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A Wolf at War: Chapter 9
A Wolf at War
Chapter 9:  Pack Mentality
Waiting outside the 'Alpha's' door was one of the largest men I have ever seen.  He was almost as tall as I was in my were-form with long auburn hair and a matching grizzly beard that obscured much of his face. Despite his imposing appearance he smiled warmly down at me.
"So yer the Pole the whole castles been talkin about. The name's Devon Wallace and I am a Beta for the pack but most people just call me Wallace, it’s nice to meet ya."  I took his massive hand and shook it.
"Jakub Jaroslaw, it is nice to meet you too."
"I've been told to show ya around the castle so if you would follow me." He put a hand on my shoulder and steered me out of the hallway.
"Beta McKinnon said you tried to put up a fight in the holding cells downstairs... Is that true?" I gave a small sigh of exasperation thinking back to my final attack which would have probably put Magnus in the hospital, but was so easily defeated.
"...Yea, I thought you all were going to
:iconmoonlit-rebel:Moonlit-Rebel 7 1
Moonlit Brew: Chapter 2 Cover by midnightclubx Moonlit Brew: Chapter 2 Cover :iconmidnightclubx:midnightclubx 86 28 Blue - Page 95 by HunterBeingHunted Blue - Page 95 :iconhunterbeinghunted:HunterBeingHunted 76 48 Fourteen Colonies of Kobol by 33k7 Fourteen Colonies of Kobol :icon33k7:33k7 79 10
Community Outreach
It was a pretty substantial convoy. A troop of about thirty men in camouflage green uniforms mounted atop horses, all armed with M-16’s, escorted two humvees and a pair 2 ½ ton trucks, one with a covered cargo bed, the other a tanker, obviously for the fueling the other vehicles. The trucks weren’t that surprising. Even fifteen years after The Fall you could still find humvees operating. They were built to be tough, and could run on wood alcohol in a pinch. It was the men that caught Cleo’s eye though. They were a militia of some sort, that much was obvious. But they were cleaner than your average community militia, and the uniforms were, well, uniform. Nothing ragged, no more dirt and mud than could be expected after travelling along the old crumbling asphalt road that ran along  the northern edge of New Hope. When the convoy stopped they formed up ranks in what looked like a well-practiced drill, dismounting and holding their horses as they stood at
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 1 5
Big Ordinator by GuardianStriker Big Ordinator :iconguardianstriker:GuardianStriker 10 5
Love Undeserved (Part 2)
[Story now available on Patreon]
:iconralen-lykos:Ralen-Lykos 4 16
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Immortal :iconfuckboyjones:FuckboyJones 1 1
Fenya by Whiluna Fenya :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 2,629 117
A Wolf at War: Chapter 8
A Wolf at War
Chapter 8: St. Francis and the Wolf
Polish Text will from now on be in italics
Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and as time passed Scotland began to feel more and more like home.  The great misty forests nestled between the mountains of the highlands made for a wolf’s perfect habitat… and a perfect hunting ground.  Within my first month in the highlands, I had caught my first rabbit.  I had no clue what compelled me to do so but the moment I saw the poor creature hopping from the underbrush I instinctively bolted after it, shifting as I ran.  Within a matter of seconds the bunny was dangling lifeless from my jaws, I felt disgusted with myself the moment I realized what I had done.  I was no stranger to death but killing this bunny felt much more personal, I hadn’t shot it from a distance, no I had cracked its neck between my jaws felt its blood run through my teeth, it scared me more when I realized that I was not so much disgusted b
:iconmoonlit-rebel:Moonlit-Rebel 9 4
Lackadaisy Lovecrafty by tracyjb Lackadaisy Lovecrafty :icontracyjb:tracyjb 4,653 431
A Wolf at War: Chapter 7
A Wolf at War
Chapter 7: When a Wolf Howls in the Woods…
The next few weeks with the Hakansons were… uneventful to say the least, but I was grateful for every second.  I was happy to not be getting shot at and to have a peaceful place to shift and push the limits of my wolfish body.  After what had happened on the ship I experimented and it was true, I could transform only certain parts of my body.  Thankfully I hadn’t heard anymore voices in my head since that day on the ship, but I did have to dodge Katya and Sophia who seemed determined to drink my blood… though Sonya was quite nice to me.  I had slept quite well at the mansion, not having to worry about surprise attacks or would be murderers but one night in early April I had much difficulty getting to sleep.  Something just didn’t seem right, my wolf felt on edge all day but I wasn’t too worried, it had probably been because I had been cornered leaving the bathroom th
:iconmoonlit-rebel:Moonlit-Rebel 11 3



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We descended down the grassy hill, keeping close to the side of the cliff and staying amongst the bushes and trees. Every few steps either Jessie or me would scan the area below for any people. Aside from some strange looking, colourful birds we saw nothing.

“How far now?” I whispered to her.

She scrunched up her nose and looked across towards the big dome. Tilting her head, she spoke, “Perhaps no more than two kilometres?”

“That’s not too bad. Let’s get going.”

She huffed at me, “Very well sir.”

“Yeah yeah, sorry. I’m just eager, you know?”

She just shook her head and started descending faster than me.

We eventually reached the tree line, and from there we found a road heading towards the dome. Because of what happened before, Jessie thought it would be better if we stuck to the trees and bushes along the side of the road. There was still no movement though, no cars, no noise. Whoever was out here, they were staying hidden.

Eventually we reached the outer ‘fence’ of the compound, or what was left of it. It was hard to say where the plants and fence began or ended, they melded into one another so much.

“Stay low, follow me.” Jessie whispered, her ears flat against her head and her tail low. I crept behind her, watching how she moved effortlessly through the bushes. It wasn’t hard to see why those old scientists from way back when would want to make something like her. As soldiers, the wolves were almost unmatched.

We cleared the worst of the bushes and reached what was probably the old parking area. A couple of smaller square buildings were on our right, so utilitarian looking they would have been dull without all of the trees and vines growing out of them. To our left was just open grass and asphalt until it ended by the fence, and ahead lay the great dome.

Jessie crouched behind a fallen tree at the edge of the car park and readied her rifle. Her ears rotated around like little radar dishes scanning for sounds.

She turned to me, “Do we check the buildings first, or head straight for the dome?”

“Buildings.” I said after a couple of seconds, “We’ll swing through there and check it out quickly, maybe get a better vantage point on that dome as well. Might be some valuable files or tech in there.”

She nodded, “Ok, you move up and I shall provide cover.”

I nodded back, then took a deep breath. Keeping low, I quickly moved across the open terrain towards the wall of the building, keeping an eye on the windows most of all. There was no way to sneak up to it without crossing the open ground anyway, so I was screwed if someone saw me.

I reached the wall and slammed by back against it, breathing heavily and thanking God for not letting me get shot.

“Gracias a Dios... Gracias a Dios...” I whispered to myself.

