She's more than alright! She's beautiful!!! *w*
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She'a a beauty. Wonder why G3 really haven't came up with seaponies somehow? Would be such a cool and profitable idea. Imagine all these gorgeous colourful merponies with glittered hair and tails! Those who float on the water when you take them to bath! With different tail designs! : o
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They did. Well merponies actually. 
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I remember tgey had something like that for G3.5, but I'd like to see G3 beauties more. Imagine them having all this different colourful merponies :}
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Aww, so pretty!
Reminds me of 3.5 merpony blindbags that I still want...
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Such a pretty design. :aww:
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This is beautiful!! I wish they had sea/merponies like this in G3. :3 
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looks nice.
don't think too hard about what others might like or think would be right. just do how you feel.
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