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Whenever a comic I read goes on hiatus, I kind of imagine the characters perpetually doing whatever they were left doing.

Don't post on tumblr, I've already done it:

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I want to ship-
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Yes yes yes.
I love this. XD
Karkat's face is priceless.
I don't even like Gamzee but for some reason I adore Karkat<>Gamzee.
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ThIs.. This is so fucking cute bruh :,,v
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Haha well that is forever how I will think of it too now
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ahh Idk who these people are, or where they're from
I ship it.
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the answer is homestuck

its always homestuck
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JuSt LeT iT hApPeN sHhHhHhHhHhHh
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cant hit him so love him lol
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Am I the only one who felt let down by this hug scene? I think Karkat should have defeated Gamzee by force-feeding him the last slime pie via pie-in-the-face-gag. Sure, just my opinion.
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Gamzee: Crack is whack.
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Hahaha, that would SUCK!
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Bro-hugging for two months XD
I'll do that to my best friend,or maybe not she'll kill me in one second I touched her.
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I disagree with my patron troll. I will huggle you till the dawn  of the next millenium.

God i love hugs. and glomps. and snuggles.
*creates new word* now somebody hashtag it~
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Now, let us imagine what happened during the Gigapause...

Condesce and her ship hanging out over LOFAF for a year, with absolutely nothing happening.
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-sounds of a broken accordion-




This couldn't have been more fabulously drawn than it already is. HERE, HAVE ALL MY FAVS! <33
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