I looked to Jessie and waved my arm at her to get over to me. I then knelt down by the edge of the building and leaned around the corner.

She arrived safely, so we decided to head inside.

The entrance opened like some great cavern opening from those old adventure movies. We didn’t know if we’d encounter monsters or not, but the reward for all of this outweighed any risk as far as I cared.

I looked up at the wolf and shook my head, “I don’t like this one bit, senorita.”

She chuckled, “And you haven’t got a choice either, Alfonso. Get your furless ass in there and check it out, or Tony will be hauling you back home in chains.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

“Goddamn...” I sighed, readying my weapon before taking a step forwards.

I stepped into the doorway, hopefully prepared for whatever was on the other side.


“God, how do plants grow to be so freaking huge?” I moaned as I pushed through dense plants blocking the hallway near the rear of the building, on the second floor. We had checked all of the rooms out and found them empty, no signs of habitation or anything. Whoever had been here had evacuated quickly.

“Stop moaning and keep walking, or you will attract attention.”

“Yes mom.” I grumbled.

I felt a light ‘thwap’ against the back of my head. I turned around as I rubbed it to see Jessie looking at me like an upset parent.

“Okay, sorry...”

“Your mother never hit you enough did she?” She asked, pushing through some plants to walk alongside me.

I chuckled, “God no, she was a sweetheart. Dad smacked me on the ass once when I was like, I dunno, ten? I can’t even remember what I did wrong. It wasn’t like a beating, just a smack for being a pequeña mierda.”

“A what?” She asked, shaking her head at me.

I scoffed, “A little shit. Did your mom ever beat you? I’m guessing she did.”

She nodded, closing her eyes slowly, “Sometimes, when I did something wrong. I love my mother, but she was harsh... well, by human standards. By our standards I would say she was soft, perhaps not hard enough.”

“Wow, really? You think you should have been beaten more?” I laughed.

“Yes actually. With the right conditioning you can create a powerful warrior. Father always wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but mother did not want that.”

I stopped, “Jesus Christ, they beat you to make you a better warrior?!”

She shrugged, “That is a normal thing for my clan. We are renowned warriors, and for good reason. When I was fifteen I was left to fend on my own in the wilderness as part of my initiation into my unit using only my own wits.”

“I mean I heard stories but... wow. That’s illegal pretty much all over the human territories, maybe even some wolf ones too.”

She looked at me strangely, I guess she was remembering her childhood? Did she even have a childhood, really? Then she shrugged, “Well, it happened a long time ago. We must move quickly, the sooner we find your artefact, the sooner we get off this planet.”

We rounded a corner and came across another room with smashed glass, exposed to the elements. Only in this one there were a couple of computer cases, a ruined server and some filing cabinets.

“Oh wow, filing cabinets! Guess even the rich territories still use paper for storing info.”

I walked up to them and started rifling through the contents.

Jessie patted my shoulder to get my attention, “Keep an eye open for any interesting documents, if any have survived. They might be worth something to someone. I shall look through the computer boxes.”

“Roger that.” I said, before turning to dig into the cabinets like I would find gold in there.

After a few minutes of searching, I came up with a few documents on taxes and one on a bunch of projects. I decided that the tax ones were probably unimportant, since they mentioned a town that had once been on this planet.

The one on projects titled ‘Experimental Dimensional Physics’ was a little more... interesting.

I flicked through it, brushing off some dust on the sides of the cream coloured folder. Then I saw a name in there, under the name of ‘Genevieve D’aramitz’.

After some quick reading, it looked to be a personnel folder containing info on the woman responsible for this device. Some paragraphs mentioning her being a ‘team leader’ and ‘leader of expeditions through the gateway’.

“Hey Jessie, come see this...”

She padded over to me. I could feel her looming over my shoulder, so I backed off to the left a little.

“You want a kiss too?” I said to her as her head hovered inches from mine.

She grinned, “Of what sort? The kind where my tongue slides into your mouth and down your throat?”

I scrunched up my face in disgust, “Merde! I regret asking... Anyway, check out this name.”

She mouthed the words of the name, as well as read the paragraphs below it.

“What is the Gateway? And this experimental dimensional physics..?”

“Must be related to the device somehow, unless that’s a separate project.”

She shook her head slowly, her human looking eyes scanning over the page, “Unlikely, they must be connected.”

“I’m with you on that.” I said.

“Come on now, we should head to the dome and see if we can find your device. I have collected what I can from the computers, something to sell at least.” Jessie said, heading for the exit.

I folded up the file and stored it in my backpack, keeping it safe. I then stood up and joined Jessie as we made our way outside.

It was time to see what was in this dome. I had a feeling we’d have our questions answered in there.
The Genevieve Device - Chapter 6
Another chapter up! I've had a little spur of energy so I've finished up another chapter of this story. Sorry it's taken so long!

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We ran down the corridors, the sounds of gunfire and small explosions echoing from all around us. When we reached the main terminal of the airport, the area was in chaos.

I glanced around looking for Clawhammer, because I wasn’t looking forward to finding our own way out of here. I glanced up at the rear of the terminal just in time to see a large, red explosion hit the glass, sending two men and thousands of shards raining down.

The three of us crouched down; Amaline and Felix in their ready poses and me with my arms covering my head.

A hand wrapped itself around my arm, with long fingers and a tight grip. I looked up at dark skin and three eyes on the head of a creature, then realised it was Clawhammer. He yanked me to my feet and pointed to the end of the door, “Go!”

We ran at his command, all three of us sticking together whilst Clawhammer took up the rear. We dashed out of the front door puffing and panting into a sea of chaos.

Squads of armed men ran from right to left, around the side of the airport or to the walls. I could see red flashes and streaks of light flying overhead, and the sounds of inhuman roaring.

“Oh god...” I groaned, staring at the carnage unfolding over on the other side of the walled-in entrance.

“Let’s go!”

The strong form of Clawhammer rushed past us and towards the front gate. We followed suit, keeping our heads down. Amaline glanced back at me occasionally, making sure I was still following her along with Felix, who was looking quite scared.

Then disaster struck.

An explosion to our left shook us, making us loose balance momentarily. I turned my head and saw three of those large, skeletal demons wielding heavy looking weapons, much like the way someone would hold a gattling gun in a movie. Their lazy strides towards us only served to increase the fear factor as bullets from low-calibre weaponry plinked off of their shiny metal armour. Red glowing eyes, unblinking and unfeeling, turned to the three of us.

“Shit! Run!” Felix shouted, grabbing me and Amaline and practically dragging us away from our terrified stupor. I saw Amaline’s face, her shocked wolfish features. She was just as scared as I was, and somehow that made me even more scared.

Suddenly, new shots rang out. Heavy sounding, like large calibre weapons. One of the demon’s skulls cracked open completely, then another one’s exploded. The third took note and fell to its side, firing at where it thought the source of the fire was coming from. I glanced around and spotted two shapes on the roof of the airport, both of them too tall and misshapen to be humans. Then I noticed tails and the winter camouflage military gear.

“It’s the wolves!” I said quickly as I was dragged behind a wall by Felix.

“That has to be Eldwin and his squad, saving the damn day!” Felix nearly cheered.

The cheering stopped short however when one of the wolves took a strange red projectile to the leg. I saw a quick spray of blood as he toppled over, falling off of the roof. He screamed for a moment but was cut short as he hit the ground, falling into a snow bank that had piled up at the bottom.

“Shit... Shit!” I breathed, wanting to run over and see if he was alive.

“He has to be dead Frank!” Felix said, “It’s too dangerous!”

I shook my head, “No, he could still be alive!”

Clawhammer appeared from the doorway and put his hand on my shoulder, as if he were holding me in place, “The boss said to take you out of the base, so that’s what I’ll do. These wolves are trespassers anyway, unless you have something to do with them..?”

I shook my head and glanced over my shoulder, “No... no.”

“Then we continue.” He said, letting go, but letting his three eyes linger on me for just a second longer; a warning. Reluctantly, we followed after he opened the door to the outside street.

Then there was shouting in my left ear, but not in English.

I was pushed to the ground, only to look up and see Clawhammer take a rifle but to the side of his snout. He was knocked backwards but recovered and was going to attack again when I saw a bullet slice through his right kneecap. He let out a scream and a hiss rolled into one and collapsed to his knees, only to receive a final rifle butt straight into the head, putting him down to the ground with an almighty ‘thunk’. Whether he was dead or unconscious, I didn’t know.

I looked up and saw another wolf wearing winter camo gear staring down at me, his face obscured by a white balaclava in the shape of a wolf’s head, but the eyes were uncovered. His eyes were glowing a deep emerald green colour, and I noticed a part of his fur was exposed, and was bright white.

“N... Natan?” I stammered before finally remembering is name. He grabbed my arm and hoisted me up. Two more wolves ran into the compound, no doubt looking for their wounded fellow. I noticed another two down the road, across the eerily deserted streets. People had obviously gone back inside, hiding from the demons.

“Yes. Move!” He ordered simply, pushing me on ahead. He pushed the others as well, and I’m sure I even felt the force of the push against Felix’s shoulder through my own. Sporadic gunfire broke out back around the original hole in the wall, and the staccato bursts of automatic gunfire accompanied the inhuman screaming of demons being gunned down.

There was a wolf waiting for us I thought I recognised. He wore the same armour as the rest, but his eyes and the way he or she looked at me was familiar.

“Frank, Amaline, Felix! I am glad you are alright!” He said after we met up with him. We crouched down behind a wall, “I was afraid our team would be too late.”

I shook my head, “We’re ok. It’s not Jekyll and Hyde who are behind this! It’s someone else!”

“Who?” He asked.

Just then I felt a vibrating in my inner coat pocket. I fished around for it and brought up my smart phone. I looked at the name.


“Oh fuck...” I groaned.

I answered the phone, “Brian, little bit busy here.”

“Get back to Harriet, now! We’ve got demons sighted in the woods and people have gone missing!”

“Ah fuck! I’m at the Jekyll and Hyde base, we’re under attack!”

“What?!” He yelled, “The fuck are you doing there?”

“Trying to find Charley and this artefact thingy, what else?”

“Never mind, just get your arses back here now! We need everyone here to fight them off!”

Butterflies danced about my stomach. This was a double attack, here and Harriet, and so soon after Lupescu. What was going on?

“Right, we’ll be there soon.”

Brian acknowledged and hung up, leaving me to explain the situation to everyone else.

“Right, we need to hurry. I hope Lupescu isn’t under attack either!” Eldwin said, then spoke into his radio in Romanian. By the other entrance I saw three wolves, one carrying another and the third providing covering fire back into the compound.

“They’ll take the injured out past a little doorway we made over the wall. We will take you three with us.”

“But we need to get to the truck and get back to Harriet, and our gear’s all back there at the front gate!”

“We cannot afford to take you to the gate, it is too heavily guarded!”

Felix stuttered, “W-what about a... distraction?”

Eldwin growled and cursed under his breath. He paused and then looked back at me, “Alright, we will cause a distraction but you must hurry. Gather your equipment and get to your truck as fast as possible once you are out, for we will not stay here much longer ourselves.”

I nodded as he and the other wolves headed away.

“Stay safe, all of you.” Eldwin said.

“Eldwin, thanks for coming for us.”

He glanced at the floor for a moment, then back to me, “You realise we never came here just to protect you?”

“Yeah, but you all came to help anyway. Thanks.”

The wolves acknowledged my words with quick salutes before sprinting away across the road and behind some cars. Now we were all alone in these streets and we had to make it back to the front gate.

“How shall we get back?” Amaline asked.

I eyed up the Land Rover Clawhammer drove us back in. A quick idea formed, and I saw Felix grimace.

“I have a plan...”


We were speeding down the road towards the main gate, passing bewildered citizens and guards. They never saw that it wasn’t Clawhammer driving, so we were safe for now, but the size of the town was impressive.

Another explosion shook the area. We turned our heads to the right and saw a large, black plume of smoke rising on the other side of town.

“Fuel depot, I think.” Felix said as he squinted, “Must be our distraction. We must hurry before security organises!”

Eventually we reached the main gate, only to see it shut down but unguarded. Since the guards were busy, I slowly manoeuvred the car into position behind some crates whilst looking for that trademark door that led into the security room. Eventually I spotted a banged up looking beige door leading into a large scrap metal wall.

“In there.” I pointed, “We should be able to get our stuff back too.”

We crept towards it, the sounds of more gunfire echoing down the streets. This place was starting to seem more like a warzone every minute.

“I go first.” Amaline whispered to me, giving me a quick wink.

I nodded, the glanced back at Felix who was crouched behind me.

Amaline moved up to the door and pressed her wolf ear against it. She squinted as she concentrated, then her eyes widened and her other ear twitched as if she had heard something. Felix and I both moved closer as Amaline got ready to open the door.

Suddenly it swung open, startling Amaline who fell back on her butt. A man dressed in thick winter clothes and wielding a shotgun turned and started shouting at her, raising his weapon to take aim. I saw the look of fear on her face as her ears pulled back.

That was when I dashed forward, purely on instinct. I let out a yell and smashed into the man, taking him to the ground before he could even see me. I quickly regained my composure and before he could react delivered two satisfying blows to the side of his head with my fist.

He was out cold. I hadn’t realised how much effort that had taken me and I was suddenly out of breath. I was gasping for air as I scooted back against the interior wall whilst Felix and Amaline carefully walked in, both looking at me with wide eyes.

“What?” I asked, gasping for air.

“You move so fast!” Amaline spoke, crouching down beside me, “And there was... blue air around you when you move.”

I thought back to all the times I had used my powers. Trademark blue... huh, guess I had used my powers to do that. No wonder I was so out of breath. I glanced back to the guy and made sure I hadn’t killed him. He had a pulse but was out for the count.

Felix had found a key and finally opened our lockers after a precious minute went by. He handed us our weapons and we quickly pressed the button to open the gate.

We dashed outside, now seeing five plumes of smoke in the distance. I couldn’t tell whether it was the wolves or demons doing this anymore, but the sounds of gunfire still rang out from all around us and were getting closer by the minute.

We went outside, rifles in hand and at the ready. Felix kept an eye out for snipers whilst Amaline covered the rear. I saw our car sitting there, and as I approached the doors all opened by themselves. I shook my head in disbelief; surely the AI couldn’t have known what was going on?

“Welcome back Frank!” A cheerful voice spoke as I got in.

“Hiya, Annie. How’d you-”

“My sound sensors picked up distinct rumblings and the sound of gunfire. As you approached, I decided to open the doors for you.”

“Thanks..?” I said cautiously.

“You are welcome!”

Felix and Amaline climbed in and closed their doors, the last door closing by itself. I strapped in and quickly checked around us.

“I hope Eldwin gets out of this alright.” Felix said as he glanced behind us.

I put my foot down on the peddle and quickly set off, the tires finding easy purchase in the snow.

“He will be fine.” Amaline spoke, “He is a strong loup garou.”

“That he is.” I said, staring back into the mirror at the smoke plumes getting smaller behind us as we drove on.

This whole situation was spiralling out of control so fast. Something very big was going down, and I needed to get to Harriet quickly if I wanted to find out why.
Biting Chill - Chapter 41
Sorry about the delay guys, college has kept me busy recently. Hopefully you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 1:…

Next Chapter: Soon...

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When we entered the courtyard, I had to take a moment to take the sight in. All around us were dozens of men in hooded jackets, assault rifles and other kinds of combat gear walking around, talking, smoking or standing around barrel fires. They were all human too, no werewolves in sight.

Clawhammer led us across the crumbling road towards the front doors of the airport which were barricaded with metal sheets bolted together and barbed wire around the top. A man wielding a belt-fed machine gun greeted Clawhammer at the entrance. After a brief word, we were let inside.

“Whoa.” I breathed as I looked skywards.

Above me was a great skylight, still there and in good condition. I could see a couple of men up there walking around, cleaning snow off of it.

The airport itself though was a great big space with three floors. Where we stood was flat and open, with nothing above us from here to the far end of the building. On either side of us were two floors worth of barricades and armed guards, most of which regarded us with curious, untrusting eyes. I noticed that on my right side there were a few signs warning people not to go any further, and beyond the sings was rubble piling up in hallways.

Clawhammer caught me looking and stared at me with his three eyes, “They reckon that after the apocalypse here, strange types of weather tore across the world. Sometimes you walk into an area and find yourself floating, other times ball-lightening will form for seemingly no reason. Something like that occurred here in the past, so that is why those corridors are collapsed.”

“God... so that must be related to the flux wave that came through here.”

He looked at me curiously, his frills on his back and arms spiking up straight in tandem, “You know about that?”

I nodded back to him, “Found some old documents in a building a while back. I guess the flux wave had something to do with all of this.”

He nodded again and turned around, speaking to me over his shoulder, “Indeed, a terrible thing.”

“It’s all so weird.” I said, still taking in the sights.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear Spanish rap playing loudly as well as clinking and talking. It must have been a bar or something.

“Come with me through here.” Clawhammer said, quickly gesturing for us to follow him down a narrow corridor. Amaline and Felix eyed me worriedly, but I shrugged.

“We’ve got to follow him, it might be the only way we can figure out more about this artefact and where Charley is.” I said.

Together we walked down the dimly lit, dusty grey hallway. I noticed the remnants of old signs in English and French above the few doors here; some pointing out janitor cupboards, others offices and break rooms. Most of the rooms had now been converted into living quarters, and in one room I could hear clanging and smell smoke. A brief glance revealed the room to be some kind of blacksmith’s workplace, with about five men in masks making all sorts of tools and weapons, even some rifles.

Continuing onwards, we approached a set of green metal double-doors with long, thin windows on them, and beyond appeared to be a large, dark room lit by fires.

Clawhammer strode towards the doors, throwing them open with a dramatic shove as he held his arms to the sides, and then slowly lowered them. He turned to us and nodded back to the room, a gesture for us to enter.

We walked in together, and I was quite speechless by what I saw.

The room was as wide as it was tall, and very spacious. There were broken old platforms up near the ceiling with some armed men patrolling, along with hanging fires from the roof casting a dramatic glow. On the ground ahead of us were wooden steps leading up to a raised platform, and on that platform there were tables, blackboards with documents, chairs and some computers blinking. Around the platform were barrel fires and torches, making the place look like some freak mix between a medieval king’s throne room and a hastily set up military office.

Over a dozen men were on the bottom floor, but these guys were wearing old military gear. I couldn’t tell where from, so I assumed it was old Utopian body armour. On the platform were six of the men, two armed and armoured but the last four were around the table, talking and pointing at something there.

The sudden sound of metal rattling made me jump and take a quick breath. I turned my head to the left and saw a giant metal cage with some feathery creature thrashing around inside.

Amaline gasped and covered her mouth with her hand as her tail curled down around her legs, “Oh my God..!”

It stopped with its back turned. It looked like some kind of large cat with big fur covered talons and claws, but a tail like a wolf that was long and fluffy that twisted from side to side in what looked like anxiety. I could make out a mane of feathers by its neck which was bright white all up and down from head to shoulders, but the feathers turned brown as they went down its body to its hindquarters making it look more like a bald eagle. Its legs and backside were a mix of fur and feathers which made for a strange and alien looking mix.

I felt my hair stand on end, as if an icy cold blast ran throughout my whole body. I let out a breath as it turned its head to look at me.

It had a yellow beak and bright yellow eyes. The creature let out a puff of steam as it focused on me. I could feel its gaze burn into me, and for a moment I was frightened.

But something inside of me stirred. Some deep part of me wanted to move closer to the creature. It turned around with difficulty in the cramped space, and I saw that the cage was far too small to hold it comfortably for any length of time. I stepped a bit closer, raising my hands so as to show that I wasn’t going to hurt it. I felt our eyes lock as I approached, the two of us connecting in some strange way.

I was less than two meters away from the big cage, and now I had a good view and size reference for this beast. It had to be another four feet taller than me and it was bent over inside the small cage. I could see sinewy muscle, but I could also see bones sticking out of it, like it was malnourished. Its head was the strangest thing though, it looked like some kind of eagle, but it had a sharper, longer beak and two little pointed ears covered in feathers that tilted upwards at the sight of me, like the kind some owls had. Its eyes grew bigger, and I could swear its expression even changed, like it was happy to see me here.

I raised my arm as I stepped up to the cage, “Hey, hey, calm down...” I spoke softly, nearly a whisper.

It let out a strange cooing sound mixed with a rumble from its chest. The feathers rose up as it tilted its head at me. I could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on me at this moment, but I didn’t care. I stepped an inch further and stopped dead as the creature bowed its head lower, up against the cage, in an act of trust. I put my hand on its beak and gently stroked it. It was smooth and cool, but the closer to the head the warmer it got.

“Hey there, shh, it’s alright...”

Something about this creature was familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It felt... it felt somehow old and like there was some kind of connection between me and this animal.

“Frank?” Amaline called my name quietly, her werewolf eyes wide with surprise and amazement. She had moved closer whilst I was stroking the creature, but I hadn’t heard her.

I meekly shook my head and shrugged, that strange familiarity lingering in the back of my mind.

“I see you are getting along nicely with our new guest.” An eerily smooth voice from across the hall spoke up, sending more shivers down my spine.

The creature suddenly roared and flailed about violently, shaking me from my stupor as I fell back. Amaline backpedalled away and I quickly backed off before moving to stand up. Felix appeared next to me and helped me to my feet as we faced the people on the wooden platform.

The voice continued, “He is a feisty one, but I’m hopeful we can tame him eventually.”

Of all the men standing there, two stood out the most. One was a tall man with powerful looking arms and stomach, built like a pro-bodybuilder. He wore a white wife-beater with dark handprints on them as if he had recently been working on a car. His face was permanently formed into a scowl as if he was angry at everything, and he had a thick but chin-short black beard running from one side to the other. His hair was cut military short as well, and he had a large blob nose and ugly, orcish features. Over his back sat a heavy machine gun with a box of ammo, though I couldn’t tell what it was from here.

The other, however, looked a lot more calm and respectable and had a much lighter build. His blond hair was slicked back and he wore round spectacles that were taped at one side, as if damaged. He wore a dusty black suit and black tie, with a white shirt underneath giving him an air of importance. His face had a light stubble and looked peevish, almost like a librarian but much friendlier. It was his grin that gave it away though; it was the trademark grin of a bad man who knew exactly what he was doing. There was no warmth in it at all. I noticed a pistol on his hip, an M1911.

“Mr. Seymour, is that your name?” Asked the blond haired one in a smooth, calm sounding voice. He was American I think, because I heard a Southern lilt to his voice.

I nodded, “Yes, Frank Seymour.”

He smiled and bowed his head, then gestured for us to come towards him. I hesitated and glanced at Felix and Amaline.

The blond haired one chuckled, “I won’t bite, and neither will my friends here.”

I took the first step forward, stepping away from the thrashing chaos of the strange bird creature, who I could feel was watching me. I had to stop myself from looking back at it, poor thing.

We stepped up the wooden steps as the blond haired one continued, turning his back and walking towards the table in the centre of the “stage”. I saw Clawhammer look to the blond haired one as he gestured for him to leave. Clawhammer gave a military-like bow before turning and marching down the steps past us without giving us a second glance.

“So, my name is Doctor Jekyll and this here,” He gestured to the large, orcish looking maniac who eyed me and Felix suspiciously, “Is Mr. Hyde. We are the leaders of this small city and are among those responsible for keeping the residents safe.”

“So you better show the Doctor some respect.” Hyde spoke up in a gruff, angry voice.

I tried not to show that I was nervous, but my throat tightened and I had to gulp, which seemed to amuse Hyde some, “Of course.”

Amaline nudged me with her elbow, giving me a fright. I glanced up at her and saw that she looked annoyed at me for some reason.

“No, we shall not.” She said with a lip curled up in disgust, “You attack me and Frank, you hurt Harriet.”

Jekyll sorted his glasses with one hand and studied Amaline inquisitively before speaking, “If you are referring to the squad of our soldiers who went missing around the radio tower, they were not under our orders. We considered them a...” He paused as if searching for a word, “A rogue element. As for Harriet, well, unfortunately that is a much more complicated issue.”

Felix stepped forward and gently placed his hand on the table, sensing that this could get out of hand despite how calm Jekyll was being, “Doctor Jekyll, we understand the complications of this feud between your town and Harriet, but it is not why we are here.”

He nodded knowingly, “Yes, it is for Charley and this strange artefact, isn’t it?”

I sighed, “Yeah, so much for it being a secret.”

He laughed, “Son, this is Utopia; it’s renowned for its secrets. But if you’re looking for Charley, he isn’t here either.”

“Aw shit you... wait, what do you mean ‘either’?” I said, shaking my head in confusion.

“One of our sources reported that you three were visiting the werewolf town of Lupescu. I understand you went there looking for Charley and it was obvious you’d come here when the wolves told you they didn’t have him.”

I put my hands on my hips and leant back on one foot, “You already know? You’ve got sources in the werewolf town?”

He bowed his head again, “Yes, we have many. That’s besides the point though, we don’t have Charley or that werewolf artefact everyone is looking for, or I’d have told you.”

Werewolf artefact? I held up my hand, “Whoa, wait, what werewolf artefact? I thought it was this weird Kuh’hatru thingy?”

“Yes that was the first thing Hyde and I thought as well, but it has come to our attention that the artefact may be even older.”

I stammered, “Older? How old are we talking here?”

He looked from side to side as if adding numbers up in his head, “Hmm... perhaps around... three to four thousand years old?”

We all gaped in awe at the same time. Three thousand years old? What the hell sort of artefact was this thing?

Jekyll chuckled, “Yes, there are artefacts that old. As for what it is, I think it’s got something to do with some kind of technology, perhaps of a militaristic nature? Could be a key to an ancient bunker or a weapons cache.”

“And you’re just... telling us this?” I asked incredulously.

He shrugged, “Of course, why? You think I’d have let you come all this way just to kill you or gloat over how I have Charley and the artefact?”

We all glanced at one another before turning to him and nodding.

He let out a quick laugh, “Oh, you watch too many spy films son. No, I don’t have him and I don’t have the artefact. If I had either, I’d hold both to ransom for a lot of cash, I know the Guild has a lot to go around.”

That last sentence frightened me, “Uh...”

“And no, I won’t have you three locked up. I wanted to have a look at the psychic gang who’d been causing a few ripples in the local river. I have to say through, I’m kind of impressed. Anyway...” he turned around and walked towards a table with a tray and five mugs on it, “I made some mint tea for us.”

He brought it over and set it down on his end of the table. I thought he was expecting us to walk all the way over and get it, but then the tray just suddenly started sliding down the table to the centre on its own. Hyde took a mug and cupped his hands around it to warm them up.

“How’d you do that?” I asked.

Jekyll held up his hand as small waves of energy started emanating out of it, “I’m a psychic like you, Frank. Please help yourselves to the tea, it’s freshly brewed.”

We all just stared at the three mugs and Jekyll picked one up and took a sip.

“Yeah, no, I don’t think so.”

“Oh my god!” Hyde boomed angrily, setting his mug down. He picked up each one and took a swig before putting them back on the table, “Satisfied?” He asked, giving us an annoyed sideways look before shaking his head and going back to his own.

I shrugged and picked mine up, taking an exploratory sip. From the moment my lips touched the drink I knew there was something strange about it. The mint was there for sure and it tasted very nice, but it had an intense, sweet and spicy flavour to it like nothing I had ever had before. As I swallowed it left a warm sensation down my throat and I could feel the effects of whatever it was warming me up from within.

I put it down and coughed, blinking rapidly as I felt the sensation spreading through my insides.

“What the hell was that..?”I choked out.

The Doctor smiled at me and shrugged, “A local recipe for mint tea. It’s very popular further north and keeps you nice and warm. A local herb provides the warm sensation you’re feeling, it essentially acts as an energy source for your body to quickly convert into heat energy. Apparently the local Utopians loved drinking the stuff in the Northern Hemisphere about as much as we love our coffee.”

I took another swig. Sure enough the effect was there, but it wasn’t as pronounced as the first time. I could still feel it warming me up, which I was certainly thankful for. Felix and Amaline took curious sips and did the same as I did, but on the second swig they kept it down.

“Thanks.” I said to him.

“So, first of all I’d to say that I wish we were able to work together like you did with the wolves, but with your relations with Harriet I’m afraid that won’t be possible, so I cannot help you in the search for Charley there. However...” He held up a finger as I was about to speak, “From what our information sources can gather, Charley appears to have gone missing along with the artefact at the same time, and I think these demonic forces are behind it. We think they operate somewhere around these parts and have been exploring worlds looking for an artefact matching the description of this one.”

“So where do we begin looking?” Felix asked.

Jekyll shrugged, “Around these mountains would be the best bet. But, demons do not act like this without an intelligence behind them. They are normally content to sit underground in their homes and fight one another, inside old abandoned buildings or otherwise stay well away from humans. Something or someone is commanding them.”

“Someone?” I asked before taking another delicious sip.

“Uh-huh. You see, psychics can actually order certain creatures around. Unlike Felix here who is a spirit and relies on an attachment, these creatures are physical in nature but weak-willed and easily manipulated. A powerful enough force can command them, and they were made to be commanded. Demon lords are the usual bet but there are barely any around here who’d be a real problem. More than likely we’re dealing with dark forces, possibly Satanists or bad Pagans.”

“Satanists? Oh god...” I groaned.

“Yeah, basically they’re exactly what you’re thinking of, times ten. If it’s Pagans then they’re a little easier to understand motivationally, but their powers are a hell of a lot older and they probably use dark pagan magic, which is very destructive.”

“Okay, so we find these Satanists or pagans and then what?”

He shrugged, “You kill them.”

I paused, waiting for him to continue or laugh, but he didn’t. It was such an abrupt and sincere end to a sentence I wasn’t sure what to say.

“That’s what you’ve got to do son. These people aren’t nice, they want power and control and to rule over everyone.”

I smiled a little, but was still confused, “Isn’t that what you want?”

He and Hyde let out a laugh together, “Oh yes, yes of course. But our reasons for constructing our empire the way we have is motivated by a want to do good.”

“And stealing from Harriet and attacking trade convoys going south is your way of doing good, yes?” Felix asked, leaning against the table.

Jekyll actually looked annoyed for a split second, but quickly recovered back to his trademark neutral look, “Well, sometimes one has to put their foot down. Harriet is ruled by a sheriff and the settlers there, which means it won’t last much longer out here. One day, it’ll be a part of our little nation and the airships will have to come to us to drop off and collect cargo. Believe me, Hyde and I have seen some of the worst Utopia has to offer. It’s in Harriet’s best interests to become a part of us for their own safety.”

He and Hyde both looked... genuinely saddened. I could sense it from him to, he wasn’t lying. He quickly collected himself as did Hyde and continued, “So, yes. Demons are your answer for sure. Now off you go, quickly now. You must find these...”

Suddenly the door burst open and two men sprinted into the room shouting and brandishing AK rifles.

“Sir! We’ve got fucking demons outside!”

“Language Corporal...” Jekyll waggled his finger at the subordinate, who quickly apologised.

He turned to us, “Right, looks like these demons are a step ahead of you. You should all get back to your car and quickly. I’ll radio Clawhammer and get him to drive you back to...”

An explosion shook the building. Jekyll braced himself against the table whilst Hyde stumbled back. I wasn’t so lucky and lost my balance, falling hard onto my backside against the hard wooden floor.

Amaline and Felix quickly hauled me to my feet as I moaned and groaned, feeling a sharp pain shoot up my thighs and rump.

“OUT NOW!” Jekyll screamed at us as the two men pointed their rifles at us. I just stared bewilderedly at them as Felix and Amaline hauled me down the steps and towards the hallway door. I took a look at the creature, the Gryphon I guess, who stopped thrashing around to stare back at me.

That image from before flashed through my mind, of these strangely dressed people flying over a great desert, but before I could do anything about it I was in the hallway and the doors were shut and locked behind us.

Felix and Amaline let go, and we were left in the hall with flickering lights and the sound of gunfire and explosions around us.

“What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?” I asked quietly, feeling that same fear I felt back at the werewolf town during the attack.

Would we actually make it out of this one too? I won’t lie, I had my doubts.

Amaline took my hand and gave it a squeeze with her rough, padded fingers.

I think she did, too.

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Whoever shot at us was keeping well hidden. We had been crouched behind the rock for a solid minute now, occasionally peeping up to take a pot-shot before ducking back down before our heads were blown off.

“This puta is getting on my nerves!” I growled, before turning around to fire two rounds into a patch of bushes where I saw a shadow move. I ducked behind the rock just as three returning shots struck the rock.

“It is one person. We need to move together and overwhelm him.” Jessie said to me as she readied her rifle, “I will move first, then you and we will split up for different parts of the forest. We will flank him and kill him, understand?”

I nodded hesitantly. I wasn’t ready for a firefight like this.

Jessie counted down, and I took in a deep breath and exhaled.


My heart rate quickened.


My breathing picked up.


We moved.

Jessie stood up and started firing in single shot mode whilst I leant around the rock, still crouched, and unleashed a stream of rounds at the guy’s position. Jessie moved to her right and I moved left, towards a tree with a wide trunk.

I stopped firing as I reached and saw Jessie reach another rock at the side of the road. The guy let out a few more wild shots but missed both of us. Jessie looked to me and pointed with both of her fingers at the guy’s spot, ordering me to advance.

Crouching low, my training kicked in as I sprinted for the nearest rock along the road, the sound of bullets whizzing past me as I ran. I slid on my knees across the wet grass and dirt and reached the rock, before I lifted my rifle and fired three more shots at the guy’s position. Jessie snuck up around her end, going behind the guy whilst I kept him busy. He must have known what we were doing, but he was in no position to run.

“Ok... ok... breath.” I told myself as I crouched back down after another volley of shots. The guy fired, and then stopped so I stood back up and fired another round before ducking back down again. I caught a brief glimpse of Jessie sneaking up behind the hostile’s position but I was too quick to duck to get a better look.

Suddenly I heard a frightened yell, a loud growl and the sound of a rifle going off.

“Oh mierda!” I hissed, standing up with my rifle at my shoulder. I pointed it at the clump of bushes and rocks where the guy was, but saw nothing. It was deathly silent. Cautiously approaching the site, I heard a rustling sound. Getting ready to shoot, I crouched and saw a shape appear from the bushes.

Jessie, with blood covering her chest and... mouth.

I lowered my rifle, “Dios mio, did you fucking eat him?”

She shook her head but just growled at me. She was breathing heavily and held a sharp, serrated looking blade in her hand, also covered in blood.

She stepped to the side and sat down at the side of the road, nodding for me to go and check out the body.

“I don’t really want to...”

“Go.” She ordered.

Shouldering my rifle, I gathered the courage to step into the bushes and take a look. Sure enough there was a body all covered in blood. It was a man, white skin wearing a black cap, a bullet-proof vest and a dark shirt underneath with black cargo pants. It all screamed mercenary to me.

His face was, however, twisted into an expression of fear and agony, and I noticed a large stab wound going through the vest, and a massive bite mark very close to his neck.

I crouched down slowly, my face scrunched up into an expression of disgust and fright. I couldn’t believe Jessie had done this to the guy. I noticed the guy had a rifle with the Helix Industries logo on it, and by the looks of things it was a carbine variant of a common rifle. It was a bullpup design, magazine behind the trigger, and it had a rounded handguard with a snub barrel nose sticking out the end, and there were only iron sights on this one, no fancy optics. Still, this guy didn’t work for Helix, their soldiers don’t travel alone and don’t just shoot people for no reason.

Sighing, I quickly checked his vest for magazines and put them in my backpack, then gingerly picked up the gun and used some of his shirt to wipe away the blood. Grimacing, I stood and walked back out of the bushes and towards Jessie, who was still sat on the ground staring straight ahead as if lost in thought.

“You ok?” I asked her, gently crouching down beside her, “You need a few more moments?”

She shook her head, “We must continue. If there are others, they will be coming. We take the woodland from now on, but we shall keep the road within sight.”

“That’s a good idea. I grabbed his gun, don’t know if we’ll need it or not.”

She nodded and extended her arm, “I will take it from you, I am stronger.”

I handed her the rifle and the magazines which she put into some sewn-in pouches on her clothes. We headed off through the bushes shortly after, keeping our heads down and eyes open for any more threats.


It wasn’t long until we realised we were being followed. Every now and then I could swear I heard this strange buzzing sound, but I could never see what was making it. It wasn’t the local animals, that’s for sure.

I glanced to Jessie to see if she had heard it, but I could tell just by her face that she hadn’t. It almost looked like she was in her own world, but it must have been a sad, worrying place for her to have that kind of expression on her. Maybe it was about her mother?

But then, on a quick glance up, I spotted it.

“Puta! Get down, that’s a damn drone!” I hissed, grabbing Jessie’s arm and yanking her into the bushes.

We landed with a thump, and quickly scrambled under the cover of some large leafed bushes.

“Are you sure?” She asked aggressively, glancing around whilst lying right next to me. I could feel the weight of her pushing me into the soil a little, thankfully the ground was soft from the rain.

“Positive, that thing had four rotors and a swivel camera. I’m sure I used those when I was a kid.”

She sighed, “Good hearing, Alfonso. I don’t know why I did not hear that.”

“You looked spaced out while we were walking.”

She looked at me briefly with a weird kind of sadness, but I’m not sure what she was sad about. But then she returned to her normal, annoyed self.

“Never mind, I will pay attention now. We need to move, that drone sounds like it is moving on. No doubt reinforcements will be behind it, whether it has spotted us or not.”

The whirring sound of the rotors faded into the distance. I doubt it could have seen us, but I just hoped that it didn’t have a thermal vision camera on it. Regardless, we waited a few moments longer, keeping quiet and listening, but there was nothing but the sounds of the birds chirping and ‘beeping’.

After helping each other up and moving on, keeping an eye on the sky this time, we started talking quietly.

“That drone must mean we’re near this place, yeah?” I said, “Hopefully it won’t be too far now.”

Jessie nodded, “I agree. We should be passing around these mountains soon enough anyway. I imagine that this place will be on the other side, luck be on our side anyway.”

A few more minutes of sneaking around later, and we had reached a clearing on a hill above. The trees pretty much just stopped, showing nothing but overcast skies beyond.

“Oh Gods of all the Wolves, no... do not let this be a cliff.” Jessie groaned.

We climbed up the hill, which was easy enough that we could walk up it without using our hands to help us.

Then, at the top, we realised how far we were.

“Dios Mio...” I gasped, staring down at the great view below.

We were standing on a sheer cliff face, below us nothing but grey stone and rock, with strange vine plants growing in clusters in some areas, and great birds swooping between nests. But below us must have been a three hundred meter drop at least, and down below was a great canopy of pine trees stretching off to some hills in the distance, and beyond that I could make out more flatland, rivers, and more mountains far beyond that.

And then I spotted what we had been searching for.

“Right there, look!” I leaned in to Jessie and pointed at a strange dome shape.

As we looked, it became more and more visible; the fencing surrounding it which was overgrown and covered in more plants than I’d care to count, the square buildings with many holes and cracks, some with trees growing out of them, a long gap of trees snaking its way into the distance beyond which was no doubt the road, and then the main building itself.

A great, big concrete dome.

This must have been the location of the Genevieve Device. No, it had to be.

“We’ve made it.” I said quietly, looking up at Jessie with the biggest grin I could make. It was the most I had smiled since I had started this stupid journey, but even now it felt like it was paying off.

Jessie didn’t share my enthusiasm though, “We still need to get down there, and there is no chance we can scale these cliffs.”

My eyes followed the ridgeline to our right, away from the great mountains. I could see in the distance a point where it sloped just enough for grass and bushes to grow amongst the rocks.

“Over there, maybe around two kilometres or so? I think we can climb down there.”

Jessie sighed, no doubt thinking of the climb ahead. She turned to me, “I’ll radio Tony and tell him that we found it. It looks like you will be able to pay us after all, Alfonso.”

I chuckled, “You have no idea how happy I am right now.”

She gave me a sly grin, “That is good. I was not wishing to have to drag you back to your territory in chains.”

“Did you have to bring that up again, seniorita?” I asked, shaking my head as she chuckled evily at my expense.

Damn wolves. She was being good to me though, that was more than I could have asked from any other mercenary.

But I focused on the task at hand. As Jessie radioed Tony to let him know where we were and what we had found, I started forming a few plans in my head for getting down there.

And no doubt dealing with whomever must be down there as well.
The Genevieve Device - Chapter 5
Another part up! Sorry about the long wait, but I have made some progress with this along with another few chapters more finished.

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I gasped, “God, look at the size of this place!”

The place was absolutely packed with people. All around me were people going to places, even a few trucks driving past. The buildings all looked like dodgy apartments, pretty small and never going higher than three floors, but they even had air conditioners built into them that were running. Unlike what Mayor Tremblay’s friend Aaron had said before, I noticed no bodies hung over any walls here, and the people, men women and children, looked perfectly normal, at least by Utopia standards.

“Wow!” Amaline gasped, covering her mouth with her hand in a lady-like manner as she turned around, taking in the sights.

In the distance, maybe two hundred meters or so, I noticed what looked like a long flat area and a tall tower connected to a large building. The building looked like it had once been more window than concrete, but it was covered up with metal.

“What is this place?” I asked Clawhammer, more amazed than anything else.

“This is our home. Welcome to the city.” He said, sounding more neutral than before.

We walked up to a parked truck, an actual Land Rover for once and a nineties model at that, and all climbed inside. Clawhammer looked to be our driver for today. I noticed we got some funny looks from people passing by, maybe strangers were uncommon, but then again driving up here wasn’t fun so I doubted they got many visitors.

“So this town’s name is... what?” I asked, sitting in the passenger seat next to Clawhammer, still in his weird form.

“Used to be called Wayport, but we just call it the City.” He said.

“Original.” I replied. He grunted out what sounded like a laugh.

We drove down the road and towards the big building I saw earlier. All around us were smaller apartment buildings, small factories and warehouses, and I even spotted what looked like some kind of geothermal plant way off to the left somewhere, with loads of pipes going underground. The buildings all looked too old to have been built recently, but they had been maintained well enough.

“What was this place before you moved in?” I asked.

Clawhammer smirked, still looking at the road as we drove ever closer, “I will let the bosses explain, but I can say it used to be an airport, once. People lived here a long time ago, and it used to be one of the only places around where people could come into the Yukon in large numbers.”

“Yeah, the planet’s pretty big isn’t it?”

He nodded silently, his three eyes never leaving the road.

I stammered, “I don’t want to sound like I’m being ungrateful, I’m glad we weren’t riddled with bullets, but how come we got in so... easily?”

He sighed, “I believe that the bosses will explain it to you.”

“Ok.” I said flatly. No more questions for the big guy, done.

We came to a stop at what must have been an airport terminal. Now it was all fortified with metal walls, machine guns and dozens of armed men. These guys were packing way more heat than the Harriet militia, so if they wanted to invade, they definitely could.

Clawhammer parked the car beside the wall and hopped out. I saw on his back, as he jumped out, that he had many scars criss-crossing each other. They looked like whip marks or something, and I noticed a few of his fills had been badly scarred, even a few were missing. He turned around to look at me and noticed I had been staring.

“Get out.” He ordered.

I nodded, then looked to Amaline and Felix who both looked shocked merely by being here in the first place.

We all got out and were met by a cacophony of noise. There was a great big line of people at the main gate leading to the outside of the terminal building, all shouting and speaking. Men with guns were angrily waving them about and shouting back, threatening the few who decided to take a dangerous step closer.

Just ahead of us was an older looking woman with greying hair. She looked like a typical grandma, was slightly overweight and had rosy cheeks, but I noticed wet streaks going down them She looked to us and I saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes as she quickly walked up to us.

Clawhammer walked past her as he gestured for us to follow, but the woman stopped me before I could continue.

“Please,” She spoke quietly, sounding American , “I need to know what happened to my boy.”

I raised my hands as I stared down at her. She was shorter than me and looked fairly bedraggled. She had greying, greasy looking hair, pale skin and a very wrinkly face, but there was a softness there, like a sweet old lady sort of vibe. Back in my world, I could see her baking cookies and bread rather than stand around worrying over somebody in this frigid wasteland.

Her clothes weren’t the best either, her jeans for example were fairly ripped up and looked as though she’d been running through sharp bushes all day. Her old orange quilted coat also looked like it had seen better, cleaner days.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I replied honestly, shaking my head.

I got a sense of anxiety and apprehension from her, like asking this question was a horrifying prospect for her, but something she had to do anyway.

“My boy Timothy went out on one of the expeditions West over a week ago and hasn’t been seen since. They keep telling me he’s already dead but I don’t want to believe them.” She sounded closer to tears now, “He’s the only thing I have left of my George, my husband.”

I sighed, “I’m afraid I don’t know, miss.”

She looked like she had given up now, “He was sent out towards that old radio tower to the West, they said they were there to stop people from coming in, but the whole squad hasn’t been heard from. All three of them, missing...”

I felt a chill creep up my spine, along with an ever increasing amount of guilt. I turned to Amaline and stared at her, but she just shook her head and nodded towards Clawhammer.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t know.” I said, putting my hands on her shoulders as I tried to reassure her, “If I find anything out, I’ll try and let you know, ok?”

She looked up at me with tearful eyes, but she looked a little bit better, “Thank you son, that’s the first hopeful thing anyone’s said to me in over a week.”

I nodded and continued, trying not to let my guilt spread all over my face. Was one of those men back on the road her son? Had I just killed somebody’s kid?

Felix stepped closer and put an arm around me, giving me a quick squeeze, “Do not beat yourself up. Everyone is somebody’s child.”

“That doesn’t really help Felix, but thanks.” I nodded and steeled myself as we approached Clawhammer who was standing at an open side-door, leading into the Terminal grounds. Felix let go and moved back to my side, with Amaline flanking me to my right.

“Everything good?” Clawhammer asked us, glancing from me to the woman who was walking away from the crowd and back into town.

“Yeah, she was just asking about her son or something.” I replied, trying to sound normal.

“Uh-huh. She has been very sad all week. A shame, but it happens. Boy knew the risks. Right, let us continue.” He said, walking through as he gestured for us to follow.

I guess it was time to see what else this place had to offer. I had a feeling things would get stranger before the day was done.
Biting Chill - Chapter 39
Another chapter done! Any constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you spot any mistakes, please don't hesitate to point them out!

Chapter 1:…

Next Chapter: Coming soon to a cinema near you!
...and vampires because I couldn't fit that into the title.

It's written by (I think) a gentleman called Hugo Pecos, who I think is a writer. He sadly passed away a couple years ago, but he's left this rather interesting site detailing a fictional organisation that hunts werewolves, zombies and vampires.

The details of the creatures and the stories within the site are worth a read if any of what I wrote above interests you. There are even little quizzes on how to deal with the creatures and a few interactive agent cases.

Check it out here:

Edit: Did a little bit of digging into the site and it's history, and I'm wondering now if it's written by a larger group of writers than I originally thought. Seems like there's even a book called the FVZA written by another writer named David Hine. Maybe he's the original writer of this site? I find the mystery of it all very interesting!
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